A wedding bouquet is an essential element of a bride's image. It is necessary to pay special attention to the design of the composition when preparing for the wedding. What the bouquet will look like must be planned in advance and agreed with the florist. You need to choose only fresh flowers that can preserve their beauty throughout the entire ceremony. 

Types of bouquets for wedding

Choosing a bridal bouquet is just as important as choosing a dress today. The bouquet and flowers in it should be in harmony with the style of the wedding, the bride's dress and at the same time look fresh for a long time. Modern florists can create a unique bouquet thanks to the vast selection of flowers and their compositions. You can add original notes to your bouquet. Fresh grass, fruits, years and even artificial accessories are also added to wedding bouquets.

Boho style wedding bouquet with roses for the bride

boho style wedding bouquet

One of the attributes of the boho style is a green bridal bouquet. The large disheveled composition looks like the bride has just gathered a bouquet in the garden.

Typical features for such bouquets are asymmetry and a large amount of greenery: herbs and leaves. Moreover, you can use wildflowers: chamomile and cornflowers in combination with roses for the bride. Even succulents and cacti are suitable. The main thing is to find your florist who will understand the idea and be imbued with the idea.

A boho-style bouquet is natural beauty, simplicity, and negligence, and this is its beauty.

Wedding bouquet in Provence style with roses 

A Provence style bouquet is made up mainly of wildflowers. The classic version is a lavender mono bouquet tied with a ribbon. These fragrant and delicate flowers can also be used, and small bush roses, peonies, lilacs, and bells for a wedding bouquet. The composition of little daisies and spikelets looks very cute and gentle. As a supplement, florists use twigs and dried flowers. Besides, roses for the bride, in combination with wildflowers, will also look great.

Bouquet for the bride in eco style

Everything natural is used for an eco-style wedding bouquet. Such bouquets are tied with a regular cord or cloth. Different plants are used to create the composition, which can be supplemented with the most unusual and original elements—for example, berries, cones, or even apples.

Bridal bouquet in a marine style

bridal bouquet in a marine style

A bridal bouquet in a marine style is romance and a thirst for adventure. Here we see a combination of different colors: white, fresh blue, warm yellow. It would be appropriate to combine roses with marine accessories for such a bridal bouquet. Florists use not only flowers but also different shells and elements resembling the sea.

Wedding bouquet in the style of minimalism

A wedding bouquet of several identical flowers and discreet decorations in a minimalist style is ideal for any bride. This composition combines refined taste, visual beauty, lightness, and tenderness. It is appropriate to use roses, peonies, and gerberas for minimalistic wedding bouquets. Try not to overdo the decor, and it will look sophisticated and beautiful.

Asymmetrical bridal bouquet

A free asymmetrical bouquet provides a flight of imagination and leaves the stereotypical round bouquets. This floral arrangement combines all possible flowers, foliage, and wild branches. A bouquet in this style will suit a bold, bright, extraordinary, and freedom-loving bride who loves to experiment with roses combinations. Besides, astilba will be appropriate in the bouquet, which will express the bride’s extraordinary taste and emphasize her individual inner world.

Bouquet with coral shades

coral bouquet for the wedding

The coral color composition is always appropriate in the spring-summer season. It is poppies, peonies, carnations, coral roses that will decorate wedding bouquets, arches, and banquet tables in spring. When composing a wedding bouquet for the bride during this period, roses combined with coral elements will be the best choice.

Bouquet with one central flower

The composition of one large central flower will emphasize the individuality and style of the bride. For example, a delicate magnolia or a bright peony can be slightly diluted with greens or small refined roses for the bride.

Bouquet of greenery

Bridal bouquets made from foliage alone remain as popular as flower bouquets. The juicy, bright, and natural look of the Greenery fashion concepts will suit those newlyweds who are not ready to spend a lot of money on wedding floristry and those who are going to arrange wedding in an eco-style.

Gypsophila bouquet

Sweet and airy gypsophila in a wedding bouquet has always been used as a secondary flower, an addition, or decoration. More recently, gypsophila has taken a central position in the wedding composition. For a rustic wedding, eco-wedding, or summer wedding, this is just perfect.

Wedding arrangement with cotton

wedding arrangement with cotton

Cotton in a bridal bouquet is not considered a classic. Nevertheless, it is trendy among extraordinary girls. Cotton goes well with both bright colors and delicate ones. Such a flower can both dilute a bright composition and add tenderness. Roses go well with cotton and florists create unique wedding bouquets. This bouquet will look light and airy.

Succulents in wedding bouquets

Complex, unusual and original bouquets with succulents are increasingly appearing in the hands of brides. The individual and unique appearance of such a bouquet will fit into any style of a modern wedding. Wedding bouquets with succulents will surprise and delight with their originality and a long fresh appearance.

Bouquet waterfall

Cascading bouquets with a combination of different colors with roses for brides are perfect for any style. There is no need to worry that some twig has come out in such a composition and ruined the whole bouquet. Free branches scatter to the sides and give the bouquet a lot of freedom.

Bouquets with long stems

Many florists often cut long stems for wedding bouquets, and this is done so that the bride feels comfortable wearing it all day. But is it? Florists decided to experiment and began to collect bouquets with long stems. Besides, the longer the flower stems, the more refined and unusual the composition looks.

Lush bouquets

lush bouquets for the wedding

One of the top trends in a wedding bouquet is a huge bouquet. Such wedding arrangements look gorgeous, beautiful, expensive, and simply bewitching. A bridal bouquet with lush flowers is perfect for modern weddings in tropical and boho styles. It is worth noting that such lush compositions will be heavy, and the bride should think about it in advance.

Monochrome compositions

One-color bridal bouquets are one of the main trends in wedding floristry. But it should be noted right away that monochrome does not imply the choice of only one type of color. On the contrary, the composition will look stylish and sophisticated if it combines buds of different shapes but in the same color scheme.

The wedding bouquet’s color should harmoniously fit into the wedding’s general palette and favorably set off the bride's outfit. Yellow, orange, grassy green, purple, and sky blue wedding bouquets will be an excellent solution for the spring ceremony.


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