Not every man thinks about the color of the rose in the bouquet they receive. However, these flowers have long been used as love messages. Depending on the shade of the petals, the gift has symbolized burning passion, tenderness, or fidelity and spoken of immense admiration and respect. It's the universal truth that roses embody love! These stunning flowers of love incarnated in their essence feelings of passion, romance, and affection. From the pages of literary classics to Hollywood blockbusters, popular poets, writers, and filmmakers have demonstrated the romantic significance of the red rose through their work.

But do you wonder how it happened? How did roses come to be associated with the most beautiful feeling in the world in our civilization?

We are going to take a journey through the history of how roses came to be known as the ultimate symbol of eternal love.


A Little History about Rose

A Little History about Rose

The rose is a favorite flower of love for many women. Everyone knows that

  • the white rose symbolizes innocence;
  • the red rose symbolizes passion;
  • the yellow rose is traditionally given for friendship, congratulations, or sympathy. 

But it turns out that the history of rose symbolism has ancient roots and is not so unambiguous. According to archaeological data, the rose has existed on Earth for about 25 million years. Rose has been cultivated for over 5000 years and was considered a sacred romantic symbol for most of that time. The scent of roses has always been associated with something divine. The custom of decorating temples with living roses has survived since ancient times.


From the 12th century onwards, the rose was introduced into heraldry not as a romantic flower, but becoming one of its most enduring symbols. The romanticized names of dynastic feuds were first mentioned by the Romanist writer Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832) for the two coats of arms of 2 royal families, although during his reign. The attributes of the rose played a huge role in the war between the Red Roses and White Roses. That is the war between the House of York and the House of Lancaster in Britain. This war started in 1455 in the palace gardens of Temple because of a trifling quarrel between York and Lancaster. The war was named after the white rose on the York  coat of arms of York and the red on that of Lancaster. 

Flowers are one of nature's truest languages of love. By recognizing the flower's symbolism, we can choose the state and mood we wish to enhance with real flower jewelry. It is also interesting to know the history of these wonderful flowers.


Roses in Ancient Greece

Roses in Ancient Greece

Roses were used to adorn brides, to sprinkle the path of victors when they returned from war. They were dedicated to the gods, and beautiful rose gardens surrounded many temples. During excavations, scholars found coins depicting roses. And in ancient Rome, this flower adorned the homes of only the very rich. When they held feasts, guests were showered with rose petals and their heads were decorated with wreaths of romantic flowers. The rich bathed in rose water baths, made wine from roses and added them to dishes and sweets, which are still popular in the East.


Roses in Greek Mythology

Roses in Greek Mythology

It is used as a symbol of respect and affection, the roses served as the emblem of the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite (the Roman Venus), and also symbolized love and desire. During the Renaissance, the rose was associated with Venus because of the beauty and fragrance of the flower and the prickliness of its thorns - with the wounds of love. According to one legend, the rose first blossomed when Aphrodite, the goddess of love, was born out of the sea waves. As soon as she emerged on the shore, her foam flakes glistened on her body and turned into bright red roses.


Roses in Religion

Roses in Religion

In today's world, roses are also widely used as a symbol of love:

  • Arab Muslim tradition knows the image of the white rose - the sweat that protruded on Mohammed on his way to heaven and fell to the ground. The rose rosette in Islam is the sign of the seven names of Allah. The Iranian poet Hafiz believed the world was made for love, symbolized by the roses and the nightingale.
  • In Buddhism, the rose signifies the triple truth: knowledge, the law, and the order path.
  • In the Christian religion, the image of the rose is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, who is revered as a rose, or has a rose its attribute. Like the white violet, the white rose became a symbol of innocence, purity, and virtue. The flower of love acquires a special symbolic capacity: mercy, grace, and forgiveness.
  • In Catholicism, the rose is also an attribute of Jesus Christ, St. George, Sophia, Teresa, etc.

Meaning of the Red Color of a Rose

Red roses beyond love also mean that the giver admires, appreciates and is deeply attached to the gift object. The meaning color red roses signify true, passionate, deep love and desire. Many people know that the smell of pink and red roses is fantastic. These flowers are also presented as a sign of admiration and respect. 

Meaning of the Red Color of a Rose

A bouquet of red roses is the most common bouquet among roses and among other flowers in general. They are given as a sign of admiration and respect. Red roses symbolise passionate, deep love and the intention of desire. Scarlet, burgundy, wine - there are many variations. The darker and redder the flower, the stronger the giver's feelings of love. This is an excellent option for a gift for Valentine's Day, wedding anniversary, acquaintance, or for no reason.

The noble dark red shades of the romantic rose are also suitable as a gift for a woman to whom it is necessary to show respect. There are many options:

  • a teacher;
  • a boss;
  • a doctor;
  • a spouse's mother. 

Usually, such a bouquet does not require additional decoration, as these red flowers of love are beautiful.


 Red and white roses combined in one bouquet mean:

  • harmonious love;
  • unanimity;
  • importance;
  • long-lasting friendship and union. 

The meaning is the same even if the giver chooses white rose petals framed in a red edging, The combination of white and red flowers in a bouquet seems to say to the recipient, "You and I are one".

It is customary to give mixed bouquets of white and red roses to wives, they mean the kinship of souls and unity of views. 


A Word from Rosaholics 

What color of the romantic rose should I choose for my bouquet? This is a question that tormentd many men. It all depends on the occasion, the status of the gifting woman and, of course, the giver's feelings for her. You don't have to memorize descriptions of roses' many colors and shades. You frequently need to listen to your intuition and select a bouquet that best suits the lady of the heart.

Rosaholics florists and professionals will be happy to help you find the right bouquet for any occasion. Don't be afraid to experiment; do not hesitate of multicolored arrangements. Try to speak the language of romantic flowers and appreciate all its beauty.


What is the best symbol of love?

A red rose is the best symbol of passion and burning love. There is an unspoken rule about gifts in the idea of flowers. Men do not give red roses to other men's wives or girlfriends. It is considered bad form. The type of the flower itself is also significant. The buds are said to symbolize an incipient feeling and therefore can communicate love for the person.

Do all roses represent love?

Not always, it all depends on the color of the flower. White symbolizes purity, admiration, and the brightness of feelings. Red roses consider to be representors of love. A bouquet of pink roses is presented to emphasize sophistication and elegance. Bouquets of blue and light-blue roses are a clear sign of mystery.

What roses are romantic?

Let's agree that the most romantic roses are red roses. Also, you can choose between different shades of red to show more passion or respect.

Is a single rose romantic?

A single red rose is considered the most beautiful and romantic. Even from ancient Roman times one red has been given to each other. In those days, roses symbolized the Roman goddess Venus, the goddess of love.

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