Analysts annually summarize the sales results, and each time they make sure that roses always remain the leaders. A bouquet of roses is the most desirable gift for most girls and women; they are bought to congratulate on personal and romantic holidays, make a surprise or express love.

But choosing a roses bouquet is not easy because the more extensive the assortment, the more difficult it is to decide. Choose gifts for expressing love based on the recipient's lifestyle, personality.

Roses for a romantic girl

Any kind of rose looks extremely romantic. Moreover, every girl will appreciate a romantic surprise even if she thinks that flowers are an impractical gift.

We offer options for bouquets of roses that will tell about your feelings, tenderness, and your reverent attitude:

  • The immortal classics are white roses. The queen among them is Ecuadorian Vendela, a more affordable and modest Standard variety from Kenya. But whichever type of white roses you choose, this gift will be perfect for expressing love.
  • Pink roses always represent dreaminess and naivety. Look out for the unusual shades of pink in Amsterdam, Pink Mondial, and Nena.
  • David Austin created peony roses to revive old English varieties that adorned the gardens of medieval Europe. He succeeded, and he brought out roses that are truly magical in beauty and aroma, which can tell about love.
  • Mixes collected in pastel colors are touching. This is both an unusual and cute gift.

Besides, many romantic girls love the scent of roses. Therefore, a roses bouquet will be an excellent gift with a classic fragrance that will fill even a spacious room.

What roses will express love to a cheerful girl?

roses for a romantic girl

The best way to express your feelings for a cheerful and energetic girl; you can give her a bright and unique gift. Such girls will love rainbow roses or bouquets with bright and unusual combinations. The more shades in the bouquet, the more colorful it looks. Such compositions, even on cloudy autumn days, cheer up and remind of summer.

The largest palette has Kenyan and Ecuadorian roses. Yellow, lilac, red, and white shades are effectively combined. Moreover, you can order a composition in two shades, for example, in white and red tones.

What roses to give a creative girl?

Choose blue roses for lovers of non-trivial gifts. You will not find blue shades in nature, but the breeders bred an unusual variety. Juicy buds of a heavenly tone are effective on their own and in a duet with snow-white flowers.

Besides, you can express love and surprise the girl with a bouquet of black roses. Contrary to prejudice, they are not associated with mourning but personify mystery, mysticism, and grit.

What roses to give to a girl who likes to be photographed?

Bouquet photos are among the top ten most popular in the era of social media. If you are giving a large composition of hundreds of roses, choose flowers from Kenya, they are lighter than Ecuadorian ones. It is convenient and comfortable to pose with them.

The optimal size of bouquets for beautiful photos is 25-51 roses. Flowers create a bright accent but do not distract attention from the girl. You can combine different color palettes of the buds for larger bouquets.

There is no better way to express your feelings than to give a girl a large bouquet of roses.

How to confess your love with a bouquet and gifts?

romantic flowers

Confession of love is a very touching event, which is accompanied by uncertainty and even fear. Undoubtedly, at such moments you want to do everything in the best way. For thousands of years, people worldwide have used the language of flowers to convey emotions that cannot be expressed in words.

Roses symbolizing love and sympathy

Flowers have the unique property of transmitting thoughts and feelings. With their delicate appearance and delicate aroma, they can melt any heart and give a feeling of joy. Some plants can express a wide range of emotions depending on the color.

  • The pink color of the flower means that you will never forget the one to whom you give it.
  • Red buds mean your heart is filled with love.
  • White roses mean sympathy, love, and charm.
  • Yellow flowers convey the emotions of rejected feelings.
  • The purple color of the flower means moodiness.

Tender love is symbolized by lotus flowers, white violets, and jasmine. Enchantment is expressed by lilies of the valley, white lilies, and lavender. A frank declaration of love is conveyed by purple violets, sunflowers, and red tulips.

Compositions with white clover express the desire to attract attention. Secret love is a bouquet that contains gardenias. White hyacinths will show you care. Daisies represent hope. Peonies have a happy family life.

Roses are a classic symbol of love

roses are a classic symbol of love

Most of the paintings depicting the most beautiful of feelings have the image of these flowers. In poetry, women are compared to roses, which come in five primary colors white, red, yellow, pink, and orange.

It is interesting to know that silent dialogue flowers indicated a positive or negative response in the past. With the consent, the flower was given with the right hand, with the left’s refusal.

The number of flowers in a bouquet also carries its deep meaning. One flower means love at first sight; roses without thorns have a similar meaning. A bouquet of seven flowers symbolizes mad love. Twenty-five buds in a bouquet indicate that the giver does not stop thinking about his new passion.

Love can be expressed with almost any bouquet of roses or a combination of different colors. Each girl will be pleased to receive a beautiful bouquet that was chosen with sincere feelings. Moreover, roses are a symbol of love and passion and an elegant classic that is always appropriate.

First of all, take into account the individual characteristics of her character, style, and preferences, and only then consider the generalized recommendations when choosing flowers for a lady. If a girl loves daisies, then they will be the best gift for her, despite the cliché that women should always be given only roses.


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