Have you ever thought about what beauty surrounds us? It seems to us that everyone walks past the shop windows every day. Flower shops always fascinate in a special way, because such a huge number of flowers can not fail to attract attention. There are a lot of flower shops now, so it's hard not to notice all the beauty behind the window. Chamomiles, orchids, carnations, tulips, roses, chrysanthemums and many other types of flowers can be found in flower stalls. The most popular, of course, are roses. There are countless of them, and they are all so beautiful. You can buy any roses to your liking and admire their beauty at home. But how long will it last? Experts say that everything depends only on you. 

The rose is an unconditional beauty and queen of flowers. Receiving a chic bouquet of roses as a gift, you want to admire them for a long time. Most often, the bouquet begins to wither in 1-2 days if you don't follow the basic rules. There are some good tips that will keep the flowers fresh for a long time. By following them, you will be able to extend the life of a bouquet of roses for at least a week, and at best — even three or four weeks.

Take care of rose bouquet properly

Take care of rose bouquet properly

The rose is the queen among all other flowers. That is why roses can be called a demanding kind of flower. Everyone will agree that this flower looks really unsurpassed. As you know from history, this flower has become a favorite of all since ancient times. And now it doesn't lose its popularity among flower lovers. Of course, a bouquet of roses looks unsurpassed but you need to try hard to preserve its freshness and beauty. Follow some tips on how to take care of a rose bouquet and you will be able to admire your bouquet not 1-2 days but much more.

  • Cut. Cut off all the thorns and all the leaves at the end of the rose stem. Then you can put the flowers in a vase with water. We guarantee that the flowers will be fresh much longer. However, don't forget that every day you need to prune the stems of roses. But there is one important detail: you need to cut the stem at an acute angle. It's very important because only in this way the flower will be able to feed on water and delight you with its beauty for a long time.
  • Water. We hope you have already understood a basic tip on how to care for a bouquet of roses, and you are ready to read some more important tips. Think about what is most important for the flowers in your apartment. Of course, water. Water is the environment in which your flowers live now, and it plays a decisive role. The water should be cool. In general, the best option is to place the flower vase in a cool room. However, it's sometimes not possible, especially in summer, so be sure to take care of cold water for your flowers.
  • Nutrients. Of course, water is very important and it's needed by everyone, even flowers. But did you know that if you add some nutrients to the water, the flowers will stand and please your eyes for a very long time? Take a small amount of sugar and throw in a vase with water, you can also add more vinegar. These substances will help the rose to retain its original appearance. Caring for a rose bouquet is easy if you understand how to do it right.
  • Protection. Experts in this field are constantly looking for answers to the question of how to take care of a bouquet of roses. Even florists follow the tips written above. They also note that the most important thing is to protect flowers from the sunlight, constantly change the water, cut the flowers and enjoy their unearthly beauty.

The graceful rose will always be popular among people all over the world. A bouquet of roses decorates every home for all holidays. A bouquet of roses is a classic that will always be in fashion. Therefore, we think that it's important for everyone to know how to care for a bouquet of roses properly.


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