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There are at least two occasions when your favorite spouse should be presented with beautiful bouquets - birthday and February 14. On the holiday, lovers usually choose red roses, but it is a personal celebration - an opportunity to be creative. Today, we will tell you what flowers to give your wife for any occasion. So that she will be happy and you will prove yourself as a caring and attentive man. 

If the husband unexpectedly gives his rose to wife at least 2-3 times a year, she perceives him as a romantic and unpredictable man. This fuels interest in the relationship and helps to keep the feeling of falling in love.

Our professional floral designers advise you to consider the following criteria:

  • the season in which your spouse was born;
  • her taste in color and style;
  • your spouse's personality;
  • your family's traditional way of life.

So read our article to discover the best options for presenting to your wife.

Send Flowers to Your Wife

You can choose flowers for your wife to match the color of the hair or eyes of the woman you love:

  • Brunettes are given bright flowers: red roses with orange accents. 
  • Choosing a delicate composition of white, pink, and cream plants is better for blondes. For example, calla lilies, orchids, carnations, or roses are suitable. 
  • Shades and red-haired women choose colorful flora: gerberas, chrysanthemums, eustomas, peonies, and alstroemerias.

Everyone knows that roses mean love, no matter what color they are. Choose them to remind a woman of your feelings on the holiday. Below, we offer a few more appropriate options that you can consider to send flowers to your wife.

  • In Antiquity, orchid inflorescences were a symbol of eroticism and sensuality. To show the desirability and feminine attractiveness of the spouse, present a bouquet of orchids or ask the florists to add a few buds to the composition of other flowers.
  • Female grace and beauty will emphasize hydrangeas. They combine minimalism and rigor with elegance, fluidity, and grace of forms. In ancient Greek translation, the flower's name means "beautiful". How can your beloved resist such a compliment?
  • Present your wife with a bouquet of sunflowers to tell about loyalty and devotion. They follow the Sun just as the spouses walk through life together.

How to Order Roses for Your Wife

At Rosaholics, we understand the significance of expressing your love through roses. Ordering flowers for your wife is a beautiful gesture, and we're here to make it effortless. Choose from our stunning array of fresh, vibrant roses meticulously curated to convey your affection. Simply visit our user-friendly online store, browse our extensive collection, and select the bouquet that speaks to your heart. Customize your order with a personal message or add-ons if you wish. With our secure and convenient ordering process, surprising your wife with a romantic bouquet of roses has never been easier. 

No matter what women say, most women associate roses with love. Giving them as a gift is a reminder of your feelings. This is a great solution for men who are not verbal and find it difficult to talk about their emotions. We hope we have convinced you that you need to send flowers to your wife. With Rosaholics, you can buy your favorite spouse flowers of any shade. Complete the gift with warm words, and let romance never leave your relationship. Show your love with Rosaholics today.


What kind of flowers should I get to my wife?

We advise you to choose those flowers which she likes. Generally, you can choose roses, orchids, lilies or tulips.

What is the most romantic flower?

Rose is regarded as the embodiment of love and romance, so it is also the most romantic flower.

What does giving flowers to a woman mean?

Giving flowers doesn’t necessarily mean something, other than being polite. However, your attitude to her and your relationship define what you want to say by giving flowers to her.

What are women's favorite flowers?

Commonly, women are fond of roses, tulips, orchids, lilies, bluebells, or carnelians. Many women appreciate pink roses.