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New York City has a population of more than 8 million people. That indicates that the city is home to one out of every 38 persons in the United States. All of them are in a rush somewhere 24/7, not realizing the joys of life.

Why not brighten your busy day with a delightfully scented and stunning bouquet? 

  • Perhaps you and your soul mate are approaching an anniversary and are considering a meaningful gift? 
  • Or maybe your mother or father has a birthday, and you're wondering how to surprise them?
  • Is your boss's birthday approaching, and your department is looking for the ideal present? 
  • Do you have a friend who is getting married, and you don't want to buy them a boring gift?
  • And, you're finally weary of your dreary everyday existence and wish to adorn it?

  • Flowers, in general, are appropriate for every occasion. If you don't have time to attend the flower shops but need a present immediately, consider Rosaholic's NYC flower delivery service.

    Rosaholics Flowers Delivery in NYC and Statewide

    New York is a city of contrasts; anything and everything may be found here. The rose is the state flower of New York. Bluebell Bellflower, New Jersey Tea Redroot, Flowering Dogwood, Mountain Laurel, and Swamp Rose are other native flowers to New York City. Other frequent flowers are the Tea Rose, Rose, Orchid, Peony, and African Violet.

    Rosaholics specializes in roses; thus, we strive to make every variety of rose imaginable. If you desire anything other than roses, we also have alstroemerias, hydrangeas, and sunflowers for flower delivery in NY.

    Why Rosaholics, and what do we have to offer?

    What flowers are available for delivery in New York City?

    Rosaholics, as previously said, provide a vast choice of alstroemerias, hydrangeas, and sunflowers in addition to roses. 

    • Roses are one of the most emblematic flowers. This is a representation of the world constantly evolving and revealing new features. This flower is associated with the heart, mercy, forgiveness, divine love, sacrifice, and victory. 

    • Alstroemeria is the flower of friendship in flower communication. It is associated with cordial and pleasant relationships. 

    • Hydrangea is a symbol of nature's goodness. It provides warmth, charges with positive energy, and fills with joy and lightness. It is pretty simple to show someone how much you care about them with the aid of this plant. 

    Choose your favourite flower arrangements available for NYC flower delivery at Rosaholics shop.

    How are flowers grown for delivery in  New York?

    All flowers are cultivated on our farm and delivered fresh. Family-run, we can oversee every step of production, providing a service and product you can trust. Our gorgeous roses grow due to a large amount of ambient sunshine and high elevations. We pay attention to ecological flower growing and tremendous contributions to ecosystem and wildlife restoration projects. Furthermore, we are Rainforest Alliance Certified. 

    As a family-owned business, we can control every step of production, giving high-quality NYC flower delivery service. The Rosaholics team comprises quality rose cultivation and delivery professionals with over 20 years of expertise. In reality, prominent flower connoisseurs from 87 countries have admired our roses.

    If you are interested in Rosaholics history, look at our story.

    What are the delivery options for flowers in NYC?

    Shipping straight from our farm, we deliver flowers super fast — that's one of the reasons our flowers last 3x longer than most bouquets. 

    • Our flowers are cut when you request them, ensuring maximum freshness. On most items, we provide 3-4 day shipping, but only Preserved Roses are available for next-day delivery. If you are purchasing for a weekend special event, you must pick delivery on either the Friday before or the Monday after the weekend. 

    • Flowers are safely packed in a cardboard box with any specified accessories and a customized note.

    • We work with UPS to ensure that our flower delivery is safe and on schedule in NYC. We send to any US zip code and mailing location recognized and served by UPS within their delivery radius nationwide. 

    • In certain circumstances, delivery is delayed due to inclement weather or unanticipated UPS complications. Because of this, we strongly recommend picking a delivery date at least one day before significant events and occasions - just in case an unforeseen delay happens. 

    If you have more questions about delivery, contact us.

    FAQ About NYC Flowers Delivery:

    How to order flower delivery in NY?

    There are a lot of flowery delivery services in NYC. However, the most popular are Rosaholics. Choose the best bouquet among the available in the Rosaholics shop.

    How long does delivery of flowers in NY take?

    At Rosaholics, the delivery service takes 3-4 days. Only Preserved Roses are available for next-day delivery.

    Do my flowers come with a vase?

    The flowers do not come with a vase. However, they come in carefully assembled cardboard boxes. We are committed to providing great flowers in the most environmentally friendly manner possible. 

    Can I order flowers for a certain date?

    Definitely! Rosaaholics flowers are cut when you request them, ensuring maximum freshness.