A marriage proposal moment is not an occasional situation. Indeed, you need all your imagination to plan one of the most remarkable occasions which give a start for the family birth.

A romantic guy constantly searches for ways to propose to a girl he loves, wishes to present many positive emotions to her, and hears the sacramental “Yes!”. You should prepare and choose the right date, place, and celebration attributes to initiate a new milestone in the couple’s life before you ask the most important question to your beloved. However, proposing gestures will make no sense if you forget an engagement ring and flowers.

Rosaholics helps you create a gorgeous bunch of magnificent roses with particular symbolism, which fits such a fantastic event and associates with your special partner. Once your woman sees a long- or short-stem cut fresh flowers of her favorite flowers, she will never reject a proposal to become your wife.


1. Pick a Date For The Proposal

Pick a Date for the Proposal

The primary item from the to-do list is distinguishing a date and time for an ideal proposal and appropriate tips for girls’ agreement. The apparent variations in the proposal schedule depend on your romantic aspirations and your future wife’s dreams about her engagement moment:

  • The first date anniversary. The simplest way to organize a romantic engagement occasion is to reproduce a day when you met your girlfriend or had your first date. This special impressive occasion will refresh your memories and remind both partners of when their feelings were born. Small details in furnishing or decorating the proposal create a romantic atmosphere.
  • Valentine’s Day. It is not a secret that every girl in a relationship expects to receive a ring along with a bouquet of red roses and a box of sweets. The love manifestation day offers many attributes and passionate vibrations to encourage your partner’s agreement.
  • New Year. A New Year’s midnight is classically considered to be a kiss moment. However, why not make a new year a moment to start a transparently new page of the partners-in-love life? Organize a holiday for two and think over how to propose to a loved girl after the 12th bell.
  • Girl’s birthday. The best way to propose to a girl is to merge your engagement plans with the day of your partner's birth. This day could be full of surprises and finalized with a romantic dinner when you present the most desirable gift.
  • Mirror date. Girls are magnetized by astrological and spiritual conclusions about the special meaning of a duplicated sequence of figures indicated in some days, months, and years. So, a mirror date would be preferable to choose for engagement purposes to add symbolism and hidden signals of extended family life.

2. Engagement Ring: How to Choose Right

Engagement Ring How to Choose Right

The central attribute for engagement preparations is a ring. A golden, silver, or platinum setting with a perfectly cut gemstone is a key to any girl’s heart. To choose the right accessory, you should consider several points:

  • Gemstone clarity, color, and carats. The famous statement declares diamonds are the best friends of any woman. However, sapphires, rubies, or emeralds are worth highlighting the unforgettable moment of two loving souls. Whatever type of precious stones you prefer, do not save your money with low transparent and small weighted specimens. So, if you want to find out how to propose to a woman you love, the answer is clear - do not take any chances with cheap rings.
  • Ring box. An elegant dark-colored box is a classic option used by a man standing on the knee to propose to a girl. However, you may neglect this packaging if you decide on a glass of champagne bubbles.
  • Exclusive signature. To enhance the festive moods and specialty of the engagement moments, you can foresee a special inscription located on the inner side of the ring band. Choose words and phrases to demonstrate your feelings and expectations about the woman of your life.

How to Determine The Engagement Ring Size?

The biggest problem you may face at the preparatory stage proposed to a girl is identifying her ring finger size. You may use optional tips to find accurate dimensions:

  • Ask your soulmate's relatives and friends. The approximate knowledge and recommendations of close friends and parents-in-law could simplify the choice process. 
  • Use correct samples. You may steal one sample for a short period to consult with jewelers about the size. However, you may have some risks if you pick up rings for the thumbs, index, or middle fingers.
  • Take measurements at night. You may carefully wrap a finger with fiber when your girl falls asleep and measure the approximative length. This result will give you the ring size if you apply the professional size determination table.

3. Choose The Best Place For Your Proposal

Choose the Best Place for your proposal



Persons who worry about the question “How do you propose to a woman?” should know that a place matters when you decide to engage. Natural locations or traditional romantic venues qualify as the most popular options where you could ask the essential question.




Sunset on the beach

A place with wide horizons is ideal for watching the sunset or sunrise and planning engagement photo sessions. Beaches, shores, or waterfalls are not an exhaustive list of such romantic destinations. The natural atmosphere inspires romantic vibes and catches shots for memory.


Romantic dinner at the VIP zone restaurant 

A lovely dinner at the restaurant is an excellent choice to organize the proposal occasion. The romantic atmosphere will have impressive results from meals, live music, light, and flowers. 


Final sports event

To propose to a beloved girl, you may agree with the sports match managers to use the cams and match broadcasting screens for proposal purposes. Sports fans will be excited to congratulate the engaged couple.


Cozy family occasion at home

The sweetest memories could arise if you propose to your girlfriend during the family holidays. A Christmas, New Year, or birthday party celebrating at home with relatives and friends is a curious idea to cheer your love manifestation.


Romantic landscape worldwide

You may engage when traveling to the capitals of romance and love. Venice in Italy, Santorini in Greece, Sunset Cliffs in California, Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, and Paris in France will be wonderful locations for lovers. Natural and urban sceneries demonstrate an amorous aura blessing the soulmates.


4. Choose Proposal Flowers

Choose Proposal Flowers

Floristic accessories are required to add colors for your special event. Petals, buds, and many plants will represent different ways to decorate the proposal-dedicated place and impress a girl. Roses could be named creatures of God to connect loving hearts.

Every tint calls for a special meaning and message you wish to say in proposing to a girl without words:

  • White and pink variations demonstrate young feelings with deep roots to develop strong family ties and support in challenging situations. Such roses compliment the beauty of the future bride;
  • Intense red roses like ripe cherries or good wine emphasize the strength of love between lovers and a serious step in relationship development;
  • Roses combinations with sunflowers, daisies, alstroemerias, and hydrangeas guarantee that staying together is a union of love, respect, kindness, and friendship. Such floral varieties will fit the main coloring background and season time.

5. Pick a Great Photographer For Your Proposal

Pick a Great Photographer for your proposal


How can you plan to propose to a girl without a professional photographer? Capturing emotional moments, natural and free from photo editing effects, are pure memories that future generations could share.

You may ask your friend to shoot a few photos via smartphone or amateur cam. However, high-quality images are better to keep a day about the marriage proposal for the stunning family portrait collages.


6. Write You Want to Say

Write You Want to Say

Before a great day, you should prepare the best short speech as a way to propose to your girl. You may follow helpful recommendations to draft the heart-melting intro for the culminating question, “Will you marry me?”:

  • Cite romantic poems or well-known statements about marriage or love. It would be better to mention citations of your girlfriend’s favorite novel or author works.
  • Tell what feelings and thoughts you have for the person you love. Also, explain why she is so important to you;
  • Give some flashbacks about the day you met her or when you realized you are in love;
  • Share your expectations, hopes, and dreams for the future together with a woman of your life.

After finalizing the draft, let someone hear your speech and train in front of the mirror to perfect every second of the upcoming magical occasion.


7. Plan a Celebration For The Engagement


Plan a Celebration for the engagement

Post-proposal celebration phase should be exciting and involve as many guests as possible. The engagement day should become the first family holiday you proclaim together. Share your happiness with others to demonstrate ultimate love blossoming in two souls.

You may organize the celebration after the official proposal part ends.

You may familiarize yourself with proposal celebration tips for the different tastes and wishes of the engaged girls:

  • Plan a big party resembling a pre-wedding rehearsal and celebrate a feast of love and romance. Here it would be best if you foresaw a music band, balloons, and confetti. In addition, many religious customs practice the engagement ceremonies, which involve a crowd to congratulate your marriage plans and certify the official intent of the marriage deal;
  • Prepare brief posts for social media or newspapers to announce your happiness to the public;
  • Add various romantic extremes like an aerostat flight to continue a remarkable evening.

8. Don't Stress!

Don't Stress!


Engagement is a stressful situation for guys. Overwhelming preparation activities cause many nervous situations. You need to coordinate different processes: flower delivery, restaurant order confirmation, force majeure management, etc.

Nevertheless, a person who proposes to his girlfriend should deal with his emotions and meditate for a few minutes to reduce stress and balance his feelings.


Tips to Make your Proposal Unforgettable

10 Tips to Make your Proposal Unforgettable

If you think the above-listed ways to propose to a girl you love are not enough; you have a chance to discover a few tips to organize an exclusive proposal ceremony.


Ask For Advice From Parents And Friends

Communications with close female friends and parents-in-law represent 50% of a surely Yes answer. They know your girlfriend better and keep her sincere dreams about wedding and engagement expectations. In addition, reliable relations with future relatives strengthen family ties and make them trustful.


Review Topic Vlogs or Blogs For Inspiration

Compare several popular thematic vlogs or blogs to find inspiration and conduct the most romantic engagement evening. These creative videos and articles give you answers to improve your speech or choose the right place. For instance, traveling blogs show you a rank of the love-proclaimed landmarks where you may organize the most pleasant surprise. 


Pay Attention to Details

Do not eliminate the role of small items from the to-do list before proposing to your girl. Even your apparel accessories do matter to catch a magical moment. A huge stunning rose bunch melts any heart and provides a wow effect. Also, florists emphasize the color of the proposal bouquet could change the moods of your girls. So, you need to know about her color preferences.


Follow Your Heart, Not Your Brain

Everything you insert into your proposal speech should express your inner attitude. Every word should be dictated by the heart and not clarified by logical rules. Use minimum gestures and tell about your emotions and feelings. Explain your state when you are with her and far from your lover.


Keep Everything in Secret

The best way to propose to a girlfriend is to organize everything in secret and not give any clues to her. The surprising effect bears the sincerest and genuine emotions and sweet memories of the future family.


Have a Plan B

Always have several options to avoid unpleasant consequences. For instance, foresee the indoor space which perfectly substitutes the main outdoor location if sudden bad weather conditions spoil natural engagement decorations.


Roses For Ultimate Yes!

A ring or romantic place could hardly replace the emotions presented by roses. Elegant and impressive flowers could become a key capable of opening the heart of your beloved partner. At the Rosaholics shop, you may find different bunches and self-assembled arrangements to add beautiful colors to the most exciting day.



What do you say when proposing?

Words should go from the bottom of your heart when proposing to a woman you love. Your speech should include memories of the best dating moments, compliments on your future wife's beauty and temper features, and your plans for your mutual family life. Nevertheless, a simple question, “Will you marry me?” would be enough.

How do I propose to a girl?

A marriage proposal requires proper preparations to avoid adverse situations and awkward moments. Buy the engagement ring, order flowers, and choose the place and date. You need to plan to ask the essential question, think over a love speech, deal with the photographer's services, and train yourself to keep calm during the engagement culmination.

What is the most romantic way to propose?

The most romantic way to propose to your beloved is to invite her to the sunset beach and decorate the dinner with rose petals. Reddish roses would be an ideal option for exterior design. The bouquet and ring should harmonize in colors. So, diamond-arranged rings will fit pink-and-white roses with long stems.

Which knee do you get on to propose?

When you propose to your girl, the traditional pose is your left knee should be down and your right knee - up.

Do I put the ring on her finger when I propose?

Once you hear a positive answer, you may put an engagement ring on your future wife’s finger. It should be a ring finger. Most women continue to wear an engagement ring under the wedding ring.

Which hand is the proposal ring?

Traditionally, a proposal ring is placed on the fourth finger of the right hand. However, Western European countries choose the left hand because they believe marriage should be based on the heart's willingness.

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