What is my birth flower? Do you know that each of us looks like a particular plant?

Each person has his own spiritual counterpart in the plant world. This is the basis of the flower horoscope.

Trees, plants, flowers surround us all our life. A certain part of the year is associated with a plant that endows a person born during this period with certain character traits.

What is my birth flower and why it is important? The flower horoscope is synthetic in nature: it reflects the beliefs of many peoples who connect the life and fate of a person with his patron in the plant world.

Each flower evokes in us different feelings, has only its own, unique charm and character. The list of thirty-six beautiful images of flowers will give you the opportunity to recognize yourself or your friends in a symbolic description of psychological types. What is the flower for the month of June?

If you were born on June 1 - June 11, your flower is “Bell”.

Loves reliability, looking for support in life. Never chases a crane in the sky if he has a tit in a cage.

The main thing for the Bell, the flower of June, is family. Here, as elsewhere, he is conservative. Any change frightens, plunges him into despair. Bell Salvation is a good family, a solid and solid home.

Can become a rare bore, find fault with loved ones if they do not want to live by his rules. If a daughter, for example, has a haircut against his will or buys a dress that does not suit his tastes, Bell may not talk to his son for weeks, sulk and grumble.

Person of this flower of June is not in a hurry to throw away old things, they can still come in handy. He maintains perfect order in the house, trusts his hands more than technology. A virtuoso in the kitchen, his head is a storehouse of useful advice.

Monogamous. If the family boat crashes on the reefs of everyday life, monotony, Bell will be left alone, will not risk a second time.

What is the flower for the month of June (12-21)?

Birth flower for June 12-21

“Daisy” - June 12 - June 21

Daisy is the flower of June and the person with this flower of birth is quiet, homebody, reinsurer, observer, does not differ in romanticism and courage. He participates in events most often as a gossip collector. Most people born under this sign are inveterate bachelors. They find it difficult to find a mate. Sitting at the window, you won't wait for your betrothed. But Daisy does not want to change something in his life, although he can achieve his goal if he wants. Loves communication but within the confines of his own home. Friends of Marigold - neighbors on the porch, school friends. He is shy, but in a critical situation, he is capable of a bold act. Daisy's life is not bright, but stable.

Loves shows, performances, television series, concerts, but only on television. Rarely goes out to people and only with good company. Some envy his life, in which there are no pitfalls and hidden currents, where everything is simple and calm. Being overweight can be the number one problem in her life. Sports are not for him, but buns, sandwiches, chocolates on the TV are her best friends.

Flower of June 22-July 1 - “Tulip”

 Birth flower for June 22-July 1

The man is undoubtedly Don Juan. He doesn't care about anything. The woman is energetic, she has great conceit.

And a lot of effort must be put to achieve her recognition. These women tend to have unhappy husbands.

Tulips are lovers of adultery.

They value freedom, opponents of any kind of addiction.

Open and truthful, they say what they think.

They enter into marriage late or ignore it altogether.

They believe that first there should be a career, and only then - a family.

In their youth, they want to experience everything, even the forbidden. This attracts them the most. Brave and energetic, they easily achieve their plans. Lucky ones.

Health fails them only in old age.


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June 01, 2021 — Alexandr Oleynik