Petals on the bed, the essential oil in your favorite perfume, rejuvenating extract in a cream’s composition - the queen of the garden is beyond competition here! Its honey rose smell has always been associated with luxury. Roses are currently the most popular flower and ranked first in terms of purchase frequency. 82% of women prefer bouquets of roses to other flowers! In addition to beauty and elegance, some roses have a stunning aroma.

You can’t find a rose with a strong, annoying scent in nature. It was noticed that the bloom of fragrant ones is fleeting: the petals wither and crumble faster. They do not last long in the cut. But true aesthetes argue that elusive beauty is all the more valuable. In a florist shop, roses are stored in a fridge with a temperature of 4-7 degrees. At this temperature, all roses cease to delight with their aroma. But at room temperature, they will again reveal their wonderful rose smell for you!

Top 5 the Best Smelling Roses

Among all the roses, there are some with robust fragrant, roses with the best smell. It has been proven that odor increases when grown under certain conditions. The temperature, humidity, sun, and soil affect the aroma. Shrubby roses smell away stronger than others. Let's take a look at the top 5 most flavored strains in the world.

The Poet's Wife rose

The Poet's Wife

English hybrid of vintage roses. Barely blooming, these sweet-smelling roses have a lemon note in their odor; it becomes sweeter over time. It has a rich yellow color and a beautiful shape. Feature: the flowers do not fade in the sun, they tolerate winter and rain very well.



 Blue Girl rose

Blue Girl

The buds have a silvery-lilac, lavender color; being in the shade it appears to be pinkish. The diameter of the bud can reach 12 centimeters. There are 20-40 petals in the bud. The blooming flower has a light rose smell that reminds smell of fruits and keeps blooming until the autumn therefore it is considered one of the most frost-resistant.



Charles Darwin rose

Charles Darwin

This English shrubby rose contains 40-130 petals in one bud. At first, it has a shade of deep yellow, and with time it becomes pinkish-peach. The rose smell has notes of lemon and tea. 




Summer Song rose

Summer Song

One of the best smelling roses, which has an unusual radiant orange color. That is why it is considered a valuable purchase from flower collectors, the variety is considered exclusive. It goes well with roses of yellow, and peach colors. The rose smell reminds the notes of banana and tea, the flowers are densely double rounded.



Dioressence rose


One of the brightest representatives of the blue shrubby rose. At present, this variety is named after the famous aroma by Christian Dior. The rich rose smell of Dioressens consists of subtle notes of bergamot, geranium, and green moss. The species is profusely blooming with 5 large flowers in clusters. It has an original shade of buds - rich lilac-blue. This sort rarely gets sick, but, compared to others, it is non-resistant to rain and cold.


What Does A Rose Smell Like?

The scent of a rose garden cannot be confused with anything. But the aroma is a complex of chemical compounds. It can resemble 17 species of flowering and non-flowering plants: violet, geranium, iris, laurel. Typically, pink emit two types: centipede and damask (Egypt, Morocco, Bulgaria). They are used by perfumers to obtain essential oils. The classic smell is inherent in most Oistins. The rest of the variety of rose bushes can exude one note or spread several:

  • fruit: apple, lemon, plum;
  • herbal: ivy leaf, fresh grass;
  • spicy: green tea, anise, pepper;
  • woody: walnut, dry wood, and even the smell of a crushed bug.

Rose is the queen of all flowers and there is nothing to confuse with its scent. Since it smells like a rose, not a single flower in the world smells. Its pleasant, fragrant rose smell is used in many world brands of perfumes, and essential oils, and in general, no girl can resist the scent of a bouquet of fresh roses. You can buy a bouquet of roses of any color and shade in our store.



What roses smell like raspberries?

In old varieties, the main "pink" aroma is often complemented by notes of lemon or orange, bourbon roses smell of raspberries and nectarines, and modern varieties can combine a bouquet of the most unimaginable fruit shades - from melon to banana.

What do white roses smell like?

Red and pink varieties are most associated with the classic scent of roses. The aromas of yellow and white roses are often compared to the scent of iris, nasturtium, and violet, as well as other floral and lemon scents.

How can you describe the smell of roses?

Perfumers talk about the scent of a rose as a delicate, smoky, fragrant scent with fruity notes. The scent of freshly cut roses has a delicate aroma.

What does the Grasse rose smell like?

Grasse rose - more delicate, with a honey aroma and notes of dry greenery, it sounds voluminous, bright. It is considered the most expensive, which is why the rose fields in Grasse have been greatly reduced over the past decades.

January 24, 2024 — Alexandr Oleynik