Every language has a word that means rose. The word rose means something beautiful, which refers to love, because this word sounds equally beautiful in most languages ​​of the world. In this article, we will tell you how to say the word “Rose” in 49 languages. All countries of the world have their own word that means rose, while in many of them the spelling of this word is similar to how it sounds in English.

Learning how to say the word "Rose" in different languages may pleasantly surprise your loved ones. Also, if you say some beautiful phrases with the word "Rose" in other languages and give a bouquet of roses to your loved one or soulmate, you will look a very gallant and charming person. We advise you to familiarize yourself with the translations of this word into other languages ​​​​and make a pleasant surprise for someone close to you.

Symbolism and Meaning of Roses

meaning of roses


Roses are the symbol of love and passion. Each rose color has its meaning and message, for example:

  • red roses symbolize passion, love, beauty, and courage; 
  • pink roses symbolize tenderness and gratitude;
  • yellow roses symbolize friendship, happiness, and new horizons. It is customary to give these roses to friends or loved ones as support;
  • orange roses signify charm and desire;
  • white roses signify purity and incense. 

By the way, the word “Rose” is one of the few flower names with a similar sound in different languages


What makes roses special?

Roses are unique flowers and there are many reasons for this. What makes them special is their sweet aroma, gentle appearance, the perfect combination of tenderness and passion. Let’s decry why the rose is a special flower:

  • Roses can not only be used as a gift, giving a bouquet of roses, but also as preparing tea, jam, syrups, and lemonades from their petals.
  • These flowers are a symbol of completeness and perfection.The combination of prickly thorns on the rose stem and the sweet smell of petals symbolize the thorny path to victory and its achievement.
  • Often the image of a rose is found in heraldry, various kinds of badges, and coats of arms.

The interesting fact is that the ancient Egyptians used roses in various ceremonies as a demonstration of keeping silent about the secrets entrusted to them. Also, in many countries, girls are called Rosa, which means "flower, rose" in Latin. It is an incredibly beautiful female name, associated with such a beautiful flower as a rose, at the same time tender and passionate.

“Rose” in 49 Languages

Maybe you have been wondering "How to say a rose in Italian" or "How to say a rose in German"? Why not find out what the word “Rose” would mean in some other language? It can also be a great start to learning new languages. 

In addition, the word “Rose” in different languages ​​​​of the world is a short word that you can remember to impress someone. The name rose has a similar sound and spelling in different languages, so learning the translation of this word into other languages ​​will be very interesting and easy.

How to Say “Rose” in European Countries 

rose in european countries


Let’s decry how to say "Rose" in different European languages. We have prepared a list of countries and words for you that mean the word "Rose" in these countries :

  • In Bosnian, the word for "rose" would be "Ruzha";
  • In Bulgarian as "Rose";
  • Croats will say "Ruzha";
  • Czechs will say "Růže";
  • In Dutch it would be "Roos";
  • In Greek it would be "Triantafillo";
  • Hungarians will say "Rózsa";
  • The Irish will call the rose "Rós";
  • The Italians use the word "Rose";
  • The Lithuanian word for this is "Rožė";
  • Translated into Macedonian, this would sound like "Rose";
  • In Polish, the word for rose would be "Roo-shah";
  • In Romanian as "Trandafir";
  • In Serbian it would be "Pose";
  • The Swedes use the word "Ros".


How to Say “Rose” in Asian Countries

rose in asian countries


Now let's look at how the word "Rose" would sound in different Asian languages:

  • Gujarati - ગુલાબ;
  • Korean - 장미꽃;
  • Burmese - နှင်းဆီ;
  • Tamil - உயர்ந்தது;
  • Armenian - վարդ;
  • Georgian - გაიზარდა;
  • Khmer - កើនឡើង;
  • Kannada - ಗುಲಾಬಿ;
  • Nepalese - गुलाफ;
  • Malayalam - പനിനീര്പ്പൂവ്;
  • Mongolian - өsөn;
  • Sinhalese - රෝස;
  • Marathi - गुलाब;
  • Kazakh - Rose;
  • Tajik - barhosta;
  • Telugu - పెరిగింది;
  • Urdu - گلاب;
  • Azerbaijani - gül;
  • Uzbek - atirgul;
  • Thai - ดอกกุหลาบ;
  • Vietnamese - bông hồng;
  • Laotian - ເພີ່ມຂຶ້ນ.


How to Say “Rose” in Middle Eastern Languages

rose in middle eastern languages


Let's find out at how will sound "Rose" in different Middle Eastern language:

  • Arabic - ارتفع; 
  • Hebrew - וֶרֶד; 
  • Turkish - gül;
  • Persian - گل سرخ.

Thus, in every language of the world, there is a word meaning rose. So, giving a bouquet of roses and saying the word "Rose" in different languages ​​of the world is a good way to impress anyone.

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Bottom Line

The beautiful word "Rose" means a delicate flower with prickly thorns symbolizing the thorny path of victory. Also, many girls are given the name Rose, which means “like a flower” in Latin. All languages have the word rose and similar spelling to how it sounds in English.



What does rose mean in different languages?

In most languages of the world, the word "Rose" means a red flower with thorns on the stem. Rose is also the name that parents give their daughters. The name Rosa comes from the Latin "rose", which means "rose, flower".

What country does a rose represent?

The rose is the national flower of the United States of America, Great Britain, and the Maldives.

How do you say rose in German?

There are 5 variants of words that mean the word "Rose" in German, for example: Rosa; Erröten; Rose; Brause; Rosé. What is rose in Irish? Irish is one of the most interesting languages, so you may want to find out how you can say rose in this language. If you want to translate the word “Rose” from Irish into English you can say “Róisín”.


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