Flower tattoos have been a popular form of body art for centuries. Their meanings and symbolism are as varied as the flowers themselves. Each flower carries a unique meaning and cultural association. Understanding the meanings of plant tattoos can provide insight into a rich history. It is also the symbolism of one's favorite form of expression.

The practice of floral tattoos goes back to deep antiquity. Scientists found floral designs on mummies in ancient Egypt. In other cultures, such as Japan, floral tattoos were in traditional art. They were also symbols of the seasons. Today, floral tattoos remain a popular form of self-expression. Many people prefer to decorate their bodies with their favorite flower's beauty.


In this article, we will look at the origin and flower tattoos’ meanings. We will also take a closer look at some designs and their meanings. If you have decided to get a flower tattoo it is important to know. Even if you are curious about the history and symbolism of this art form, read on to learn more.


Origin and History of Flower Tattoos

People have been using tattoos to adorn the human body for thousands of years. And flower tattoos have been popular since ancient times. The exact origin and flower meanings of tattoos are difficult to determine. But many believe that decorated with tattoos originated in different cultures worldwide:

  • In ancient Egypt, people considered tattoos a form of religious expression. And they often used it to protect the body from harm. Many Egyptian tattoos featured images of lotus flowers. As it was a symbol of rebirth and regeneration.
  • In Japan, tattoos have a long and rich history. Especially popular are designs depicting plant tattoos. The cherry blossom, or sakura, has been popular in Japanese tattoo art for centuries. The cherry blossom symbolizes beauty, renewal, and the fleeting nature of life.
  • In Polynesia, folk used tattoos to mark significant life events. They are often made up of intricate designs featuring natural elements such as:
  • flowers;
  • leaves;
  • vines. 
smiling woman with flower tattoos

    The hibiscus flower is native to the Pacific Islands. It was a popular design in Polynesian tattoo art.

    • In Western culture, flower tattoos became popular in the 1960s and 1970s. They were a part of the broader movement towards self-expression and individualism. As tattooing became more mainstream, flower tattoos became popular for women. Girls were looking to adorn their bodies with colorful and feminine designs.

    Today, flower tattoos remain a popular choice for both men and women. Now artists are able to create detailed designs featuring a wide range of flowers. It happened to owe to advances in tattooing technology and techniques. Different types of flower tattoos are a popular way to express individuality. So you can adorn the body with beautiful artwork.


    What Style is Appropriate for a Tattoo with Flowers?

    Below you can see common uses for different flower tattoo styles:

    • Chicano. Often in this style, along with other elements that symbolize strong passions. That's why people make a red or black rose.
    • Blackwerk. You can depict outlines of flowers in black.
    • New school is similar but more modernized and colored. 
    • Dotwork. These are geometric shapes that this style is actually based on and can form a flower shape.
    • Geometry. This is a new style using concise lines.
    • Old school. This is a favorite style of sailors and often uses images of lotuses and roses. Also, this style has lots of interesting flowers tattoos meanings.
    • Realism implies the most realistic display of colors. A wreath that forms a bracelet of flowers looks especially beautiful.
    • Minimalism. This style has a lightness of outlines and brevity. Flowers in a minimalist style are very suitable for girls. It may emphasize their solitary elegance and grace.
    • Watercolor. Flowers look like paintings painted on the body with watercolor paint.

      Meanings of Flower Tattoos

      The main flower's tattoo meaning is joy and vitality. In some cases, flowers are a symbol of grief and unexpected losses. A tattoo with a floral theme is always beautiful. 

      But for men, the deep flower tattoo meaning is much more important. As a symbol of life cycles, flowers can also be present on men's tattoos. They come as part of an ornament or the plot of complex drawings. 

      Girls and women more often choose tattoos depicting flowers. Because the flower symbolizes femininity and beauty. Behind the external beauty of flowers hides deep flower meanings for tattoos. We recommend learning it before visiting the master. Sometimes they can have negative connotations. But always, each tattoo will carry the meaning inherent in its bearer. There are several examples of flowers tattoos meanings:

      • The rose is a classic tattoo design that can represent love, beauty, and passion.
      • Peonies mean wealth and good fortune, accompanied by love. Peonies in the East are the receptacle of the best masculine qualities. People associate them with the realization of a man in the family.
      • The lily is a popular tattoo representing purity, innocence, and devotion.
      • The hibiscus is a tropical flower that represents beauty, and grace.

        The options for plant tattoos may depend on:

        • the wearer's character;
        • temperament;
        • life experience;
        • personal preferences;
        • corresponding to a woman's name.

        Read below for more information about the meaning of the most popular types of flower tattoos.  


        woman with roses tattoo


        Rose tattoos contain rich symbolism and many meanings. Roses are the embodiment of beauty. It is a source of ineffable fragrance, a symbol of love. And all this with a hidden threat - thorns, suggesting that all this beauty is not without pain:

        • In Eastern countries, the rose flower represents the possibilities hidden inside a person. 
        • In Greek mythology, the rose symbolizes immortal love. It can withstand time and even death.
        • In the Christian faith, roses are often associated with martyrdom. And people often depicted them together with the image of Christ. Roses without thorns refers to the Virgin Mary. It is a very sacred flower tattoo meaning.

          lotus tattoo


          Lotus tattoos are widespread among tattoo lovers around the world. Popular among men and girls, the lotus is highly prized for its beauty. The meaning of the lotus tattoo for girls is fully based on the flower's ability to maintain its purity. By making a tattoo, a woman can express one of the following qualities:

          • The ability to maintain purity and innocence despite all the filth around her.
          • To live in a world full of vices, yet not lose the purity of her thoughts and mind.
          • To maintain inner and outer beauty, regardless of one's surroundings.
          • Not to lose honor and dignity even in the most difficult situations.

          People also love it for its deep hidden flower tattoos meaning.


          sakura tattoo


          One of the main symbols of Japanese culture is the sakura. It symbolizes the transience of human life, as its blooming period is very short. The sakura flower is small, so it is perfect for small tattoos. Images of wind or water often complement Japanese tattoos. In addition, a sakura tattoo on the neck, back, arm, or leg can emphasize the femininity and elegance of its owner.


          lillia tattoo


          Like the lotus, the lily flower signifies purity and spirituality. In different cultures, the lily flower meanings for tattoos can vary. In ancient Egypt, it was a symbol of fertility. But in medieval times, it symbolized innocence. In some cultures, lilies are an obligatory attribute of weddings. As they represent the union and lasting relationships. We can find different varieties of lilies in tattoos:

          • the tiger lily represents pride and prosperity;
          • orange expresses hatred.

            peony tattoo


            Among popular ideas for floral tattoos, peonies have their place. They mean prosperity and romance in Asian cultures and indicate:

            • happy marriage;
            • prosperity;
            • good luck. 

            In Japanese tattoos, flowers are often combined with dragons, tigers, and demons. This combination emphasizes the balance between strength and beauty. Peonies are traditionally depicted with Japanese lions. As the animal means protection, and the plant tattoos mean peace.


            Daffodil tattoo


            Daffodils are often associated with the arrival of spring. And you can often see them as a symbol of rebirth and renewal. In the language of flowers, daffodils symbolize respect, regard, and unrequited love. In some cultures, daffodils symbolize death or refer to funerals.


            Orchid tattoo


            Orchids are a popular choice for tattoos, as they are a symbol of beauty, love, and luxury. When choosing the right orchid for your tattoo, there are wide varieties. Each type of orchid flowers tattoos has its unique symbolism and meaning. For example, the Cattleya orchid is often associated with love and romance. While the Phalaenopsis orchid is a symbol of luxury and refinement.


            Tulip tattoo


            The tulip's image emphasizes the body's beauty and decorates it. Also, it expresses the inner feelings and character of the person.

            The main meanings of the tulip tattoo are:

            • enjoyment of life in all its manifestations;
            • positivity, hope, and belief in a bright future;
            • freshness, beauty;
            • tenderness and tenderness.

            European people consider the tulip a symbol of fame and a good reputation. And this flower has lots of flower tattoo meanings.

            The tulip tattoo can be a sign of ardent and skillful lovers. Or it can be a symbol of longing for a loved one. To understand the tulip tattoo's meaning, you can consider the entire symbolism.


            Sunflower tattoo


            For lovers, the meaning of the sunflower image can mean love, loyalty, and devotion to each other. In addition, the sunflower is considered a symbol of the beginning of a happy period of life. Therefore, drawing a sunflower on the body can help in all endeavors, your career, and life.

            Nevertheless, the sunflower tattoo symbolizes strong affection and love in most countries.


            Poppy tattoo


            Along with the rose, one of the most popular flowers used for tattoos is the poppy. This plant has a unique flower tattoo meaning. It is a polysemous symbol that has been common since antiquity. A red poppy is usually chosen for a tattoo by inscribing it in color. You can choose the meaning of this pattern from no less than ten possible options. The sad interpretation of the symbol echoes the theme of death and war.

            There is a belief that red flowers grow on battlefields like the blood of fallen soldiers.


            Chrysanthemum tattoo


            In China is a symbol of fertility, the eternal horn of plenty. One more chrysanthemum flower tattoo’s meaning is the perfection of nature and complete tranquility.

            Vietnamese consider it a symbol:

            • purity of soul and mind;
            • the enlightenment of the spirit;
            • connection with nature. 

            Wherever we turn our gaze to the meaning of the chrysanthemum tattoo, everywhere we meet its greatness, in whatever it is manifested in the historical view of different eras and countries.


            Bottom Line 

            Eventually, plant tattoos have a rich history and diverse meanings. Whether it's a rose, lotus, or orchid, each flower carries its symbolism and significance. From love and beauty to spirituality and rebirth, they can represent a range of emotions and ideas. So choose they beat variant for you and be brave to tattoo yourself.



            What are some popular flower tattoos and their meanings?

            Some popular flower tattoos and their meanings include the rose (love, beauty), lotus (spirituality, rebirth), cherry blossom (transience, beauty), and sunflower (adoration, loyalty).

            What is the history of flower tattoos?

            Flower tattoos have a long history, with evidence of floral designs found on mummies dating back to ancient Egypt. Flower tattoos have also been popular in other cultures, such as Japan, where they have been used in traditional art and as symbols of the seasons.

            Can flower tattoos have negative meanings?

            While flower tattoos are generally associated with positive meanings, such as love and beauty, some flowers can also have negative connotations. For example, the wilted or dying flower can symbolize loss or the passing of time.

            What factors are important when choosing a flower tattoo design?

            When choosing a flower tattoo design, it's important to consider personal significance, cultural associations, and the symbolism of different flowers. Working with a skilled and experienced tattoo artist who can bring your vision to life with attention to detail and quality craftsmanship is also important.


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