Choosing the right vase and taking the right care of long stem roses and  other tricks are important processes in arranging long stem roses. Long stem roses are an incredible gift. Even after all those years, presenting rose bouquets is still the most popular way to express your feelings and affection. Quite a lot of people like flowers, as they can easily liven up the interior and give off a pleasant smell. Besides, who told you that you cannot just present roses to yourself? 

When it comes to arranging them, a bunch of other specific questions arise. Should you trim them? What vase to choose? How can you make them last longer than usual flowers? 

Whether you want to make a gift to your love or simply beautify your home, certain tips will help you to make it right. Here are our recommendations for arranging long stem roses. 

Arranging Long Stem Roses

Basic Tips on Arranging Long Stem Roses in a Vase

You can give your roses a better look, by doing some little manipulations with the flowers. All kinds of flowers require certain procedures to be done, like cutting the stems or excess leaves. Roses are no exception. So, let’s take a closer look at the common rules that will help you in arranging your long stem roses in a vase!


Before you put the roses in the vase, you should look over your plants in order to find some damages or rotten leaves. Moreover, you must cut off a little bit of the stem. Usually, it’s about 2,5 cm. Remember that you have to cut at 45 degrees giving your flowers a wider area to drink from. 

Also, you should cut the leaves that will be below the waterline. In this way, you're preventing them from rotting and intoxication of water. Take note, that you should use sharp and clean shears or a knife, to minimize the damage and chance of bacteria affecting the roses.


Choosing the right vase for your long stem roses is essential. Generally, the vase must be half of the size of your rose (that’s about 30 cm), not very wide, better with a narrow mouth. But, actually, the kind of vase depends more on how you want to present your roses. If you want to give them a more elegant and graceful look, choose a narrow one. Your long stem roses will look especially good in such a vase

But, if you’d like them to look cozier you can choose a wide (round or square) for your long stem roses. In that way, you can hide the stems, so only the buds will be seen.


Always fill ½ or ⅔ of the vase with water, so your flowers have enough of it to drink. But, also don’t pour too much of it, so it won’t get spilled out of a vase.

Height of the roses

Make sure your roses are all of the same height, so the bouquet looks neat and smooth. It is not very good when each flower is o a different height. Besides, remember that the longer the stem, the more water it needs. Cutting your roses equally, will extend their lives and save the water.


Different Types of Vases for Long Stem Roses 

Vases for Long Stem Roses


So, what vase to choose if you want to arrange your roses in a classic way?

Bud vase

If you want to arrange your roses more traditionally, you should choose a classic vase with a wide bottom and slightly narrowed neck. Such vases usually resemble flower buds. As for the color, most florists advise choosing between white or black, as they are regarded as classic. Moreover, red roses look especially good in a white vase, as it gives them the right contrast.

A narrow-mouthed cylinder vase

It is best as it will keep the flowers together, which looks very neat. Moreover, you can’t put a lot of flowers, which also adds some simplicity, while also elegance to their appearance. 

Wide vase

If you want to make a lush bouquet, select the wider vase for your long stem roses, and pay attention to the mouth of it. The broader it is, the more flowers you can put in the vase. But, in this case, the vase must be a little bit more than half of the roses (i.e., ¾). It is important to make focus on the lush buds, so the visible part of the stems must be shorter.

Modern Ways of Arranging the Long Stem Roses

Modern Ways of Arranging the Long Stem Roses

If you like some experiments and don’t want to stick to the rules, there are plenty of options for you. 

Long stem roses in a box

You can simply buy boxed long stem roses or arrange boxed long stem roses yourself.

Tape focus

In case you want to arrange your long stem roses firmly, but don’t want to purchase a narrow-mouthed vase for them, we have one recommendation. Take a transparent tape, it would be even better if it’s matt or at least not glossy. Fasten them from 3 to 5 such lines, from one end to the other one. Then do the same thing but perpendicular to the existing lines. 

You may also make a mixed bouquet, by adding some greenery or other flowers. Don’t be afraid to mix the different kinds of flowers. 

Extraordinary vase

Another great option is to choose a vase of unusual shape or color. Nowadays, you may find an impressive choice of various forms and designs. Besides, if you want an eco-friendly one, there’s a great number of stylish vases made of eco-material. 

Moreover, if you have a transparent vase you can paint it with special glass paint, or put some decorations inside, to give it a more decorative look. Anyway, no matter what the design of your vase is, it is essential to prepare your roses carefully, so they will live longer. 


Lush Mix of Different Flowers in a Combination with Long Stem Roses in a Vase 

Long stem roses in the box

If only rose-bouquet sounds too boring for you, try adding other plants. Of course, there are some rules for mixing different flowers’ kinds and ways of making such bouquets. But we would advise you to stick to your imagination and choose those flowers, which you like. You can also simply mix roses of different colors, i.e., red and white or pink and yellow. It’s only up to you.

Adding some greenery may also make your bouquet very lovely. For example, myrtle will look absolutely fantastic, especially when it’s in bloom. If you want to make a lush mix of different flowers, make sure the vase is big enough!

All in all, having a lovely bouquet of long stem roses in a beautiful vase will surely add some highlight to the interior of your home, or be a perfect gift for the one you love.

Roses are a decoration for any holiday and just add bright colors to a normal day. Go to our Rosaholics website to choose the most beautiful bouquet.

Long Stem Roses



How long do long stem roses last in a vase?

Generally, roses in a vase can last up to one week. If you want to extend its life, cut its stem for 1 to 1.5 cm every three days. Change water every two days, and wash the vase with soap at least twice before putting your roses there for the first time and after 4-5 days. You can add a tablet of chlorine to kill bacterias in water.

Why do roses die so fast?

The main reason is the extreme temperature differences. The second reason is diseases and bacterias. Usually, the fault for this is the inappropriate care and use of dirty instruments. Remember that flower care tools require the same level of disinfection as the surgeon ones.

How to take care of long stem roses?

The long stemmed flowers will last long enough, if you: 1) change the water every two days; 2) cut the stems for 1 to 1.5 cm every three days; 3) wash the vase with soap at least twice before putting your roses there for the first time and after 4-5 days; 4) air the room regularly after removing the vase of flowers to another room; 5) and avoid direct sunlight and heat sources because all cut flowers love the coolness and fresh air.

What makes cut flowers last longer?

Cutting is very stressful for flowers. Thus, you need to add some sugar to the water in order to reduce the stress and give the plant the missing nutrition. Aspirin is added because it both disinfects and nourishes. But you don’t need to add everything at once, you need to choose one thing. It is also recommended to cut the stem directly in the water.


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