Every woman wants to feel loved. She needs different actions from a man in a romantic way. Therefore, it is useful for husbands to know how to surprise their wives. Occasional surprises for the beloved person should become something frequent and extraordinary to strengthen their relations and love.

In this guide, you may find simple ways to surprise your wife, and they might be the truly remarkable moments especially highlighted with a harmonic rose bouquet from Rosaholics shop:

  1. Uncredible birthday surprise ideas 
  2. Anti-Valentine’s day gifts
  3. Romantic Christmas or New Year celebration ways 
  4. An epic love story on the 4th of July accompanied with the floral attributes
  5. Thanksgiving Day surprise gifts
  6. Some unexpected things to surprise your wife
  7. The traditional approach in a new manner
  8. A small celebration birthday surprise ideas
  9. Surprise work delivery 
  10. The unforgettable weekends
  11. Compliments in the foreign language for your wife
roses for wife

1. Uncredible Birthday Surprise Ideas for Your Wife

Romantic Rose Bouquet

Don’t you know how to surprise your wife? One of the birthday surprise ideas for your wife is to organize the day of the ideal husband. 

  • Try to fulfill even the tiny desires of your wife. 
  • Give compliments that you haven't said before.
  • Do something she's dreamed of for a long time. The girl probably tells about what she has wanted for a long time and cannot buy herself - and this is your hidden card.
  • Each woman would prefer to wake up looking for a romantic breakfast with a vivid bouquet of roses.
  • Arrange her wife a day off from everyday activities: clean the apartment and do the cooking.

"Romantic" roses are not just a bright and fresh gift for the wife but also the simplest and most romantic way to surprise the woman you have loved for your entire life - your wife.


2. Anti-Valentine’s Day Gifts

black roses

The fundamental love-honored holiday is Valentine's day. However, tons of heart-shaped sweets and valentine cards, classic reddish flowers, and balloons are sometimes boring. So, why not organize Anti-Valentine's day if your soulmate has a good sense of humor. 

  • Your wife will be shocked a bit if you organize Valentine's day in the style of a mysterious holiday like Adam's family.
  • Give Anti-Valentine's T-shirts and other accessories.

To fulfill the exciting event picture, you need an appropriate surprise for your wife. We think a Black Mamba Bouquet would fulfill its purpose. But also you can find a lot of romantic flowers for Valentine's Day to give your wife.


3. Romantic Christmas or New Year Celebration Ways

christmas roses

The traditional holidays could be complemented with some romantic ideas or new customs.

  • Presents. If you do not do them just like that, then on these special days gifts are a must. 
  • Decorate your house with red roses bouquets and traditional Christmas flowers.
  • Roses help you highlight the decoration ideas due to their color palette suitable for the New Year's celebration. For example, the Chinese New Year celebration is always vintage and harmonic, with the respective rose bouquet resembling the stability of solid marriage love.
  • Create a video. You can create a montage of your mutual photos sounded by romantic music using the video editor.

Cotton Cloud Roses resembling snowballs in the twilight period, are perfect for creating the fairytale atmosphere and adjusting the romantic mood. Such a bunch would be an appropriate surprise gift for the wife.


4. An Epic Love Story on The 4th of July Accompanied with the Floral Attributes

Independence Day roses

Maybe, you think the Independence Day celebration to be a ridiculous choice to present a surprise for your wife. But, we suppose you might be wrong. This holiday serves as an additional way to surprise your wife. 

  • Go to some entertaining event.
  • Walk in the woods, park, or have a picnic.
  • You may organize the romantic barbeque evening with champagne and tet-a-tet talking ending with the traditional fireworks. 
  • An epic love story movie like "Gone with the Wind" dedicated to the historical development of the US will be a good item for the romantic to-do list. 

Choose a national flag-colored rose bouquet that will create a romantic and patriotic atmosphere for your spouse. 


5. Thanksgiving Day Surprise Gifts

light pink roses for wife

Thanksgiving Day is a family holiday and should refer to the initial human values. At the same time, this is one more moment to express appreciation to the woman you love, the mother of your children, and your main friend and supporter. 

  • Confess your love.
  • The grateful speech highlighted by the beautiful rose bouquet is an excellent way to provide your love evidence.
  • In addition, you may offer romantic cinema or theatre walking-outs. 
  • Moreover, the warm fall day may become a romantic moment if you invite your wife on a fascinating journey on the boat.

Perhaps, the Vogue roses with slightly dusty shades could help express your sincere and grateful feelings.  


6. Some Unexpected Things to Surprise Your Wife

Golden rose bouquet

The best example of how to surprise your wife is unexpected actions or presents. 

  • Give a charming and extraordinary bouquet and present your beloved person to celebrate the first date anniversary.
  • Surprise your wife when she does not expect such activities. In other words, make a typical day or moment remarkable. 
  • Do something that you have refused to do before.
  • Keep a long-forgotten promise.
  • Provide her relaxation: go bowling with friends, go to a spa, or go to nature for the weekend.

If you've been living together for a long time, it would be great to grant golden roses to your spouse. Golden rose bouquets resemble jewelry attributes or expensive souvenirs.


7. The Traditional Approach in a New Manner

extra long roses

Suppose your marriage is a union of two loving friends who have adult children. In that case, you may agree that even family holidays are ordinary occasions. So, you need to add a new approach to their celebration. 

  • Try to decorate your whole house or the morning passway with long-stem roses. Such methods to surprise your wife would have grateful feedback.
  • Make some quests with the search for gifts around the house: you will need a chain of notes in different places, the last of which will lead to a gift.
  • Set up a home spa: fill the bath with foam and rose petals, decorate everything with candles, and turn on relaxing music.
  • If you go to a cafe, arrange to be served something from the exclusive menu.

Extra-long fresh roses attract each girl's attention sparking her sincere desires and dreams. These self-present or delivered flowers will impress your dearest person and grant her unforgettable emotions.


8. A Small Celebration Birthday Surprise Ideas

multicolored roses

The birthday party is a classical and prominent event when the loving person waits for a present. Unfortunately, this memorable holiday has become so routine. Even guests, gifts, and flowers could hardly raise the child-like happiness and joy. In this case, you want to do everything possible to make this day memorable for the beloved person. In this case, you should find extraordinary and unexpected ways to surprise your wife.

  • Bake a cake. If you are not a confectioner, she obviously does not expect this and will be amazed.
  • Paste stickers with nice words for her.
  • A romantic evening would be a surprise for your wife. 
  • You can organize this only-for-two event with balloons, ice cream, candyfloss, and enjoyable music. It will help create a child-like happiness atmosphere. 
  • And don’t forget about the flower arrangements. The rose bunch is a perfect option to enhance these lovely moments. The extraordinary multicolored bouquet of roses emphasizes the positive emotions of your mini-party. Moreover, this garden queen's untypical and fancy colors are desirable in any season. 

We ensure that Cinnamon roses are the best-multicolored bouquet to help you create a holiday mood for your dearest person.


9. Surprise Work Delivery

rainbow roses

The busy lifestyle creates a lot of stressful situations. The vivid romantic composition of a delicate rose tint is an ideal variant for this gift for the wife.

  • Show your care for no reason: bring her favorite coffee and sweets to her work.
  • You can order the exciting delivery of fresh roses without any reasons to improve the mood and confirm the sincerity of your feelings for your beloved one. 
  • Add a short message to enhance the romantic feelings: "You are everything I have ever wanted in my life."

Rainbow-colored rose buds force your wife's workmates to be jealous and dream about the careful attention you could present to your beloved person. To achieve the maximum effect, you need to order the large-in-size bunch accompanied by the sweet message. Such a message should whisper the heart-deepest words you might be shy to tell in loud.


10. The Unforgettable Weekends

Glamorose bouquet

The most frequent way to make your wife happy is to organize the only-two weekend recreation. Such mini-family trips help renew the romantic relations of the couple and enhance the love vibrations for future romantic adventures. 

  • It does not matter what place you choose. It could be the sunny beach resort, the desert forest location with a calm bungalow, or the romantic Paris or Venezia journey for a few days.
  • The main goal of such special day-offs is to present the appropriate invitation as a surprise.
  • Add romance: a night walk, a great dinner, going to the theater, a picnic - whatever.
  • Invite your wife to go away to the location you have just discussed for a couple of days. The spontaneous trip opens new horizons of married life and the treasury of mutual memories. 


11. Minor Compliments In The Foreign Language For Your Wife

rose petals

Learning new languages enhances your IQ and memory skills. Still, the main advantage of this useful hobby is the romantic ways to surprise your loving wife

  • Few love phrases in Spanish, French, or Italian will diversify your polyglottic abilities and impress your wife. 
  • Such compliments are suitable with a morning kiss, a love message or hand-made card on the fridge, and even a romantic dinner with candles.
  • If you intend to organize the only-for-two dinner or atmospheric evening in the Jacuzzi, you might prefer some drinks. Champagne is a perfect birthday surprise idea for a wife
  • You may use the ice cubes with lovely rosebuds to enhance the romantic vibes and respective decorative elements. The transparent liquid lets you delight in the rose shapes and enjoy the couple's conversation.

Our shop could offer you multicolored petals in a suitable package for the atmospheric decoration. Arrange the romantic dinner with delicious dishes, musical serenades, and a firework-like champagne breeze chilled by lovely ice rose cubes


Fall in love with your spouse every day! 

Now you know how to surprise your wife. Love is a unique creature that needs permanent attention and tender attitudes accompanied by some sweet presents. And a rose bouquet is a win-win surprise for your wife to keep love feelings passionate and mutual. Just choose her favorite flower arrangement to make your spouse happy and let her forget about routine troubles and tasks.



When should you give someone flowers?

There are many reasons why you might want to give someone flowers. So, for example, this may be the following occasions:

- Birthday;

- Wedding anniversary;

- Mothers Day;

- Promotion or other achievements;

- To support your loved one;

- To say sorry;

- To confess your feelings for a person;

- To cheer up the dearest ones.

Actually, there are no strict rules about when you should give someone flowers. If you want to congratulate a person on holiday or give flowers just like that, you have the right to do this when you see fit.

Do flowers make a girl happy?

Flowers definitely cheer up a girl, especially if they are presented by a person from whom she is pleased to receive a gift. So, if you are sure that the girl does not strain your attention - give her flowers when you want to cheer her up.

How often should you get your wife flowers?

Except on holidays or special dates, psychologists recommend surprising your woman with flowers about 2-4 times a year without any reason. This will make your relationship stronger.

How do I make my wife feel special?

To do this, psychologists advise the following:

- Say nice words and compliments to your wife;

- Treat her with lovely breakfasts and romantic dinners; 

- Enjoy the simple things together, go out for walks in scenic places more often;

- Give her occasional gifts, such as a new dress, a plush toy, or a bouquet of flowers.


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