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Flowers for a new baby boy

Whatever the number of children in the family, welcoming a new member is a joyful event. New fathers prepare for this event with the utmost trepidation and make every effort to make their wives, who become mothers, feel like the happiest women on the planet.

It would be wrong on this day to limit oneself to the purchase of one gift, even if it is very expensive; flowers, of course, will help to make the event special.

For such an occasion - roses are best. The classical color for a baby boy is blue; however, white roses look nice. 

We are happy to assist you in choosing the bouquet for this event, proposing fresh-cut and quality flower arrangements. Order delivery in our store to save time and enjoy moments with your son!

What flowers should you choose?

Roses have a lot of meanings, depending on their color. Baby delivery is a joyous event, so roses of white, red, and pink colors are in demand. However, their meaning should not limit you, and you should choose the bouquet you like best.  

  • If you are picking up your wife and from the hospital - give her red roses to show your love and gratitude.
  • If you want to congratulate a best friend, sister, or someone close to you with baby boy, choose a flower arrangement focusing on the gender of the child; blue or lavender for boys, pastel for girls.
  • Choose peach rose compositions with red and yellow elements. These warm and pleasant flowers create a cozy atmosphere. 

The body of a newborn is very vulnerable to many environmental factors, so you should not expose the baby to any additional inconveniences with strong-smelling bouquets. When choosing flowers for the baby's mother, do not pick flowers with a strong scent - roses would be a good choice.

Most flower arrangements are available for same-day flower delivery. If you need help or have questions, you’re welcome to ask.Contact us on 1 (786) 206-0183 or follow us on Facebook or Instagram


What flowers are ideal to present to a new mom?

Choose roses; everyone likes these flowers for their appearance and discrete odor. Many colors are available, and you can combine them with other flowers.

What color of roses should you choose for a mother of a baby boy?

Go for the best and more traditional blue color. Blue roses seem a bit extraordinary, but they definitely can surprise and symbolize the male principle. If you like more traditional colors, buy a bouquet of pastel roses, which will always look superb.