To compare yourself with Cleapatra’s beauty is what every woman wishes to feel. To this end, rose floral water is made to uncover all benefits for the female charm and natural attractiveness. 

Rosewater refers to a liquid solution similar to rosy essential oils. Fragrant and flavored infusion received from steeping rose petals in water or distilling rose petals in steam qualifies as a DIY cosmetological product to improve facial tissues and hair structure's natural process.   

Easy-to-production technique includes several available ingredients because this magical water:

  • eliminates intense greasy or dry skin problems;
  • highlights natural appearance features;
  • and positively affects the digestive process improving the skin from the inside.

So, this universal product fairly occupied different human primary living areas like the food and cosmetics industries. Many Asian religions use rose water for sweet food seasoning and religious rituals and receptions. Let’s find out what the benefits of drinking rose water are and how to make rose water from rose petals.

How to Make Homemade Rose Water?

Homemade rose water recipe

The rose water-making process could be performed even by a kid because this beauty-supportive product contains only a few well-known ingredients: 

  • fresh rose petals

    Real rose components are a source of essential oils. Their chemical content forms unique qualities of this anxiety beauty recipe. To make 150 to 200 ml of infusion, you will need only 2 or 3 tablespoons of chopped petals;

  • distilled water

    Clean water is a mandatory condition to make skin or stomach-safe products without possible bacteriological or infection elements.

The other curious aspect about rose water is a home-making process based on the popular techniques - heat and steam. Both methods do not require special laboratory conditions or appropriate equipment. Kitchen stuff like a small pot, a cheesecloth, a few containers, and several spray bottles are available in each home and become a helpful facilitator for those who think about how to make homemade rose water.

So, the general algorithm of actions dedicated to obtaining DIY rose water consists of some steps. Once you have done them you receive a beneficial rose hydrosol.

Step 1: Prepare all ingredients beforehand for edible rose water recipe        

You may find different interpretations of rose water recipes; however, preparatory measures are vitally important if you want to have a useful product:

  • choose organic and fresh velvet dark red rose petals rich in essential oils and more similar to human hair pH environment; 

  • dry up rose petals before a procedure, following recommendations of cosmetologists, to increase concentrations of essential oil elements within dried components;

  • use mineral or distilled clean water to minimize the risk of being influenced by negative reactions of bacterias or infections; 

  • gather all kitchen stuff required for this fun activity.

Step 2: Mix all ingredients and start rose water making process

Put the chopped fresh petals or cracked dried ones into a saucepot. Cover the petals with boiled water. The best formula is ⅓ of petals and ⅔ of hot distilled water in whatever pot you use.

After boiling the received mixture, you need to keep cooking rose water under the lid for 5-7 minutes. Once the liquid is warm, you may also add a few cubes of ice slowly stirring the mixture. The difference of temperatures accumulates essential oil release and speeds up time when you can put the liquid into specially prepared containers.

Step 3: Filter the received mixture

To achieve a crystally clear liquid, do not forget about a cheesecloth or tiny kitchen mesh to filter the cooked mixture and split boiled petals. Transparent rose water is better to apply for cosmetics needs or food purposes. Petals become unnecessary once the mix is ready because they have given all significantly essential elements.

Step 4: Put cooked rose water into tightly closed spray bottles

Wait for the moment when rose water cools down, and you may safely put it into the special bottles. These bottles should be small-in-size with spray-providing mechanisms and recycled. Such containers are multifunctional storage packaging. You may comfortably use rose water like an evening or morning perfume, apply it to a cosmetological mask, and spray some infusion to beverages or sweet dishes.

Step 5: Ensure for no-allergy reactions

The epidemiological and cosmetological research emphasizes a safe application of the rose water for different categories of allergy-predisposed persons. If the practice knows positive cases, they are pretty rare. Anyway, before using the self-manufactured infusion, try a few drops on the wrist and observe the skin area in a couple of minutes.

Where and How to Store the Rosewater?

How to Store the Rosewater


Rose hydrosol requires particular attention for proper storage and property retention during a long-term period. Cool and dark place, freezing method, or small alcohol content in rose water content help to keep the qualities of rose floral water and enjoy its benefits, you may remember adequate recommendations:

  • Bottles with home-made rose hydrosol should be kept in the fridge or a dark cooling room as an alternative. Without cooling effect, this liquid lifespan will expire in 3 days.

  • Bottles should be dark and resistant to sun lights because intense external lighting will additionally heat water and cause its bloom.

  • You may freeze rose water and get portioned ice cubes with unlimited lifespan usage to take proper care for facial and neck skin.

  • To prolong the rose water storage qualities, you may add a small amount of alcohol to the ready mix. Its chemical qualities will eliminate the chances of any bacteria or infection multiplication and reduce extra inflammatory effects.

  • Bottles should be tightly closed because rose water could evaporate in a few days under a good interior climate.

Rose Water Benefits: Where to Use?           

Rose water is an excellent enhancer of health powers and beauty charms. Few sprays or drops of this great infusion add valuable nutrition supplements and sweety odor. Therefore, cushion and cosmetological experts highlight the  edible rose water properties inspiring to develop a new recipe for creative dishes or health improvement:

  • your skin health and beauty will shine without hormonal or chemical effects;

  • you may realize aphrodisiac benefits of drinking rose water added to Asian-style romantic dinner.

Health and Beauty


rosere water in health and beauty


Rose water positively impacts human skin cells and tissues, balancing grease generation and hair pH indicators based on chemical analysis. The benefits of using rose water on your face will be identified in a couple of weeks if you use its infusion every day before you start daily activities or go to rest. The special attention refers to rose water terpenes' relaxing qualities that stimulate muscle and nerve system sedative effects.

Rose Water for Face 

Producing collagen effects rose water empowers to rejuvenate the skin. Clean facial skin without extra fat or dry particularities, dark or age spots, and wrinkles result from permanent usage of rose water. It would be best to clean your face with cotton disks every morning and evening. These daily habits present the desirable result in a few weeks.


Migraine and temple-located headaches spoil your life drastically. However, you may reduce intense painful perceptions if you apply a few rose floral water drops in the epicenter of the painful area to realize its benefits. The terpenes in rose petals have sedative effects and eliminate pain reactions boosting the medicine reactions.

Rose Water Sugar Scrub 

The traditional recipe for rose water sugar scrub includes organic products safe for your skin like sugar, rose water, rose essential oil, coconut oil, and optionally dried rose petals. The mixed solution ideally solves cosmetological concerns, in particular:

  • cleaning your skin;
  • removing extra fat, dark spots, and dyed cells; 
  • providing nutrition for upper skin tissues;
  • making skin flexible and smooth;
  • and reducing inflammatory effects on some problematic areas.


Health benefits and relaxing effects of drinking rose water will grant calmness and positive thinking attitudes. Its terpenes added to hand-made aroma candles or baths will improve your mood and present stress-reducing effects.

Hair Conditioner 

Hair washing process will become more effective and healthier if you add some rosewater to your regular hair conditioner. Rose water elements improve hair structure, feed hair roots, relax head skin, and highlight hair shining. Wow effects are real if you suffer from greasy or dry hair because long-term rose water usage for hair masks or shower sessions balance hair normal physiological functions.

Cooking with Rose Water


Cooking with rose water

Legends about rose water benefits for oral application are reliable and worth being followed by genuine beauties. Whatever consumer you are, beauty salon clients or healthy food lovers, rose water is a helpful ingredient to improve your favorite dish or drink taste.

Cooking experts point out mysterious seasoning piquancy to well-known alimentaries accompanied with rose water:

  • edible rose water qualities diversify classic recipes of traditional drinks. Tasteless liquid with a strong pleasant scent makes your everyday tea exotic, and creative cocktails become magnetic attributes at any party or romantic rendezvous;
  • rose water ideally finalizes tropical dishes and desserts, emphasizing special attention of eaters to particular ingredients for fancy dinners and official banquets.

Water Iced Tea

To receive a refreshing drink that enhances immune system abilities, chills out nervous stresses, and increases brain activities, rose water iced tea is a perfect choice. To make a classic rose water iced tea, you will need:

  • 3 teaspoons black tea leaves;
  • 2  teaspoons dried rosebuds;
  • 2 cups boiling water;
  • 2 teaspoons honey, and 1/4 teaspoon rose water.

Drinking such healthy rose water beverages have many benefits for your organism due to significant anti-inflammatory reactions and immune system stimulation.


The best female option drink with rose water ingredient is Romeo and Juliet cocktail. Refreshing and original, this lowly alcohol-contained cocktail resembling a tragic pure love story includes Rutte dry gin, cucumber, mint leaves, rose water, a pinch of salt, sugar syrup, and lime juice is a romantic drink for an amorous date evening for your loved one.

The boys will appreciate rose water if they try Rosewater Sour. This old-fashioned alcohol drink is sweet and refreshing, strong and floral which is worth being approved by men. Rain vodka, lemon, Noilly Prat vermouth, Aperol, and rosewater cordial create a bright taste mixture interesting enough to remind you of the spring breeze and romantic vibes.

Romantic desserts

Rose water odor effects will supplement desserts like rose cakes, ice creams, bakeries, or mousses with charming, sweet scents. An intense fragrance like vanilla, anis, or cinnamon will never spoil your cooking masterpiece.

Exotic Asian fish dishes

Health benefits of rose petals related to drinking rose water are also identified in Asian cuisine. Ancient recipes of fish or seafood dishes cooked with rose water seasoning are excellent samples of healthy bacteria- or infection-free consumption. 


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How long is homemade rose water good for?

Homemade rose water lifespan is up to 3 days, however, the fridge storage method propongs its safe qualities to 6 months.

What are the health benefits of drinking rose water?

Health benefits of drinking rose water are soft skin with silk effects, anti-inflammatory digestive processes, and strong shiny hair.

Does rose water lighten skin?

No, rose water normalizes functions of skin tissues balancing its structure and fat content and eliminates dry or fat skin problems.

Why is my rose water brown?

Brown effects mean that rose water storage conditions were prohibited and you might keep it under direct sunlight or in a warm place.


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