Roses have remained a constant favorite in wedding floristry for several decades now. After all, it is this flower that personifies eternal traditions, elegance, and incredible beauty. World-renowned decorators recognize the rose as the most romantic flower. Moreover, the rose symbolizes purity, tenderness, prosperity, luxury, and eternal love. It was not for nothing that the Greek goddess of flowers Chloris attracted Aphrodite to the creation of this flower so that she would give the rose a drop of her beauty. Dionysus endowed the rose with a divine scent and gave it joy, charm, and brightness.

The rose will be appropriate for any celebration, both as a gift and as a decor.

The history of the wedding bridal bouquet

history of wedding bridal bouquets

Flowers have been used in wedding ceremonies since ancient times. It was believed that when passing from one status to another, people are mostly defenseless. Ancient Greek, Roman, and Celtic brides wore an adornment of fragrant herbs around their necks to protect themselves from the attack of evil spirits. The future wife had to carry onions and garlic in Medieval Europe.

Over time, different parts of the world have developed their wedding traditions associated with blooming greenery. However, in its modern sense, the bridal bouquet gained popularity only in the 19th century, thanks to the British Queen Victoria. She was married to Prince Albert in 1840. The luxurious outfit of the newlywed was complemented by a composition of calendula and dill sprigs. Calendula symbolized the purity of the Virgin Mary, and dill was eaten after the ceremony to rekindle the newlyweds’ passion.

The fashion for bridal bouquets quickly spread throughout Europe. Flowers were selected following their meaning and became a kind of message. So, roses for weddings meant tenderness, lilac first love, orange flowers, happiness in marriage, etc.

Wedding bridal bouquet of roses

Wedding bouquets of roses can be very different. But the main thing is that the bride's bouquet does not wither for a long time, it is convenient to hold it in hand, and the bouquet looks harmonious with the dress. Moreover, it is good if the wedding bouquet is made in the same style as other flowers at the wedding.

The roses in the bouquet should be the strongest and freshest for the bouquet to retain a fresh look throughout the entire holiday. Therefore, the flowers should be cut just before the bouquet is made.

Orchids, chrysanthemums, lilies, lisianthus, anemones, calla lilies, gardenias, and peonies work well with wedding roses. Various wildflowers will be an elegant addition to roses. But the mono-bouquet will also be fantastic if you choose the right shades of flowers. A wedding bridal bouquet of roses of the same color is an ideal win-win option.

How to choose roses for weddings?how to choose roses for wedding

The bride's bouquet of roses is not just a tribute to tradition and a beautiful accessory. A wedding bouquet is the groom’s first gift to the bride and an essential element of her image. All flowers, the bride’s outfit and image, the decoration of the ceremony and celebration venue, and the wedding style should be harmonious.

An experienced florist will consider even the smallest details of height, age, the complexion of the bride and her character, hairstyle and hair color, style and color of the dress, season and, of course, the fashion for flowers this season when composing a bouquet.

When ordering flowers, it is essential to remember:

  • The composition should be light because the bride will hold it in her arms all day.
  • Flowers should not have a powerful odor.
  • Roses in compositions with wildflowers or forest flowers are perfect for young girls. A small round bridal bouquet of roses is a classic style.
  • It is better to choose exotic options in bright colors, collected in an extravagant composition with roses for a more mature bride.

The bride wants the bouquet to please not only on the wedding day but also a few days after it. But there is such a tradition that the bride throws it to her girlfriends. Therefore, more and more often, two options are ordered for the newlywed. The second one is made in the same color scheme for girlfriends but from more budget colors and smaller sizes.

Bouquet in a fiery red shade

bouquet in a fiery red shade

A fiery red bouquet of roses is a bright, intense, and bold solution for weddings. You can add flowers such as orchids, tulips, gerberas, peonies, calla lilies, annual asters, large antirrhinum, large-flowered godetia, brilliant salvia, silvery celosia for a red bouquet of roses. It will be possible to collect a bouquet of wedding roses in only one red color for an extravagant wedding. The bouquet can be diluted with flowers of neutral shades to make the flowers look gentle, discreet, and laconic.

Wedding bouquet in saffron shades

Roses for weddings in saffron color is a juicy, rich, and colorful option. It is best not to make bridal bouquets in saffron color solid. Such a juicy bouquet will look beautiful if it is balanced with red and white colors. Besides, you can always add greens to make the bouquet look juicier.

Classic blue in a wedding bouquet

wedding bouquet in classic blue

A classic blue bouquet with wedding roses will look very rich, deep, and bright. Moreover, this color looks very good with basic neutrals. A bouquet of blue roses can be assembled from forget-me-nots, hydrangeas, cornflowers, delphiniums, and anemones. The most fashionable flowers of this season, dried flowers, will look beautiful in such bouquets. You can also choose flowers of a different shade by painting them in blue or diluting them with primary blue colors.

The green color in a wedding bouquet

A wedding bouquet of roses with green color elements can convey the dreaminess, lightness, and airiness of a wedding celebration. A wedding bouquet in such shades is an excellent decoration for any wedding look, from which it will be impossible to take your eyes off. Flowers such as peonies, lilies of the valley, asters, and other flowers are suitable to decorate bouquets of roses in green accents. A wedding bouquet will look very gentle and romantic if combined with delicate flowers in white shades.

Wedding bouquet in diamond white

wedding bouquet in diamond white

Diamond white bridal bouquet is a real trend and classic in bridal fashion. Bouquets in this color scheme will always be appropriate for any wedding, any style, and concept. White wedding bouquets will still look very gentle, sophisticated, majestic, expensive, and stylish. Flowers suitable for a diamond white wedding bouquet are roses, peonies, lilies of the valley, hydrangeas, fluffy astilbe, garden dahlias, dried flowers, and all kinds of other flowers.

Sunny yellow shade for a bridal bouquet

A wedding bouquet of roses with an accent in a sunny shade will turn out to be very delicate, bright, and light. A sunny wedding bouquet is best diluted with neutral white flowers so that each flower stands out beautifully and does not merge. Flowers such as calla lilies, eustomas, dahlias, peonies, and ranunculus are suitable for a lush, sunny wedding bouquet. These same flowers will look beautiful for a single mono bouquet, as they are large, full, and self-sufficient. Mimosas, tulips, and daisies are suitable for a romantic bouquet of sunny colors.

Wedding bouquet in pink coral

wedding bouquet in pink coral

The color of coral pink or powder in a wedding bouquet is a combination of tenderness, romance, and inspiration. Pink wedding bouquets will look great, both monogamous and diluted with other shades of flowers. You can combine flowers such as lilies, roses, peonies, and ranunculus for a summer wedding arrangement. Bouquets of such flowers can be assembled in a semicircular, small, and regular shape, or you can make a variant of casually collected chaotic flowers.

Wedding bouquet in the color of grape compote

Flowers in shades of grape compote in a wedding bouquet will look very bright, rich, and inspiring. If you form a bouquet in such a color scheme, then the wedding should also be decorated in this style to a complete and harmonious picture. Flowers such as orchids, tulips, chrysanthemums, peonies, roses, lavender, hydrangea, irises, and other flowers can be dyed in this deep and rich color are suitable for forming a wedding bouquet.



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