Rose is a symbol of romance and love. Bouquets of roses are appropriate to give for almost any occasion.  You can find an awesome assortment of fresh blue roses for delivery online. The appearance of this flower is gorgeous, and it is impossible to resist the scent. There are many varieties and colors of this flower. Each shade has its meaning and can convey a hidden meaning.

What does a bouquet of blue roses mean? There are no blue roses in nature. Plants do not have a gene for blue pigment. But Japanese breeders crossed the cells of a rose bush and pansies and got a bud of a heavenly hue. The novelty appeared relatively recently in 2004. There are no legends or myths where you can find out the meaning of a flower. But roses are always associated with love, and blue can mean unrequited or true love. Light blue roses symbolize sensitivity and feelings. Dark shades of blue roses mean mystery and a dream come true.

History of Blue Roses

blue rose meaning

The planet's breeders tried to breed roses of unusual colors. They were especially interested in how to find a way that could radically change the color of the petals of this flower. However, they have only succeeded in displaying a distant blue reminder. There are only a few varieties of roses, the petals of which, under certain growing conditions, are slightly close to blue.

These rose a group of scientists from Japan created varieties. They crossed a white rose with blue flowers that had the right pigment and genes. But most often, a similar color is obtained by ordinary staining. Scientists have invented a certain dye, which can give the desired color to a given flower with varying degrees of saturation of the solution. As a rule, white roses are used for staining; this allows you to get as close to the desired shade as possible.


What Does Blue Rose Mean?

blue rose

Poets often write about blue roses as a symbol of something unattainable and beautiful. Blue roses mean striving for the ideal, achieving the set goal, dream and delight. Blue roses are often used in a wide variety of compositions. They have an amazing shade and are very popular among lovers of exotic and unusual flowers.

Recently, brides began to choose bouquets of blue roses instead of white ones. This composition looks especially good for blue-themed weddings. Such bouquets are perfectly combined with white, yellow, or cream flowers. Competent florists will definitely select the right shades for the bride's bouquet, corresponding to the holiday’s color scheme.

The blue rose is considered a symbol of royal blood in some cultures around the world. It used to be considered that people of royal origin had blue blood.

There is no definite answer to the question of why blue roses are given to a woman. These flowers will be appropriate for any celebration or just like that, as a present for no reason. It is believed that by presenting such a composition to a lady, a man wishes her to fulfil all the innermost desires. If you want to make a real surprise for a lady, choose a bouquet of blue roses, it will amaze a woman's imagination and will be remembered by her for a lifetime.


Reasons to Buy Blue Roses

Blue rose

The main purpose of these rose flowers is to surprise and delight the recipient of the gift. Sky blue buds personify mystery, fantasy, striving for a goal at any cost, and a pipe dream. These are complex and conflicting meanings of blue roses. They make blue roses a welcome gift for the following reasons:

  • You can surprise your beloved with blue roses. With this bouquet, you can emphasize the originality and elegance of your partner.

  • Blue roses will be appropriate at the beginning of a relationship when you start to recognise the chosen one, and her image is shrouded in mystery for you.

  • Present the bouquet to your favorite actor or musician. Show respect and admiration.

  • With the help of blue roses, you can wish success for a person who is on the path of important life changes, such as preparing for a move, getting a new position or graduating from university.


Many women are not used to such exotic and amazing colors. Therefore, they will remember a bouquet of blue roses. Such a bouquet would be appropriate to present for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or another important event. You can give blue roses to express sympathy and give an unusual bouquet to an extraordinary person or if you want to surprise.


Meaning of the Blue Flower Color

beautiful blue rose

Blue is a traditional masculine color. Moreover, this color means spirituality, wisdom, patience, truth, calmness, and peace. This color inspires great accomplishments, purifies the soul; intuition and craving for higher knowledge are associated with blue. 


You can give a bouquet of blue roses for the following occasions:

  • Present a bouquet of blue roses to a young mother who has a son.

  • If you choose a gift for a man, a colleague, business partner, or relative, order the design of blue roses in the basket.

  • Blue roses will perfectly complement the congratulations of the newlyweds at the wedding in blue tones.


As you can see, there are many reasons to buy blue roses. But the main thing is the desire to surprise the recipient. After all, this is an original surprise, which you can present every day. Do not be afraid to delight your loved ones with unusual flowers. They were created specifically for creative and non-standard gifts.

Does the Blue Rose Have a Mystical Meaning?

blue rose mystical meaning

If a person thinks about what they give blue roses to and chooses a floral present of exactly this color, he has good reasons for this. This means that he wants to please a dear person with something unusual and surprisingly attractive. When receiving such a bouquet, remember that blue roses are given for special occasions and to make something pleasant. There is no need to look for a mystical meaning in this flower. The purpose of blue roses is to delight and surprise.

If a girl receives such a bouquet from her lover, she must be sure that boundless love for her reigns in his heart. Thus, he confesses his sincere feelings and admiration.


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What is the personality of a blue rose?

Blue roses symbolize the pursuit of the ideal, the fulfillment of dreams, and a sense of wonder. They are often associated with mystery, fantasy, and unattainable beauty. Blue roses represent both complex and conflicting meanings. It makes them a unique and captivating choice for special occasions.

Do purple and blue roses exist?

Blue roses do not exist in nature. That is due to plants lacking a gene for blue pigment. However, purple roses do exist. Blue roses can be created through genetic modification. Also, dyeing white roses with blue tints. Purple roses are more likely to occur in nature.

How are blue roses made?

Blue roses are usually created through genetic modification and dyeing techniques. Japanese breeders achieved the blue hue. They did so by crossbreeding rose cells with those of blue pansies, resulting in a bud of heavenly blue in 2004. Blue roses can also be obtained by dyeing white roses with a particular solution to achieve the desired shade.

Are blue roses expensive?

Blue roses can be found at various places for various prices. But when it comes to getting the freshest and most exquisite ones, Rosaholics stands out. Our collection of super fresh blue roses starts at $70. We offer premium quality and vibrant blooms. Moreover, we also provide timely delivery to any location. You can trust that what you get from our product and service is worth the price.

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