A marriage proposal is the beginning of a new family. This responsible step indicates that the guy's intentions to declare his desire to share the whole life with his beloved are definitely serious. The event must be bright, romantic, and sensual because it demonstrates how a man will treat his chosen one in family life. And to show all of this, he can use such flowers as roses.

The rose is rightfully considered the queen of love flowers for her, which is why roses are often taken to decorate solemn and wedding bouquets. These flowers are so versatile that they are combined with completely different plants. However, in truth, bouquets, where these flowers play the main role, are a great gift. In this article on our blog, you will find out which bouquet of roses can help you hear the word "Yes!".

Say Yes

light pink roses for marriage

Light and romantic, like the first love, a composition of pink flowers is an ideal opportunity to express your feelings to your beloved girl. The marvelous sight of these roses will surely make your lady of the heart want to dress up in a flowing dress, have a day of French music, and circle the room singing Edith Piaf's "Padam, Padam, Padam". Be sure with this bouquet she will definitely tell you yes!

Sunset Garden Roses

peach roses for marriage


Despite the visual fragility, this proposal bouquet consists of very persistent and strong roses that will delight the lady of your heart for a long time. The buds are large, and each of them has up to 60 petals, all of which are slightly bent to the outside, that visually increases the diameter of the inflorescence. A pleasant peach-cream shade is associated with childhood, dreaminess, and naivety, so colorful emotions are guaranteed! The bouquet looks magnificent but does not cause a feeling of heaviness - this is exactly what a delicate floral ensemble should be like for a proposal of a young couple. 

Honey Boo

two colored roses for wedding proposal
Pink roses amaze with their beauty. A pink rose bouquet  is presented to those with whom you have trust relationships and very warm feelings. And in addition, if your fiancee likes shades of green (pistachio, herbal), then this choice is for you! Such a bouquet will create a light "spring" mood that will be with her all day. This pink and green bouquet is not only able to surprise but also captivate the eye, leaving an indelible memory for a lifetime about this vital event.


white rose bouquet for wedding proposal

These warm, white wedding proposal flowers, with all their appearance, transfer the symbols of life, light, and happy marriage. Large, perfectly shaped buds on long, strong stems will tell your loved one about your feelings better than any words. This bouquet is considered to be an ideal gift for both a young girl and an elegant middle-aged lady. Delicate and unobtrusive aroma, together with a bright and cheerful shade, make the composition appropriate for any situation, including proposal day.

Red Explosion

Red roses for marriage


Everyone knows that red symbolizes love, fire, and passion, especially when it comes to red roses. Therefore, no matter what girl you give a bouquet of red roses, these flowers will best indicate the seriousness of your intentions. You want to hold the 'Red explosion' in your hands, admire it for an infinitely long time, and be sure to capture the beauty in the photo. This classic bouquet is able to enchant any girl, creating the atmosphere during the proposal that you have dreamed about.

Mamma Mia

light roses for proposal

One of the best flower bouquets for a marriage girl proposal is similar arrangements of roses in delicate pastel colors. The bouquet will tell about your tenderness and purity of feelings and emphasize the solemnity of the moment. With just a glance at these amazing flowers, your betrothed woman will feel all the charm of Italian sophistication. Light ruddy color and fragrant greens can captivate the most obstinate views. These are especially romantic and elegant flowers that fit perfectly into the delicate look of a pretty girl. Along the edges of the bud, the petals have a more delicate, pale hue, and towards the middle, the color becomes brighter and richer. What girl would not like to receive such a lovely flower composition as a gift? 

Breathless Fresh

multicolor roses for marriage


This mixed bouquet of bright flowers literally personifies the whole range of feelings that a girl should receive during the marriage proposal. Therefore, be sure that the contrasting coloring of roses will make a unique impression on her, relaying its special energy. In addition, with such a present you will not only pleasantly surprise your loved one, but also show your taste and style. The combination of flowers in the composition impresses with its exquisite saturation, and the amazing aroma of this bouquet will not leave anyone indifferent. The girl will be fascinated by this lyrical gift, which symbolizes only bright and pleasant emotions.


multicolored roses for proposal


This is one of the most romantic flower bouquets, which will be the perfect complement to the ring at the time of the man's proposal. The peculiarity of the Principessa bouquet lies in each flower, which seems to change color, becoming lighter by several tints, right before your eyes. Light and, at the same time, not too bright tints add saturation to the bouquet, which should accompany such a long-awaited event. From white to hot pink, each flower is in its own place with a true natural hue to create a gradient transition. Aesthetics and form in this flower composition fascinate, and ideal large buds give a feeling of love and passion. No girl can resist such a gift.

Golden Frost Roses

golden roses for marriage


When the task is to make a unique proposal bouquet, elegant 'Golden Frost Roses' come to your rescue. The adored "Wow!" with these colors is guaranteed! At first glance, it is noticeable that these completely non-standard roses symbolize luxury and elegance, which are always in fashion. There are not a lot of hues in the bouquet, and yet it affects with its original coloring, which definitely catches the female audience. In addition, the gold coloring goes well with the ring prepared for her. Ladies of elegant age will appreciate a present that will stay with them for a long time. Graceful roses in this floral arrangement will be a good choice for your beloved woman.


nude roses for marriage

Those who want to really impress their chosen one should pay attention to this original version. This is one of the most touching bouquets, which will be the perfect complement to the ring at the time of the proposal. These flowers are able to express your most reverent feelings and emotions, and your beloved will understand everything without further ado. We have added sprigs of fresh greens and eucalyptus leaves to the bouquet to highlight each flower and make the composition quite airy. Ideal large buds give a feeling of love and passion. Every girl can enjoy such a gift that demonstrates the whole cascade of tender feelings.

Gray Knights

gray roses for proposal

Refinement and minimalism, moderation of hues, and the feeling as if you have just picked flowers from a flower bed - this is what will distinguish this bouquet from the rest. Such a fashionable composition of 'marry me' flowers will be an excellent choice for sophisticated and demanding natures who can appreciate the seriousness of your intentions. Interestingly, purple roses have not existed in nature, but thanks to the work of breeders, nowadays, you can easily surprise your partner. The original gift is also amazing in its size - enchanting flowers will bring a real holiday and happiness on an ordinary day. With this bouquet, you will not only present a great mood but also delight your loved one with the stylistic individuality of the composition.


pink roses for proposal

Although this bouquet is in last place, it is still one of the best sellers. It will suit a bright and unsurpassed woman who radiates vital energy. It not only inspires with its appearance but also conveys the entire celebration of the soul that your betrothed girl will experience during the fateful moment. A set of bright colors is clearly and concisely combined with each other, involuntarily transferring a person to the day of the wedding itself, which guarantees a solemn mood during the marriage proposal. With this composition of flowers, any important event will turn into an unforgettable adventure that will be remembered for years by your wife.

Bottom Line

Proposal day is a special holiday that cannot do without flowers. This gift will surely bring your chances of hearing enthusiastic emotions closer. In addition, flowers for her will help your loved one remember this moment much brighter day after day. Choose one of the bouquets offered by us above, and you will surely surprise your lady of the heart. By the way, you can make a proposal on Valentine's Day, choose the right flowers and it should be so romantic! 



Which flower is best for the proposal?

A rose is the most obvious but not a banal gift for such an occasion as a proposal. Such flowers are the most romantic and everyone loves them.

What is a unique way to propose?

A unique way to propose might include a Ferris wheel, an incredible fireworks display, or musicians in the park. However, it cannot be without a magnificent bouquet of roses.

Do you need flowers to propose?

Yes, you need flowers to propose. Women love flowers, and a marriage proposal is an exceptional occasion for giving them.

What's the most romantic way to propose?

In every city, there is a place that has connected the romantic love of each couple. During the walk, remember all your way together and at the end give a ring with a bouquet of flowers. Girls just love such stories, and such places are saturated with amazing energy!

Which flower means love?

The most popular and famous love flower is the rose, so it's often used for marriage proposals to a girl.


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