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Blue Lagoon (exclusive) Rose Bouquet

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Flower Vase ($50.00)

Ever dream of owning a beautiful, stunning dozen of blue roses? It may seem impossible since, despite blue being a common color among other flowers, blue hues are nowhere to be found on roses in nature. Luckily Rosaholics found a way to bring blue roses to your home.

 Our exclusive real blue roses are perfect as a gift or if you’re just looking for a colorful accent to a plain room. Their vibrant color lights up any room with a natural beauty.

 Rosaholics’ exclusive blue lagoon roses are crafted by close friends of ours at a renowned Ecuadorian farm. These dazzling blue lagoon roses are affordable and available for delivery today!

 Our blue lagoon roses are available in cute (1 dozen), perfect (2 dozen), and abundant (4 dozen) sizes. Order now and get these blue roses delivered to your doorstep!