Roses can serve not only for beauty but actually as a source for many useful things. Can you imagine that you can use it as a cosmetic product? Or is it suitable for a bath?

Suppose you want to surprise your dear one with some extraordinary gift. Moreover, it might be even better if it’s not just a pretty gift, but useful! In this case, using rose petals to make some unusual crafts is an excellent idea.

What can you do with rose petals? Well, there are quite many things you can do with your hands. What matters is that you don’t need to be a proficient artificer. If you want to impress your soulmate, we have several ideas for you.


Rose Petals for Bathing

dried rose petals for bathing

Rose petals can be a great addition to your bathing procedures after a long day. But how can you use them besides putting these petals in the water? Well, we have several options for you:


bath salt with rose petals


Bath salt with rose petals. You can easily DIY this yourself, using different rose petals. Having a bath is a great pleasure, but having a bath with rose petal salt is even better. You just have to buy some bath salt and fresh roses. But mind that roses mustn’t be from a florist’s shop, as these flowers are usually grown with the help of pesticides. Just tear rose petals into tiny pieces and mix them with salt.



homemade rose petal body scrub


DIY rose petal body scrub. This one is not only a great gift but also easy to make. Sugar will gently massage your skin, making it soft and smooth, while coconut oil will give it good moisture. After that, you get gentle skin and a pleasant and delicate rose scent. Besides, roses possess an antibacterial effect, so this can be a good choice; if you don't have rose oil, you can replace it with rose water.



dried rose petals


Dried rose petals. This is the classical version and yet probably the most universal rose petal DIY. There are two ways you can dry your petals naturally or in the oven. If you can wait several days, just spread out the petals on the dry towel. You can choose this way if you live in an area with a hot and dry climate, otherwise, it won’t work. If you don’t want to spend several days watching your rose petals, you can dry them in the oven. 


Heat your oven to 80 degrees. Spread the petals on the baking paper and bake in the oven for 15 to 30 minutes. When petals are crispy, they are done. 


Rose Petal in DIY Cosmetics

rose petals in cosmetic

A lot of cosmetic companies try to add rose extract to their product, which is not a big surprise. Roses are known for their various health benefits due to the rich amount of Vitamins A, C, E and several antioxidants. So, using rose petals for making cosmetic crafts might be an excellent idea. But what can you make out of it?



diy rosewater


Rosewater. You can easily use rose petals to DIY rose toner at home. The number of roses depends on how strong and concentrated you want your toner to be. We advise you to take 5 organic roses. Tear the petals into the colander and rinse them a bit with warm water. After that, throw them into the pot and pour about 2L of water. Set a medium heat and let it simmer for 20-30 minutes. Leave it to cool down, and then pour it into the bottle.



rose petal lip scrub



Rose petal lip scrub. The recipe for lip scrub is the same as the body scrub. Just pay attention that sugar crystals must be ground to a minimum. Otherwise, instead of a nice massage, you will just scratch your lips. 




rose petal essential oil 


Rose petal oil. Rose oil in some way is more concentrated than rose water. There are a lot of ways to DIY rose petal oil but we recommend trying the easiest one. Unlike water, oil possesses a stronger smell, which also will last longer. Besides, it has a lot of benefits too!



As you see, using rose petals for making cosmetic crafts can be not only more useful but actually great fun. You can find more recipes and ideas for homemade presents, but we have given you the most useful ones! 

So, fresh or dried rose petals should become first aid items in your cosmetological or cooking storage package. Visit our Rosaholic’s store and receive a valuable offer for multi-colored and natural rose petals.



What can you make with rose petals?

You can make various decorative crafts, cosmetic products, rose petal bath addition or even different kinds of food.

Can you eat rose petals?

Yes, you can. There’re a lot of recipes using fresh or dried rose petals. But never eat roses from a flower shop, because a lot of chemicals and fertilizers are used when growing these fabulous beauties.

Where can rose petals be used?

Cosmetics, lotions, tonics, rose water and rose oil can be made from fresh petals. Dry petals are steamed or ground in a coffee grinder and added to finished masks. Dehydrated aging skin will thank you!

Can you drink rose petal tea?

Rose tea is also used as an independent drink. To make it, put a few buds in a teapot at the rate of 1-2 pieces per cup, and pour boiling water that has cooled to a temperature of 90 degrees. There you can also add mint leaves or melissa, which will complement the taste and aroma of roses.


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