There is good news for photographers who have decided to try themselves in the genre of floristry: in most cases, it is possible to get a pleasant picture. The flowers themselves are so beautiful and colorful that when they get into the frame, they attract all the attention. Nevertheless, they also need to be properly dealt with by taking pictures of flowers for the result to be truly impressive.


Here are some rules for taking pictures of flowers:

  • Use lenses with a focal length of 50 mm or more. Telephoto lenses work well.

  • Choose your shooting angle consciously. Remember that the low-angle photo is used to create an unusual shape. Shooting at eye level gives you a realistic look.

  • Choose a golden hour when the sun is low relative to the horizon for making portraits.

  • The closer you shoot, the less the flower is guessed and the more it looks like an abstract image.

  • Light up flowers from below or from the side with the sun or flash; this will increase the transparency of the petals.

  • Don't forget to pay attention to the background. If you don't like the background, use a shallow depth of field to blur it.

Every beginner photographer first takes up photographing flowers outdoors. Why? First of all, because flowers have a texture and a bright color, which means that there is a high probability of getting a "beautiful photo". But in order for the flower to look intriguing in the picture, you still need to adhere to some rules that have been proven over the years, even though beginners are unsuccessfully trying to break them and that professionals practically do not doubt their observance. 


photo of flowers by yourself

How to Take the Best Photo of Flowers by Yourself

Floristry is often filmed in the open air, that is, in nature outside the studio. 

  • In the evening, natural light is dominated by warm hues that can distort the color of the petals. You can also shoot during the day, but white flowers can appear in the picture as solid highlights. By the way, the most difficult thing to photograph is white flowers.

  • When photographing flowers outdoors, you must remember that many flowers wither rather quickly. The fresher the bouquet, the better the shot. Therefore, you first need to prepare all the props, and lastly, make a bouquet.

  • In the studio, of course, there is no dew, but you can easily create an artificial one; this requires a simple spray bottle. Glycerin works well instead of water - this is another secret.

  • Flowers look best in pictures if they are highlighted in sharpness. The background, if it has no value, is best blurred. The exception is floral still lifes, where the texture of the background, the base, and the dishes are also involved in the composition.

  • You can and should experiment with light when shooting flowers. When photographing flowers outdoors, light discs can come in handy, which will highlight shaded areas. A similar effect is achievable with external pulsed light.

  • In conclusion, one more tip for taking pictures of flowers: choose the flowers to shoot carefully. They must be flawless. Tainted leaves and petals need removing if they are not part of the compositional concept.


 rules for taking pictures of flowers

3 Main Rules for Taking Pictures of Flowers


For every photographer, the result of his work is important, so to make your photos with flowers look great, we have prepared for you three main rules for shooting flowers:

  • The meaning of lighting in close up flower photography
  • The way out of the "difficult situation" when you have only a long-focus lens for shooting can be the original illumination of the object. Try to position yourself so that the back of the bud is lit. Some flower petals have a very beautiful pattern in the light. You will see amazing "veins and arteries" and their interweaving.

  • How to choose a background for close-up flower photography?
  • You've probably noticed that when the background looks good, the whole composition looks good. This postulate should lead every budding photographer to the idea that using wide-open apertures when shooting flowers will give great results. By softening (blurring) the background, you can create a composition exclusively about the flower and nothing else.

  • How to choose the right angle?
  • As mentioned above, flowers work well when shot from below. Many novice photographers forget that it is crucial to change your own position when photographing. By shooting the flowers from below, you can see and capture unusual shapes and unconventional angles. When going to a photo session, make sure to take something under your knees with you. Going down to the ground, you will change the camera position, which means you will get a different angle, a view of a flower that people do not observe in everyday life.


    shooting flowers

    Light is an Important Thing When Shooting Flowers

    The color of the flower depends on the light in which the shooting takes place. You will love the end result if you work with soft and diffused light. With this lighting, more nuances in the color and texture of the petals appear.

    • The worst thing that a photographer of almost any skill level can think of is to shoot in midday light, when the direct rays of the sun directly illuminate the subject, knocking out all the nuances of texture and shades. Shoot at noon, and then you're guaranteed flat images lacking depth, color, and idea.

    • Try taking pictures of flowers early in the morning when the sun is just rising over the horizon or at sunset. You will achieve a wonderful warm tone on the flowers. A soft light will accentuate depth in your shot, bring out details, and give it a finished look. It is best to have the sun illuminate the subject from the side. Left or right does not matter since side lighting will be good for the plant anyway.

    • Sunlight is the most important assistant of a photographer who is passionate about photographing the flora. Study it, and then your pictures will always be distinguished by originality, quality, and style.

    To do close-up flower photography is a real art - you need to learn it. In our article, we told you about the basic rules of flower photography and showed the main aspects of this hobby. By the way, you can buy flowers for such a photoshoot in our store.



    In what mode to photograph flowers?

    The best time for shooting is considered to be "working time" - morning or evening when the Sun is low above the horizon and provides the most expressive lighting. However, flowers can be photographed not only in the morning or in the evening. You can shoot all day if it is cloudy outside and the lighting is more or less diffused.

    How to take a beautiful photo of a violet?

    It is best to photograph the violet from above - not directly vertically, but as if at a slight angle, slightly from the side. In this case, it is desirable that the camera is not in your hands so that it is motionless during shooting.

    What is the best background for photographing plants?

    Flowers look best on a soft, uncluttered background. In such a picture, the flowers stand out. At the same time, a background with many objects can easily ruin your efforts, distracting your attention from the main subject.

    How to photograph bouquets indoors?

    To photograph flowers indoors, you must keep an eye on the light. The light should be natural, even, not give deep shadows, and at the same time, it should be enough. It is good to photograph during the day in a room with a large window.


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