People try to find meaning in everything. Flowers are no exception. But not a single flower has been endowed with such different meanings and symbols as a rose. Even in ancient times in the Middle East, the language of flowers - villages - was invented. In the Middle Ages, this language came to Europe, and their lovers talked about it. Echoes of this ancient sacrament have survived to this day. Of course, they have undergone some changes, colliding with our culture and traditions. Society has changed over the past two centuries, the symbolism of roses has also changed, or rather, it has become more diverse and complex. Let's try to figure it out.

A beautiful rose color always speaks of love in a language that is understandable to the heart and soul. But the message can be different depending on the shade of the flower.  The prevalence of the rose as the most universal flower, which can express a huge range of emotions, has been preserved for several centuries. Now, this plant is presented as a symbol of sincere love, passion, adoration, friendship, and gratitude to both close and unfamiliar people.

Color meanings: which ones to choose and present?

White roses - spiritual feelings 🕊

Yellow - positive 💫

Red - a symbol of love ❤️

Purple - a symbol of greatness 👑

Black - seriousness ♥︎

The most popular rose colors and their color meanings

Rose is considered to be the queen of flowers and it has many colors and each of them has its own meaning:

White roses

They are recognized as a symbol of purity, innocence, and sincerity. Because of this, they are very popular with brides and young girls. Together with pinkish roses, they talk about a romantic mood, and in composition with dark flowers, they are purchased as a business gift for colleagues, a leader, or adult women - mothers, aunts, sisters.


Pink roses

They differ in a variety of colors, the meaning of which completely changes the meaning of the bouquet. The pale pink color means sympathy and hope for a return in love. Dusty roses have an interesting pink-gray undertone and represent love. Raspberries are presented as a gift when they want to emphasize gratitude and respect, for example, to a teacher or grandmother.


Red roses

These flowers are perceived unambiguously: they are ardent passion, sensual attraction, and deep love. The red color of roses can mean great love, passion, and passion for a person.

Burgundy roses

The admiration and sincere love conveyed through delicately scented roses made them a great option for Valentine’s Day. With darker varieties, you can congratulate women of venerable age as a sign of beauty that is multiplied every year, and cherry varieties will say about recognition of affection and sincerity of intentions.

Orange compositions

They talk about wishes for good luck and prosperity, so they are presented to colleagues or partners after a successful deal is completed. They convey pride in achievement and are well suited for active people with a strong focus on work. Peach roses symbolize the restraint and charm of the recipient. This is an unobtrusive sign of gratitude after the birth of a baby, help in business, and support in a difficult situation. 

Blue roses

The unnatural color of roses became possible after long breeding. This mysterious flower expresses dedication and success in achieving goals. Thanks to this extravagance and at the same time austerity, the blue varieties look good in men's and corporate bouquets. Lighter, bluer flowers are the most romantic and show hope for reciprocal feelings.

Yellow roses

The brightness and happiness from these positive flowers can improve the mood and relationships between loved ones. Few know that, in addition to friendship and admiration, they also mean a desire for reconciliation. The lightest types, cream, have a more romantic mood and are appropriate in presentations for loved ones.

Purple roses

If you have lived with your spouse for 15, 20, 25, or more years, then this is a great reason to tell her about your devotion in an original way.

Roses are the best flower to please family and friends but each rose color has its own meaning. After reading, you can go to our store to choose a bouquet of roses.


What color are roses given for your birthday?

Orange and yellow roses mean joy and optimism. As a rule, bouquets of them are presented to bright and outstanding personalities.

What color of roses means budding feelings?

Pink means the beginning of a relationship, sympathy, nobility. Pink also has many shades, and the combination is used to craft promising, often eloquent messages.

What color of roses represents healing?

Choose pіnk or white rose petals over bright red roses for this work. Put a rose in your hair to relax you a bit.

What do red roses mean?

The meaning of red roses means true, passionate love. Also, these flowers are presented as a sign of admiration and respect.

June 19, 2023 — Alexandr Oleynik