The price of a bouquet depends on the flowers, decoration, bouquet decorations, and the creative ideas of the florists. The price of the wedding bouquet will be approximately $59 and a max of $79 in our shop. Wedding bouquets prices are different. Each couple chooses a bouquet according to their budget.

Without a doubt, planning an upcoming wedding is primarily a financial issue, but how nice it is to get away from the problems with wedding bouquet costs and plunge into the beauty that will fill and surround the whole atmosphere. For the bride, this is not only the choice of dress but also floristry. And, of course, the most important thing here is finding the perfect bouquet for your wedding.

casablanca wedding bouquet

It is very difficult, and even impossible, to imagine any wedding without flower arrangements and the bride's wedding bouquet. Even if this wedding is simple - a ceremony in the registry office, where the bride and groom exchange rings and then go to rest or do not celebrate their triumph at all. But even at such a small and modest wedding, there will always be the bride with a wedding bouquet.  

It is such an accessory as a bridal bouquet that completely complements the image and forms the bride's style. Without wedding flowers, it is difficult to imagine the complete image of the bride.


Wedding Flowers: Types and Prices 

You will always think of choosing classic roses or peonies loved by brides! How about unusual ideas? Florists have prepared original options for decorating a wedding bouquet for girls planning to get married in 2022 and indicated the average cost of wedding flower bouquets. Let's see!





Dried flowers and pampas grass

In recent years, florists and spouses have fallen in love with dried flowers. They have perfectly proven themselves both as an addition to fresh-cut flowers and an independent component of any floristic composition. In 2022, couples can continue to use dry plants in their celebration décor - the fashion for these sophisticated plants will not pass so quickly!

$14-$20 per 1 option

Revived watercolor flowers

Remember the inspiring, delicate, and at the same time vivid watercolor drawings of flowers! They will come off the pictures for the coming festive season and be embodied in real-life wedding bouquets. Shades of pink, red, blue, yellow, and purple will combine originally, forming beautiful romantic compositions. A beautiful bouquet of roses, "Cheshyre", of white, pink, and purple flowers will look great in the hands of the bride. 

$59-$88 per bouquet 


Choosing wildflowers for your main wedding arrangement is a great way to follow the principle of elegant simplicity! In different months and seasons, the flowers of the young will surprise with their beauty and shade. Someone will be lucky to decorate their unforgettable day with lilies of the valley, someone with chamomiles, chamomile chrysanthemums, cornflowers, poppies, veronica, delphinium, etc. Greens and cereals will be able to complement the bridal bouquet of wildflowers in an original way. Follow the season and enjoy the gifts of the season chosen for the wedding. 

$35-$50 per bouquet

Minimalist compositions of tall flowers

Another fashion trend is not about the palette of shades but the shape. Experts suggest that brides choose small mono-bouquets of flowers with long stems for their looks. White or wine calla lilies, orchids, exotic strelitzia, or white roses are ideal. But, giving preference to small bouquets of tall flowers, make sure that they do not get lost in the background of your image. Elongated compositions look best with tight-fitting and straight dresses and trouser suits.

$59-$88 per bouquet 

wedding flowers cost

Bridal Flower Bouquet 

This year, simplicity and minimalism are more fashionable than ever. And this trend of minimalism manifests itself in everything: in wardrobe items, decorations, and floral compositions. Fashion flower experts focus on trendy colors in a mystical style. Taking into account the recommendations of fashion florists, they recommend not choosing plants of more than 3 types and not combining more than three or four shades in one bouquet. The average cost of wedding flower bouquets ranges from $59. So, what wedding flower arrangement to choose?


corsages cost


Luxurious and elegant corsages are the perfect compromise in the difficult choice of decoration for guests. One of the main advantages of corsages is that they will cost much less than traditional bouquets, but at the same time, they will noticeably refresh the images of girlfriends, giving them an impressive look! Therefore, if you definitely want fresh flower accessories for your girlfriends, then opt for corsages.

Price: 5 - 20 dollars.


Boutonnieres cost


Who needs a boutonniere besides the groom? Very often, boutonnieres are also ordered for wedding witnesses. Sometimes the bride herself decorates her dress with a boutonniere. The boutonniere can also be ordered for the fathers of the bride and groom, their grandfathers, and brothers. It will be a great addition and decoration to your wedding.

Price: 5 - 15 dollars.


flowers for wedding decorations

Flowers for Decoration 

For a romantic wedding, choose pastel and light colors, flowers with lush inflorescences, and delicate petals to decorate the hall and tables. If your wedding has a color theme, you can follow that when choosing the color of your flowers for decoration. Fresh flowers are always the best choice for gorgeous chic wedding decor, but it doesn't come cheap.

Price: 500 -1500 dollars.


Rose petals for wedding

Rose Petals 

A rose is a symbol of love and tenderness, which is why rose petals are one of the most suitable decorations for a wedding. They can decorate a wedding table, a restaurant, and even a wedding dress. This is a versatile and inexpensive option, as many vendors will gladly give you fresh rose petals of flowers that they can no longer sell.

Price: 50 cents - $1 per cup.


flowers Ice cubes for wedding

Flowers Ice Cubes 

An incredible and surprising option would be flowers frozen in ice cubes. All you need to realize the idea are your favorite flowers, water, and ice cube trays. This is an ideal option for a wedding in any season: it will definitely surprise your guests and will be remembered for a long time.

Price: $1 - $200, depending on flower and quantity.



Wedding Rose Bouquet Prices 

The bridal bouquet of roses always remains popular and in demand. Most often, brides turn their attention to a wedding bouquet of white or pink roses, the choice of such flowers for a bouquet will add a touch of grace, tenderness, and grace to the image of any bride. Bridal bouquets of roses are traditionally very popular. Such a bouquet is distinguished by grace and sophistication and speaks of the good taste of the girl who chooses it. At the same time, it is possible to use roses to create completely different wedding bouquets - from modest and miniature to luxurious. Choose delicate pastel shades or bright, catchy, expressive ones. The price will depend on the length of the bud, its color, and type. So, lets see how much do wedding flowers cost in 2022?


white wedding roses

White Wedding Roses 

Price: $59 - $88

White wedding bouquets of the bride look solemn and traditional, emphasizing the importance of the wedding celebration. This is the most classic bridal bouquet choice. Buying a white bridal bouquet tends for girls who like the classic design of the wedding and have chosen a classic white dress for themselves.



red wedding roses

Red Wedding Roses

Price: $59 - $88

Most girls prefer a gentle combination of light shades, creating a composition of plants, but for those heroes of the occasion who want to stand out, a more extravagant version of the accessory with red roses will suit. Such an attribute of the image of the future wife looks bright and interesting and attracts the increased attention of the guests.


multicolored roses for a wedding

Multicolored Roses for a Wedding

Price: $59 - $110

Adding bright colors to your wedding day is easy with a bouquet of colorful roses. You need to choose a suitable combination of colors or take a ready-made version on our website. You can look at delicate combinations of blue and pink or take a rebellious combination of red, green, orange, and other colors in one bouquet.


Bottom Line 

Of course, the choice of a bouquet for a wedding is important, and its price is often an equally important factor. On our site, you can find a variety of bouquets for every taste, and the price will be very pleasant. Choose the most interesting combination of fresh flowers and get your perfect bouquet in time!


    How many flowers should be in the bride's bouquet?

    To the question "How many flowers should there be in a wedding bouquet?" the unequivocal answer is an odd number. And then it all depends on the wallet. Usually, the count starts from 5 and then in ascending order.

    What kind of flowers can you add to the bridal bouquet?


    Garden flowers for bouquets are:

    • Rose - it is not for nothing that they call her the queen of flowers. 
    • Alstroemeria is a delicate flower with a luxurious color scheme. 
    • Lilies are exquisite flowers with a strong scent. 
    • Tulips - fascinate with their tenderness and elegance. 
    • Chrysanthemum is an expressive flower. 
    • Peonies are large spring flowers with a stunning scent.
    What flowers to choose for a wedding bouquet in August?

    Peonies are blooming - there are no more ideal flowers for a wedding in August. Their large buds look delicate and luxurious and in the language of flowers mean a merry wedding and a happy life. Asters are a symbol of grace and love.

    What color of roses to choose for a wedding bouquet?

    You can match roses of any shade and color for your wedding bouquet. Most often, white roses are chosen to match the bride's wedding dress.


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