The best flowers to give for any occasion are roses. Everyone loves and admires the beauty and aroma of these wonderful flowers so much. But not everyone knows what to give roses for every occasion when it is appropriate to give them and what symbolism each variety of roses has. 

Sometimes a bouquet of live buds is enough to demonstrate sincere feelings and intentions. Bright bouquets are presented to both women and men. Finding a composition suitable for a particular holiday is a real art. Students studying ethics and aesthetics often listen to such a unique lesson as the language of flowers. Armed with knowledge, you can skillfully select bouquets of roses and daisies, understanding what these plants mean. What flowers to give?

  • Birthday is the main holiday in a person's life; a bouquet of 25 roses will be an ideal gift for a girl, a girlfriend, a mother, or a father although the number may be more or less. 
  • Anniversary - depending on the type of anniversary, the size of the composition and the plants will be different, it is important to give roses, lilies, peonies, daffodils, which mean respect.
  • Wedding - if this is not a bouquet from the groom, the number of flowers is not so important, but the preferred color will be white, complemented by fresh greens, the composition means the beginning of a new life and youth.
  •   March 8 - International Women's Day personifies flowers, roses and tulips are given on such a holiday, and the more in number, the better, not necessarily only red, you can combine buds.
  • February 14 - Valentine's Day is not complete without flowers, men give their beloved girls bright bouquets of red, pink, burgundy roses, depending on the intentions and kind of relationship. You can buy a bouquet of red roses "Classic Red Roses" in our Rosaholics store.

What Flowers are Suitable to Give for Every Occasion?

Giving roses to women and men has already become a good tradition. However, from all the variety of colors of this type presented in stores, it is difficult to understand and find exactly those that are suitable for a particular case for a specific person.

  • A bud that begins to open, given to a girl, can symbolize deep feelings that it is simply difficult for a guy to admit.

  • An open red rosebud will tell your beloved how deep your feelings are and how dear you are to him.

  • A bouquet containing five red roses can symbolize that the girl is dear to the guy, but their relationship is no-strings-attached relationships.

  • The same bouquet of seven scarlet beauties-flowers is an admission that a man is simply burning with passion.

If you plunge into the history of the appearance of this beautiful flower, we can say with confidence that it has delighted people with its beauty and aroma since time immemorial. Many believe that it appeared long before the first signs of human existence were discovered on Earth. According to an old belief - if there is always a fresh bouquet of flowers in the house, then happiness does not leave it. This is especially true of the royal bouquet of roses.

Types of roses to give for every occasion:

White Roses

White Roses collection

First, you need to figure out what flowers and to whom you can give. So, the first and most charming is the white rose. It can be given as a gift:

  • You will emphasize the grace, youth, and beauty of the girl, compliment her if she is your wife;
  • If a young man wants to tell his beloved about the depth of his feelings, it will be suitable to give her just one beautiful white rose;
  • If you have quarreled with your beloved, give white roses with red edging. They symbolize purity of intentions and apologies. And you can buy a bouquet of white “Casablanca roses“.

Yellow Roses 

yellow roses collection

Now it's worth talking about the sunny yellow rose. Yellow is a bright, warm color of life and joy. They are the best flowers to gift:

  • If a husband gives yellow roses to his wife, this can only mean one thing - the man is really happy in this relationship and is sure that their home is a full bowl, where joy and peace reign. Our "Sunny Fresh" bouquet will look perfect as a gift for your wife.
  • It is customary to present bright bouquets of yellow roses to winners, leaders, artists, and significant personalities.

Pink Roses 

Pink Roses collection

Pink roses can symbolize nascent feelings and a tender attitude towards the object of desire. However, give roses of this color only to those who are loved and have a special place in your life. We can collect a gorgeous bouquet of pink roses “Purple Gum Roses” for you.

Orange Roses

Orange Roses collection

Orange roses can be given to those who have achieved the highest degree of recognition in any area of ​​human activity, or to those for whom feelings simply overwhelm your heart.

Black Roses 

Black Roses collection

What other bouquet can compare with this in the elegance and range of feelings that it evokes? The black roses presented to you can mean only one thing - you are a mysterious and unique person! The black roses in our “Black Mamba Roses” bouquet will look elegant to complement your gift.

Red Roses 

Red Roses collection

They can be presented to your wife or girlfriend to express your love. A woman who is given red roses understands perfectly well that this is a sign of love, so give red roses whenever you want to express your feelings.

What Are the Best Flowers to Gift for Women and What for Men?

Unlike men, women can give absolutely any bouquets of flowers. Of course, you need to choose a gift in accordance with the holiday. It is also important that the meaning of the buds is suitable for the one to whom the composition will be presented. 

What flowers to give to women?

  • Flowers for mom - what could be more exciting. We would like to surround the most beloved woman with care and attention. A universal option is roses of red hues, which mean sincere love. You shouldn't save on quantity.
  • A wife, bride, or girlfriend deserves no less attention. You can give roses, peonies, lilies, lilacs for any woman. These flowers mean tenderness and purity. An excellent gift for a close friend is bright field plants, sunflowers, and chamomile. Such a gift means a demonstration of sincere and warm feelings.

What flowers to give to men

In order not to go beyond, but at the same time to give a bouquet to a man, it is important to adhere to some rules.  

  • First of all, the quantity - 5-7 colors are enough, more will not be normal.
  •  A father or husband can be presented with blue roses, orange or burgundy gladioli - this means gratitude for the support and care. You can buy a bouquet of blue roses called “Chelsea Roses” in our store. 
  • The form of presentation is of great importance. You should not use decorations, the buds and greenery themselves are enough.

Rules for Choosing the Best Flowers to Gift 

All girls love flowers and men try to please their girls as often as possible, but not everyone knows that there are certain rules for choosing flowers.

According to the rules of floristry, flowers for a woman and a girl cannot be the same. When choosing a gift for beautiful ladies, follow the rules:

  • Choose flowers in rich, vibrant colors: orange, crimson and purple. The buds of a gentle pastel color are presented to girls.
  • The buds of flowers should be voluminous, lush, like a rose, chrysanthemum, lily, or peony. Miniature daisies and freesias in a mono bouquet for a woman look far from harmonious.

Flowers are a decoration for any holiday and just add bright colors to a normal day. Now you know what flowers and whom to give on different occasions. Go to our website to choose the most beautiful bouquet.




What flowers to give your girlfriend?

This is a traditional symbol of love and passion, especially if you choose the classic version - a bouquet of scarlet roses. But red and burgundy flowers are best given when you already have a strong relationship. When it comes to nascent sympathy, present white or cream roses.

What flowers are best for a young girl?

It is customary for young girls to give fragrant flowers with half-open buds of delicate pastel hues. These can be roses, lilies of the valley, tulips, or chrysanthemums. A woman in her prime is given bright, well-blossomed flowers: roses, lilies, gerberas, gladioli, dahlias.

What flowers to give for a wedding?

Roses are a symbol of love, passion, romance. Roses represent the feelings of the newlyweds. Peonies are a symbol of youth, femininity, tenderness. Peonies express sympathy and selectivity. Orchids are a symbol of sexuality and modesty at the same time. Orchids are great for a bridal bouquet.

Why do women like flowers?

Because they are lively, bright, and graceful. For the fairer sex, it is not just a bouquet, but a symbol of eternal love, devotion, tender feelings, sympathy, respect, gratitude or sincere concern. Women associate flowers with themselves, it is on the basis of this that their taste preferences are formed.