Pink flowers can be very diverse. They can include, for example, roses, tulips, peonies, and lilies. These flowers are often chosen as gifts for holidays, weddings, or other important events. But do you know that each of these flowers is associated with something?

  • Roses have long been associated with romantic love and romance. 
  • Tulips are typically used as symbols of springtime in most cultures around the world.
  • Lilies are associated with springtime and fertility but have been used as symbols of peace throughout history. 

Beautiful pink flowers impress us with their charming color and look. Flowers of this color have many types, but they all have one thing in common: soft, light-colored, gentle blossoms that come in various shapes and sizes. Therefore, pink flowers are always in trend and can be combined with any other shade. The main thing is to decide on the flower from which you want to make a bouquet. 


How to Choose the Right Pink Flowers?

How to Choose the Right Pink Flowers?

You should decide on what event you are preparing flowers for, what significance this person has for you, consider the season, and think about what kind of message you want your flower arrangement to convey. When we see pink flowers, we immediately associate them with elegance and femininity. But this is only a general impression of flowers because if you interpret them in more detail, you see each flower has its meaning. For example, pastel shades of flowers can mean lightness and kindness, and small flowers - represent friendliness and modesty. So, before buying flowers, you should know how to choose the right:

  1. When it comes to choosing which type of flower is better: light pink or small flowers? The answer depends on what kind of event you are having. So, first, decide on what event you are preparing flowers for and what significance this person has for you.
  2. Types of pink flowers also depend on the season. Winter or summer... it all matters. For example, selecting something delicate and not expressive in winter is better. And in the warm season, something bright and lush.
  3. Next, decide on a composition. You must understand whether you want to combine a couple of shades or just one. For example, you can pick light pink flowers and add vibrant ones for contrast. Or, on the contrary, make everything minimalistic in one hue.
  4. All beautiful pink flowers have a deep meaning. So, before choosing them, think about what kind of message you want your flower arrangement to convey. Are you trying to show someone how much they mean to you? Or maybe you want to send a friendly message.

So, choosing the right pink flowers can be confusing, so to make your selection easier, you should know the meaning of each of them:


1. Roses


Roses are always gaining popularity and come in many colors. One of the tremendous colors of roses is pink. These beautiful pink flowers mean tender feelings, romance, serious intentions, strong love, and devotion. But every shade has different meanings, for example:

  • Light pink flowers mean family feelings. Therefore, they are often given to relatives or close friends.
  • Delicate pink roses are given fas a compliment and mean appreciation.
  • Such white and pink flowers together mean thanksgiving, great pleasure, and grace.
  • Dark pink roses mean devotion and great respect for a person.

If you want to know more about rose colors meaning you can read our other article about it.


2. Peonies 


The peony impresses with its attractive color and voluminous petals. It is a beautiful pink flower that symbolizes luck and family happiness, but to be more specific:

  • If you choose light pink flowers, they symbolize soft romanticism, the appearance of feelings, and pleasant emotions.
  • Also, peonies of this shade are given to women in love to convey romance and family happiness.
  • For a girl, a peony can symbolize inviting a significant other into her life.
  • And if such pink flowers are given to people in high positions, they symbolize career success and luck.

3. Hydrangea


Fabulous, airy, and stunning hydrangea inflorescence has always excited people with its freshness and exquisite appearance. And when they are also pink, it is something incredible. Quite often, this flower is chosen for flower arrangements because of its positive symbolism, for example:

  • Hydrangea is considered a symbol of pleasing naturalness. It gives warmth, charges the surrounding space and people with positive energy, and fills with joy and lightness. 
  • For women, these beautiful pink flowers symbolize increased finances and success in all business endeavors.
  • Also, hydrangeas are perfectly combined with other flowers, especially roses. Therefore, this combination can surprise every woman and mean positivity and joy for her.

4. Chrysanthemums 


Pink chrysanthemums attract with their fluffy buds. All pink shades of this flower speak of youthful love, romance, and sincerity of intentions. But if we approach the meaning of chrysanthemums in more detail, then:

  • Light pink flowers mean sympathy and are given to young girls, while bright color is chosen for older women.
  • If you need to convey the meaning of delight and joy, select a pastel pink shade and make a bouquet of small flowers.
  • If you want your flowers to mean profound feelings and an overflow of emotions - a large bouquet of pink chrysanthemums is your option.

5. Alstroemeria


Due to this flower's unusual and stunning colors, it is associated with the sun and the exotic. Alstroemeria comes in different colors. It can be white and pink flowers. But pink ones are more popular and have several meanings:

  • A small bouquet of alstroemeria symbolizes friendship and companionship.
  • If the buds are of a saturated shade and create a lush composition - a person has powerful feelings for someone.
  • A bouquet of light shades means a tender attitude towards a person and wishes for good.

6. Sakura


Sakura is pink and has small flowers that are the national symbol of Japan. They are also called cherry blossoms. Its pastel pink shade and incredible smell can give pleasure and joyful emotions. In general, Sakura symbolizes optimism and zest for life, but more specifically:

  • These flowers mean that our life is too fast, so Sakura is given as a reminder that life should be lived with bright emotions.
  • Also, these beautiful pink flowers mean optimism and harmony with oneself.
  • One more meaning is that cherry blossoms can mean good family relations and relations with close friends.

7. Tulips 


All types of such pink flowers always look delicate and elegant. But what do these flowers mean? We usually give tulips such meanings as femininity and joy. However, these pink flowers have a slightly more profound sense:

  • Tulips in a bouquet are a hint of tender and awe-inspiring feelings that you do not dare to say out loud yet. 
  • Also, pink tulips mean youth and hope that all obstacles can be overcome.
  • In addition, such pink small flowers say that there is no burning passion in love yet, but there are lovely feelings filled with dreams and hopes.

8. Azaleas 


Azalea is considered one of the pinkest flowers. It has a rich color and symbolizes strong passion. In addition, azaleas have several meanings depending on the shade:

  • So, these pink flowers are considered a good gift for a person you feel strongly attracted to.
  • Azalea can also mean success and prosperity. Therefore, it is often planted in the garden to attract wealth to your home.
  • If you were given a big bright bouquet of pink azaleas, it means that a person secretly tells you about their tender love for you and wants a serious relationship with you.

9. Begonia


This flower is similar to roses, so sometimes you can confuse them. Depending on the color, there is a wide range of begonia flower meanings, but they usually represent love, happiness, beauty, or gratitude. But if we talk about the pink color, it can be interpreted as follows:

  • It means pleasure and strong desire, so frequently given to women to show admiration.
  • A bouquet of pink and small flowers can also mean harmony and respect.
  • Also, pink begonias are typically planted near the house because they can drive away all troubles and failures.

10. Lilies 


Each type of this pink flower has a different meaning. But the most common definition is purity and fertility. Speaking exclusively about the pink color, it has several meanings:

  • Pink lilies symbolize love, femininity, and admiration. Therefore, they can be an ideal gift for friends.
  • Light pink flowers mean good relationships between people. They can also express gratitude.
  • If you receive small pink flowers, the person is open to you and happy to do business with you.

11. Asters 


These flowers are so versatile that they can be given to both men and women. Also, these types of pink flowers are given on any holiday without exception and have some definitions:


  • Bright pink flowers can mean great love for someone and show that you appreciate them.
  • Pink asters, which consist of a small number of flowers, indicate a range of feelings that are difficult to describe, but affection is present.
  • To receive pink asters for a man means a wish for good health, longevity, and success in work.


As you can see, our fauna is versatile. So if you're looking for something that will make your bouquet trendy, you can't go wrong with the classic pink roses. But if you're looking for something a little more unique and popular at the same time, you can choose other options among our above choices.



What's another name for pink flowers?

Another name for pink flowers can be azalea. These flowers come in a bright pink shade that symbolizes femininity. Also, it can be pink carnation, hibiscus, roses, and lilies. All these flowers are pink and have many types.

What flower is naturally pink?

Flowers like echinacea, orchid, dahlia, peonies, and tulips are naturally pink. Of course, they can be in other shades, but naturally, they are pink. This list also includes azaleas, begonias, and asters, which bloom in pink and impress with their beauty.

What are the fluffy pink flowers called?

Pink fluffy flowers always attract attention with their unusualness and beauty. Such flowers are called azalea. Their light pink shade on soft flowers gives them a smooth look and uniqueness. Also, such pink flowers are called calliandra and albizia.

What are the pink Japanese flowers called?

Such flowers are called Sakura. It is the national flower of Japan, which has a pink color and blooms on trees. Such beautiful pink flowers symbolize the fleeting nature of life. Its flowering does not last long, but even when they fall, they form a pink carpet on the road from their petals.

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