Keeping your flower fresh for a long time might be a challenging task. But it’s worth it. This process includes: temperature maintenance, vase cleaning, fungicides usage and every day water changing. Usually, bouquets wither within 2-3 days after putting them in the vase, much to your disappointment. That’s why the question of how to take care of flowers and keep them fresh becomes the number one task. 


Roses might be one of the favorite flowers to present on various occasions. And how many feelings these fantastic flowers can express! Roses are the only word that gives us so many associations: beauty, love, tenderness. In the Middle Ages, when people couldn’t express their feelings openly, they used to give flowers that had a certain meaning. Since then, flowers can stand as a full message and express such deep emotions as love or affection. 


Here are some tips that will help you keep your roses fresh and lovely, even if you’re not a florist and don’t know how to take care of a rose bouquet!

Steps to Keep Roses Fresh 

Here we will give you some practical tips on how to care for a rose bouquet. As we have mentioned above, the process of keeping roses fresh includes: temperature maintenance, vase cleaning, fungicides usage and every day water changing. But firstly, let’s look at the most common reasons for flower diseases. Black spots are the most common roses issue. These black spots are the result of fungal disease. There are 3 main reasons for it to occur: 


  • Excess moisture. Most funguses love humidity and cool weather. Diplocarpon is one of such funguses, and that’s why your roses are at great risk at the beginning of spring. 


  • Excess fertilizing. The excess amount of minerals and vitamins will simply cause the rotting of the plants.


  • Stuffiness of the air. The third reason is the lack of fresh air for your roses. Too hot and stuffy air has no benefits for flowers at all, especially roses. 


Now we are going to give you a small flower care guide to show you some best pieces of advice to keep your bouquet fresh. 

Temperature for flowers

1. Watch the Temperature

    Don’t bring your roses into the warm room immediately, if it’s cold outside. Let them get used to room temperature gradually. You can immerse them in a bath of cool water all night, and then in the morning, they will be fresh and fragrant.


    Vase for rose bouquet

    2. Clean the Vase 

      Hygiene is one of the crucial points that will affect how long your roses should last in a vase. The flower container must be rinsed well and filled with water at room temperature, preferably rain or melted water.



      Fungicides for flower bouquet

      3. Use Fungicides

        For roses, you can add a small number of antibacterial substances. That will surely benefit your bouquet. Add antimicrobials and nutrients. The main purpose of these substances is the disinfection of the water. Pathogenic microflora develops in stagnant water. So, to disinfect it, you may use a few drops of ammonia, several crystals of manganese, or a tablet of activated charcoal.


        Water for cut flowers

        4. Change Water Every Day

          One of the most crucial points of taking care of rose bouquets is changing the water daily. The Queen of Flowers is capricious and loves grooming. So, don’t be lazy to follow simple recommendations so that graceful buds do not fade for as long as possible. Each flower care guide tells about the importance of changing the water every day, and this rule is necessary to follow for any kind of flower.


          How to Cut Roses in the Bouquets

          The best things you can do for your rose bouquet are to find out how to take care of and trim it correctly. We have prepared some small guides for you.


          Stems. They need to be cut at an angle (usually 45 degrees). This will provide your roses with a wider area to drink from, and, of course, it just removes mushy or, on the contrary, dry ends of the stems. Moreover, some experts recommend cutting off stems underwater. It makes sense, as air entering the ends of your stems may be the reason for their deterioration.


          Leaves and thorns. Rose bouquet care includes concern about other parts of the plant, like foliage and the bud. Remove leaves that look bad. If there’s none of them, then just trim the foliage above the suggested waterline of the stems. Or they will just rot and foul the water. After inspecting the foliage, watch over the bud to find some damaged petals too. All actions should be done with a clean and sharp knife or hand pruners. Trimming directly affects how long the roses should last in a vase.

          How Do I Choose a Vase

          There are several kinds of vases. They are bud vases, narrow-mouthed cylinder, glass and wide vases. But you need to choose the appropriate one for your flowers. The choice depends on the kind of flowers. The correct vase choice influences on how long roses should last in a vase


          Bud vase. If you want to arrange your roses more traditionally, you should choose a classic vase with a wide bottom and slightly narrowed neck. Such vases usually resemble flower buds. As for the color, most florists advise choosing between white or black, as they are regarded as classic. 


          A narrow-mouthed cylinder vase. It is best as it will keep the flowers together, which looks very neat. Moreover, having a few flowers in a vase adds some simplicity to their appearance. 


          Avoiding glass vases. Long stem roses boxed in a glass vase is not a good idea, as the attention will be focused on stems instead of flowers. Besides, the dirty water may also spoil the look. Avoid using transparent vases; otherwise, try to decorate them to make them better. 


          Wide vase. If you want to make a lush bouquet, select the wider vase for your long stem roses and pay attention to the mouth of it. The broader it is, the more flowers you can put in the vase. 


          Can I Keep Flowers in Their Gift Bag

          It highly depends on the packaging materials, as they are different. If you want to know how to take care of a bouquet of flowers you should mind that. Depending on how tightly the plants are compressed in the package, how much air and water gets to the stems. It is necessary to decide whether to leave the package until the flowers wither.


          Ordinary paper or polyethylene wrap is best to remove before the flowers are placed in a vase. However, this should not be done immediately after the delivery of the bouquet. 


          If the bouquet has been packed in fashionable flower boxes today, then you do not need to remove such packaging. Inside the boxes, there is a specially fixed sponge soaked in water, and the stems are immersed in it, consuming moisture constantly.

          Water Tips for Rose Bouquet

          To prolong the life of flowers in the vase, you should know how to take care of them and some secret tips. To preserve this royal beauty for a longer time and prolong its life, it is good to use ordinary substances: 


          • Sugar. If you dilute 20-30 grams of sugar in one liter of water, the flowers will retain their natural beauty and fresh look for a long time.

          • Vinegar. Add one teaspoon to the water. You can also use vinegar with sugar to help its crystals dissolve quicker.

          • Aspirin. Instead of vinegar, you can dissolve citric acid crystals. Well freshens flowers from a bouquet of 1 aspirin tablet dissolved in 1 liter of water.
          • Citric acid. 1 tablet of citric acid or 1 teaspoon can also be beneficial to your roses.

          Bottom Line

          Now you know all the possible tips on how to take care of bouquets of flowers. Using these tips will surely help you prolong the life of your flowers and save their lovely appearance for a longer time. You can find a lot more information about flowers and roses on our site!



          Should I take flowers out of the wrap?

          It highly depends on the type of material the wrap is made of. If it’s a common polyethylene or paper wrap, you should remove it after some time.

          How often do you change water for flowers?

          You should change the water every day. Remember that stagnant water might be the source of different floral diseases, like black spots.

          Why do you cut the stems of flowers?

          The longer the stems, the more water has to do to get to the buds. So by cutting stems you ensure your flowers have a good water supply.

          Do flowers need cold or warm water?

          It really depends on the kind of flower. But generally, you should use cool water to keep them fresh.

          What happens if you don't trim flower stems?

          Most commonly, you will get rotten stems which cause illnesses and definitely shorten the life of your flower.


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