Is a bad mood ruining your day? Not a problem. There are various methods to fix it. And one of the most effective is the use of floral essential oils. They are the source of your high spirit. And all thanks to their incredible pacifying effect on the nervous system. Some of the most helpful variants for mood enhancement involve:


  • Rose: known for its ability to promote relaxation and reduce stress.
  • Lavender: known for its pacifying and de-stress properties.
  • Jasmine: believed to have a calming effect and promote happiness.
  • Chamomile: suitable for a calm mood and promotes a feeling of harmony.


Many floral essential oils are popular for their uplifting and soothing properties. This makes them a popular choice for flower aromatherapy and mood-boosting purposes. Incorporating floral essential oils into your daily routine can significantly boost your overall well-being. Whether you prefer the soothing scent of lavender or the uplifting aroma of jasmine, an essential oil can help you feel your best. Just be sure to use them safely and with caution. Because essential oils can be potent substances.


What are Essential Oils?

Ethereal oils are concentrated liquids with volatile aromatic substances. You can get it from a specific type of plant. Natural essential oil can contain from 200 to 800 components. It depends on the type of plant from which it comes. The smell of fruits, flowers, or trees contains volatile natural aroma substances. And they make us happy when we inhale the essential oil. So, properly selected flower oils or their compositions can improve mood. Today, they are widely used in aromatherapy and can provide various health benefits.

flower oils

Essential oils can act in several ways in the body. It depends on the specific oil and the application method:

  • When inhaled, essential oils floral scents can stimulate the olfactory nerve. After that, they immediately impact the limbic system. It promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and improves mood.
  • When applied topically, essential oils can penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream. There they exert their effects on various systems of the body. 
  • Some essential oils are anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, or antispasmodic. It makes them helpful in treating conditions like muscle pain and skin irritation.

Overall, essential oils are a powerful tool for promoting health and well-being. And all this is thanks to their beneficial properties.


How Do Floral Essential Oils Work?

One of the ways that essential oils act is through their aroma. It can stimulate the olfactory system. Besides, it triggers emotional and physiological responses. 

  • When the substances enter the respiratory tract, they have a calming effect on the whole body.  
  • Additionally, you can apply chemical compounds of floral oils to the skin. Soaking deep inside, they saturate the body with pleasant properties.

In general, the way essential oils from flowers act depends on the specific compounds they contain. Different essential oil properties will give you a different effect.


5 Essential Oils from Flowers

Flowers are some of the world's most beloved and beautiful plants. And many of them contain essential oils that can offer various therapeutic benefits. In general, the aromas of oils are capable of many things. Especially when these essential oils are from flowers. 

The fact is that flowers contain the highest concentration of various valuable properties. And by extracting oils from them, you can get the most effective means for improving your mood. Rose, mint, lavender, and many other blooms are the most popular for this. Inhaling their aroma, you can feel significant relief and balance. But the scent will depend on the flower you choose:

  • For example, rose and jasmine have a vibrant aroma. So, it is enough to use it in small quantities to improve mood. 
  • Chamomile, for example, has a light and delicate smell. It also needs to be used in small amounts but possibly longer. It already depends on how you use flower oils and for what purposes. 


In general, you just need to choose a flower with the appropriate properties. And what are their popular options? Read their list: 


rose oil

1. Rose

    Rose essential oil is extracted from rose petals. It has significant value for its therapeutic benefits. One of the most crucial is its ability to boost mood and promote emotional well-being:

    • The aroma of rose essential oil has a calming and uplifting effect on the mind and body. 
    • The scent of roses is often associated with love and happiness. So, this flower oil can evoke positive emotions in many people.

    Rose essential oil also contains properties that directly impact the brain's chemistry. It increases serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain. So, it's one of the effective ways to improve your mental health.



    Chamomile essential oil

    2. Chamomile

      Chamomile is excellent for calming and relieving tension. So, if you need to relax after a hard day or improve your mood, this option is for you. The greatest source of its benefits is in essential oil floral scents:

      • When you inhale the fragrance of chamomile, it stimulates the limbic system in the brain. It is responsible for regulating emotions and mood.
      • Besides, chamomile essential oil contains several bioactive compounds that can positively impact the mind. 

      It includes apigenin, chamazulene, and bisabolol. So, it has anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic effects.


      Blue Tansy oil

      3. Blue Tansy 

        Blue Tansy essential oil is widely popular for its many health benefits. One of them is its ability to boost mood through its potent effects on the human body:

        • The critical component of this floral essential oil is chamazulene. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent responsible for the oil's distinctive blue color. 
        • Chamazulene is also believed to have a calming effect on the mind and body. 
        • So, it perfectly contributes to the oil's mood-boosting properties. 

        The compound affects the central nervous system, helping to soothe the mind. This results in an overall reduction of stress levels, leading to a boost in mood.



        Jasmine oil

        4. Jasmine

          The scent of jasmine oil stimulates the olfactory system. It is the brain part that processes smell. This process can lead to the release of certain neurotransmitters. It includes dopamine and serotonin. Exactly they are associated with feelings of happiness and well-being. Jasmine essential oil floral scent, even in a 10% concentration, positively affects the nervous system:

          • It stimulates brain activity, eliminating depression, apathy, and stress. 
          • And it creates a feeling of confidence and optimism.

          Besides, jasmine has anxiolytic effects. So, you can use it to reduce stress and promote relaxation.



          Lavender floral essential oil

          5. Lavender

            Lavender floral essential oil is good because of its natural and versatile properties. Also, it has a fabulous pleasant fragrance. Inhaling it, you can get many benefits:

            • It has the ability to improve mood and promote relaxation. 
            • It has a good effect on the nervous system. 
            • It can help reduce feelings of tension and stress. 

            So, this flower is often used in aromatherapy to help reduce stress and anxiety. Besides, you can use lavender oil in a variety of other ways. It includes personal care products such as soaps, lotions, shampoos, and massage oils.


            How to Use Essential Oils to Boost Your Mood

            It can sometimes be challenging to maintain a positive mood and mindset. After all, nobody can avoid stress or anxiety in life. So, there is an effective way to boost your mood. Use essential oils regularly. There are many different ways to use them for a good mood. It is from diffusing in a room to applying them directly to the skin. You can even just put a candle with an extract of essential oils at home. Inhaling this pleasant aroma will fill you with incredible energy and optimism.

            Floral oils' therapeutic properties can help reduce feelings of tension. Especially if essential oils are from flowers. Exactly they are famous for their aromatic and uplifting qualities. Flower oils contain unique properties that have a powerful impact on emotional state.

            So, whether you're looking to reduce stress, boost your energy, or enjoy the pleasant aroma of essential oils, this chapter will help you discover the perfect way to incorporate these powerful oils into your daily routine. The main thing is to choose the right method of using it. So, keep some ways to use floral essential oils to boost your mood:



            1. Room Sprays

              Room sprays with essential oils are an effective way to promote good mental health. You just need to create an appropriate atmosphere for this:

            1. Choose your essential oils
            2. Select flower oils with pacifying and uplifting properties.

            3. Gather your supplies
            4. You will need a 120 ml glass spray bottle, distilled water, and essential oils.

            5. Add the essential oils
            6. Add 10-15 drops of your chosen floral oils to the spray bottle.

            7. Add the water
            8. Fill the rest of the spray bottle with distilled water.

            9. Shake well
            10. Shake all this well to mix the ingredients.

            11. Spray and enjoy
            12. Use the room spray on your bed linens and pillows to promote relaxation.



              essential oil

              2. Aromatherapy

                Flower aromatherapy is an excellent option to enhance your spirit. Here are the step-by-step guide to do it:

              1. Choose the suitable essential oils
              2. To begin with, you need to choose ethereal oils that have suitable properties for you. Popular options include lavender, rose, bergamot, and clary sage. Experiment with different scents to find what works best for you.

              3. Inhale directly
              4. You can inhale flower oils directly from the bottle. Or you can do it by adding a few drops to a tissue or cotton ball. Hold the bottle under your nose and take deep breaths to inhale the scent.

              5. Be mindful
              6. As you use essential oils for mood enhancement, be mindful of their effects on your emotions. Take deep breaths and focus on the scent. It is crucial to allow yourself to experience its benefits fully.



                Inhalation process

                3. Inhalation

                  It is a simple and effective way to enjoy floral scents. Follow the instructions on how to do it:

                1. Choose your essential oil
                2. Select the best-smelling floral essential oils for you.

                3. Prepare your tools
                4. You will need a small bowl of hot water, a towel, and 3-4 drops of your chosen oil.

                5. Add the essential oil
                6. Add 3-4 drops of it to the bowl of hot water.

                7. Inhale deeply
                8. Close your eyes and inhale deeply through your nose. Take slow, deep breaths, allowing the steam and ethereal oils steam to fill your lungs.


                  A Word From Rosaholics

                  Floral essential oils can help improve overall mood and well-being when appropriately used. You can do it in the form of sprays, inhalation, and so on. You can even make such a remedy yourself. For example, compress fresh rose petals to create a naturally concentrated oil. Where can you get flowers? Rosaholics can help you with this. Farmers grow our natural roses on farms. So, their genuine content and incredible aroma will be your spirit enhancement.



                  What essential oil is good for reducing stress?

                  Among popular essential oils that reduce stress are: roses; lavender; chamomile. These flowers have the most calming properties. Therefore, their essential oils profoundly affect the nervous system, reducing stress.

                  Which essential oils are considered floral?

                  The essential oils that people make from any part of flowers are floral. These can be flower stems, petals, or roots. Floral essential oils include rose, jasmine, chamomile, lavender, and geranium.

                  Can I make my own essential oil at home?

                  Yes. There are several options for this. You can extract essential oils from both fresh and dried flowers. But the easiest way to make essential oil at home is to use the distillation process. You can also follow the techniques of extracting oils from flowers.

                  What are the benefits of flower scent?

                  The flower smell has specific properties that positively affect the brain. A pleasant smell improves mood and cognitive abilities and balances blood pressure.

                  Which essential oil has the best fragrance?

                  All flowers have pleasant smells, so it is impossible to choose a particular one. But lavender and roses give the most bright aroma. It's why they are often used to make essential oils for aromatherapy.


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