Such beautiful flowers as roses can not only delight the eye with their beauty but also be useful. In this case, we will consider the preparation of rose tea from rose petals. To brew hot rose tea, you need to dry the rose petals, pour water over them and let it brew. You can also try making iced rose tea, or just add the petals to the tea you're used to brewing.

Actually, it is a very healthy and tasty drink. In addition to aiding digestion, and reducing menstrual cramps, it may even help clear small kidney stones. There is a whole list of reasons why tea with rose is very beneficial, which we will tell you about. It must also be said that this drink, first of all, improves mood and calms even after a very busy day. 

In this article, we will look at the health benefits of rose tea, how to make rose bud tea, and how to dry rose petals to make a rose drink.

What is Rose Tea? 

homemade rose tea

Rose tea is a famous herbal drink made by soaking dried rose buds or petals in water. Such tea is also called infusion or decoction. Rose petals are great for making hot or iced tea.

In fact, roses are edible for humans. But you need to be sure that they do not have pesticides and harmful chemicals. We want to warn you that roses from a flower shop should never be consumed internally, even in the form of tea. Because they were treated with toxic substances.

How to Gather Rose Petals for Tea?

When looking for the right rose petals for your tea, look for fresh, chemical-free roses. This is an important rule!

  • For brewing rose tea, choose blooming buds or those that have already faded. Do not take brown petals for drying, as nothing will remain of them during the drying process.
  • Use roses of the most saturated colors for tea. In this case, you will get the maximum pleasure from the taste of this drink.


How to Dry Rose Petals for Tea

rose petals for tea

The most common methods that will help you to get dried rose petals for tea:

  • Drying between the pages of a book;
  • Natural drying in the sun or air;
  • Drying in a conventional oven;
  • Microwave drying;
  • Using of a dehydrator.

The latter way can be called one of the most suitable options to get dried roses for tea if you want to make tea from them. Thanks to this method, you can preserve all the components of rose petals, such as vitamins, color, and smell.

If you want to choose a more natural approach for drying your petals, dry them in the sun or in a place with plenty of fresh air.

Let's take a closer look at how you can dry rose petals and make tea using these methods.


drying roses with a book

1. Drying with a book

Many children in childhood tried to dry plants between the pages of a book they would like to keep as a keepsake. This method is excellent as a safe and natural way to dry rose petals for tea.


Instruction for the first method

  1. Find a suitable large book. The older it gets, the better. Try to choose the book that you do not need.
  2. Place rose petals between two pages of a book. Spread them out evenly on the pages. Consider that there should be at least a few free pages between the pages where you have put the petals.
  3. Place a weight on the book. To make the result faster and better, put some weight on the book for pressing. For example, you can put your petal book on your bookshelf and then put a few more books on top.
  4. After you have placed the book under the press, leave it all in this condition for several weeks to dry completely.


    drying rose petals

    2. Air drying rose petals for making tea

    For this method, you will need to purchase two drying racks, which are like a mosquito net inside a frame. This will help you dry the petals well and prevent insect damage to the petals.


    Instruction for the second method

    1. Put one of the drying racks on a flat surface;
    2. Place the petals on the rack, so they do not touch each other.
    3. Cover the petals on top with another rack.
    4. Leave the rack outside in the sun or in a room exposed to sunlight. Give the petals a little time to dry; it will take about half an hour.
    5. Periodically check the condition of the petals by turning them over every 10 minutes.
    6. If you notice that the petals have become dry and darkened, pour them into a jar and store them in a dark and dry place.




      drying rose petals in the oven

      3. Drying rose petals in the oven

      For this method, you will need to use your kitchen oven. It is also a simple and safe method for dry rose petals for making tea.


      Instructions for the third method: 

      1. Take a flat baking sheet that is suitable for baking and lay parchment paper on it.
      2. Preheat your oven to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
      3. Lay the rose petals on parchment paper, so they do not touch each other.
      4. Place the baking sheet in the oven and bake the petals for about an hour. Check the condition of the petals; they may be ready a little earlier or vice versa; you will need to keep them in the oven a little longer.
      5. Remove the petals from the oven and place them on a plate to dry.




        drying rose petals in the microwave

        4. Drying petals in the microwave

        This is another method that will suit you for drying your rose petals. This option is good because it retains the color of the rose petals after drying them and will be a great accompaniment to tea.


        Instructions for the fourth method:

        1. Place some paper napkins on a plate.
        2. Gently arrange the rose petals on the napkin.
        3. Cover the top of the petals with another layer of tissue paper.
        4. Place another plate on top of the microwavable petal plate.
        5. Put this in the microwave and run it for 40 seconds, remembering to stop the process a couple of times and turn the petals over.
        6. If it seems to you that the petals are not completely dry, add another quarter of a minute to the time for drying the roses.



        drying roses with a dehydrator

        5. Drying roses with a dehydrator

        A dehydrator is a device for dehydrating food, which helps to keep it as long as possible. You also can use this method to dry your rose petals to make tea.


        Instructions for the fifth method:

        1. Carefully arrange the roses on the built-in dryer, avoiding contact with the petals.
        2. Set the dehydrator to the lowest possible speed.
        3. Leave the dehydrator to dry your petals for about a day, remembering to turn the petals over every half hour.
        4. Keep an eye on the petals, so they don't burn or dry out.
        5. After the petals have dried, pour them into a jar and store them in a dark place.


          How to Make Rose Petal Tea?

          rose tea in the cup

          All you need to make rose tea is high-quality rosebuds and water. We recommend using filtered water to achieve the most delicious tea.


          Step-by-Step Preparation of Rose Tea:

          We have prepared two ways to make tea for you. Let's look at the recipes in more detail.

          How to Make Hot Rose Tea

          Cooking method:

          1. Boil water to heat the teapot.
          2. Put the cut buds into the teapot, then pour hot water.
          3. Cover the kettle with a kitchen towel and let it sit.
          4. Pass the tea through a strainer so that the rose petals do not get into the mug and pour the tea into the mug.

          Now you can enjoy incredibly tasty and fragrant rose petal tea.


          How to Make Iced Rose Rea

          If you want to make iced tea, you should use this method.

          Cooking method:

          1. Insert dried rose petals into a tea maker and fill them with room temperature filtered water.
          2. Cover the container with a lid and refrigerate it to infuse.
          3. Strain the tea with a strainer into a cup.


          Tips on How to Make it Better

          We have prepared some recommendations for making tea from rose petals.

          Let's take a closer look at our tips:

          • To make iced rose tea sweeter, use syrup. It mixes better with iced tea as it is liquid.
          • You can add petals to the tea you are used to brewing. It can be your habitual and favorite green or black tea with added rose petals. Rose petals will give it a smell and a sweet taste.
          • If you want to make rose tea stronger, steep it a little longer or add another half teaspoon of rose petals.
          • Store rose tea in the refrigerator for a maximum of 4 days. When it comes to storage containers, choose glass containers that won't let air in.


          Rose Tea Benefits

          dried rose petals

          Rose tea has many health benefits:

          • Reduces stress
          • Improves digestion
          • Reduces pain during menstruation
          • Contains a large number of antioxidants
          • Protects from harmful bacteria
          • Reduces inflammation

           Such a drink can not only please you with its taste sensations but also help you in the treatment of diseases and maintain normal well-being.


          Let's take a closer look at the properties of rose tea and why a cup of this drink is good for you.

        1. Reduces Stress
        2. Scientists have concluded that drinking rose tea can significantly reduce stress and allow a person to relax. This is because rose petals contain l-theanine, which reduces emotional stress.

        3. Improves digestion
        4. In the past, rose petals have also been used to make remedies to help improve digestion. There is evidence that this works. For those who drink rose tea, digestion is smoother.

        5. Reduces pain during menstruation
        6. Rose petal tea helps reduce the pain level during menstruation and helps to pass this period more easily. This remedy can be used instead of painkillers.

        7. Contains a large number of antioxidants
        8. Rose petals are rich in antioxidants. These substances block harmful free radicals and help the body's cells stay healthy.

        9. Protects from harmful bacteria
        10. This rose drink can protect you from harmful bacteria and improve your overall health. You can also use this remedy for colds and to prevent them.

        11. Reduces inflammation
        12. Rose infusions help reduce inflammation in the human body. It can also be effective in chronic diseases such as arthritis. If you have an attack, drinking a cup of rose tea can help relieve pain and reduce inflammation.



          What is the best way to dry a rose?

          The best way to dry roses is to air dry. To dry the roses well, remove all the leaves, tie the stems together and hang their buds in a dark and dry place. The process of drying roses will last about two to three weeks.

          Can you put dried roses in tea?

          Yes, dried rose petals can be used to make tea. Some rose petals are edible and can be added to drinks.

          Can any rose be used for tea?

          If you want to make tea with roses, the only thing to do is to use roses that you grow in your garden or that are sold for cooking. Since roses in the flower market can be sprayed with chemicals, this is extremely dangerous for the human body.

          What is the benefit of rose tea?

          Rose tea is high in vitamin C, an antioxidant vital to our body's healing process and its ability to fight infection. One study found that rose tea may also relieve flu-like symptoms such as cough and runny nose.

          Does rose tea have caffeine?

          No, rose tea does not contain caffeine, sugar, or calories. Instead, this drink is a source of vitamin E and C and oxidants, which significantly benefit the body.


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