Bouquets are appreciated not only for their beauty and aroma. Each flower has its own meaning, which dates back to the Victorian era when men and women communicated through hidden floral messages. A bud presented or pinned to the lapel of a suit could tell about love, hint at tactlessness or refusal of sympathy. Today we will tell you about the meaning of white roses in a bouquet, what they are presented for, and what roses can mean.


Why is the Rose the Most Popular Flower?

Why is the Rose the Most Popular Flower?

Rose is one of the most ancient flowers. Its fossils are 35 million years old. The plant has not changed, unlike the other flora.

This fact confirms the prevalence of roses only in Europe and America.

Rose is edible, some of its varieties are useful, and the essential oil has good cosmetic properties.

The flower is easy to cultivate and hybridize. Today, 15,000 varieties have been created. The easier it is to study and modify, the more scientists pay attention to the plant.

Roses have various colors from white to maroon, almost black, different bud shape and aroma. You can choose a solemn or modest bouquet and create stunning compositions.

Roses are available all year round. Thanks to the development of agro-industrial technologies, the flower has become off-season, unlike others.

The rose represents love, the most romantic feeling from ancient legends. Poets and artists celebrated the flower as a symbol of passion. With this, they firmly fixed the meaning of flowers in the minds of people.

Fashion for bouquets of roses is a product of movies, TV series, and other mass culture elements. Remember the films where the heroes gave their beloved some other bouquets besides roses? It's great if you succeed, but there are few such films. We meet the image of a flower everywhere, and it is strengthened in the subconscious.


What Does a Bouquet of White Roses Mean?

White Roses

The symbolic meaning of plants is associated with legends and traditions. White roses appear in the tales of different historical eras.

  • White roses were considered a symbol of Aphrodite, the goddess of love during Antiquity. The Greeks believed that with the birth of the girl, milk petals appeared from sea foam. They began to be associated with a pure, immaculate feeling of love and sympathy, without an admixture of passion and sensuality.
  • The image of white roses is found in religious texts of Christianity and Islam. It symbolizes all-encompassing love, spirituality, and happiness. Hence the synonymous name of the flower is the rose of the world.
  • In eastern countries, light shades are associated with loss and mourning, so white roses mean respect and reverence for departed ancestors.
  • There are many interpretations of the flower, from traditional love symbolism to spiritual and sad-mourning associations. 


When are White Roses Presented?

white roses

There are no limitations in choosing a reason to present a bouquet of white roses. It can be given on a birthday, anniversary or just like that. But there are situations when light flowers are not only appropriate but even necessary.

  • A beautiful bouquet of white roses is a symbol of the bride and the newlyweds’ pure love. When choosing a newlyweds gift, be sure to supplement it with three buds, better than peony varieties. They look fuller and more voluminous.
  • If you don't know how to confess your sympathy for a girl, present snow-white flowers. They will talk about a developing sincere feeling and show that you have serious intentions, not a passing hobby.
  • A bouquet of 101 white roses is often presented to wives for discharge from the maternity hospital. The surprise speaks of the man's desire to take care of the young mother and that he will support her in her new status.
  • Buy 4 or 6 pieces to honor a loved one. Flowers will express the sincere longing and warmth of memories better than any words.


In What Cases Should You Not Give White Roses?

Despite the positive symbolism, florists do not recommend presenting light flowers to women of age. The pastel palette represents youth, and the present can be perceived as a mockery.

Do not hesitate to please your soul mate with snow-white flowers with or without reason. After all, this is the most sincere gift that will tell about your devotion and love.


How to Care for White Roses?

white rose

Caring for white roses does not differ from caring for roses of other colors, although it has some peculiarities, because flowers of light shades are less persistent. The vase water should be changed every day; it is desirable that the water was not from the tap but boiled or settled. Moreover, roses must be pruned every three days, carefully processing the cuts.

Just a few simple steps will allow you to enjoy a fabulous bouquet for a long time.

  • Change the water in the vase every day.
  • Place the roses in a cool room to keep the fresh bouquet longer.
  • Prune the stems about every three days. The incisions should be made sideways so that the rose can absorb water.

Roses do not like drafts, direct sunlight, as well as stuffy hot rooms. You will save them better if you put the vase in a cool, dark place and follow the tips for caring for your roses.


The Best White Rose is Considered to Be the Avalanche Variety

The rose of this sort has a large bud and a tall, strong stem. Besides, this variety is very resistant to transportation, so high quality is guaranteed. Bouquets of Avalanche roses look best if they are made only of roses without adding other flowers.


Wendella is a Fantastic Variety of White Roses

The color of the buds of this variety has an original shade of ivory and a strong stem. Rose Wendella looks excellent in mixed bouquets, adding chic to them. Such bouquets will become an original addition to a gift for a loved one, show their individuality, adding style to the holiday.

white rose

Many stories are associated with the white rose. The most ancient one is considered to be a legend from India. Once a white rose blossomed, it showed the incredible beauty Lakshmi to Lord Vishnu. God was fascinated by her and made him his wife. Since then, the rose has been sacred to the Indian people.

The history of the origin of the rose among the Greeks is no less interesting. It was believed that Aphrodite, who came out of the sea, stepping on the shore, turned the seafoam into beautiful white roses, and every step she took gave rise to fragrant herbs and flowers.



White roses have stood the test of time. They are now a symbol of purity, innocence, and reverence. Their association with pure love and spirituality has made them popular for weddings and other sacred ceremonies. Their meaning is deeply rooted in various customs and traditions. It makes them a timeless and meaningful gift.

Caring for white roses is no different than caring for any other color. Proper care will allow the bouquet to remain fresh and bright for a long time. And the feelings embedded in the gift will be preserved for many days.

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Do white roses mean marriage?

White roses can symbolize marriage, but their meaning may vary by culture and context.

Can I give white roses to my girlfriend?

Yes, you can give white roses to your girlfriend as a symbol of pure love and devotion.

Who can give white roses?

Anyone can give white roses to express love, admiration, or sympathy for someone special. Just remember that white roses can have different meanings. It all depends on the culture of the country in which you give roses.

What flowers in a bouquet can be combined with white roses?

White roses can be combined with flowers like lilies, baby's breath, and green foliage for a stunning bouquet.


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