Difference Between Dried and Preserved Flowers

There are two methods to keep flowers in good condition. The first option is to dry them, and the second is to preserve them. These are great ways to save memories. Each of these methods has its nuances, so now we will tell you about them in detail. Professionals dry and preserve flowers using specific techniques that have been developed for this. Therefore, buying these flowers increases the chance that they will last as long as possible.

The difference between dried and preserved flowers is not only in the way the flowers are preserved but also in their appearance afterwards. Also, these two processes have different durations, and storage methods need to be applied to flowers.

How to dry roses?

The flower lasts longer because all the moisture comes out of it when you do it. This method is an option, but it has drawbacks. For example, flowers lose their rich color, shape, and aroma, and they become fragile. However, dried flowers look very romantic.

Ways to Dry Flowers

dried flowers


There are several ways to dry flowers: 


  • Hang roses by their stems in a warm room. Proper ventilation with outside air must be in the room. Roses need to be dried for up to 3 weeks to dry completely. You can place them in a vase without water. Use them to decorate a room, in Ikebana, for instance. Also, you can carefully dye such flowers with different colors, even gold or silver. Be careful - the stems and buds are fragile and easy to break. 

  • Dehydrator drying. This is the fastest technique, which allows you to preserve the maximum pigments so that the flower has a richer color. It will take no more than five hours.

  • Drying flowers in a book. When you think about it, you immediately remember the smell of the pages that have absorbed the moisture of wildflowers, and people find it quite romantic. To do this, you will need a flower, a book, and napkins. The flower must be arranged the way you want to see it in dried form, as after drying, it will not be adjustable. Next, between the pages, you need to place a napkin with a flower on it, cover it with another napkin, and close the book. For the best effect, you can put this book under the press. In a few weeks, your flowers will be ready. You can use it for appliques or resin jewelry.

Dried flowers can be stored for up to one year. Although they are without moisture, the decomposition process is not eliminated, it is just much slower.

Preserved Flower

preserved flowers


Preserved flowers have many advantages over dried flowers. Few people know how to preserve a flower

The preservation process consists of placing the flower in a solution of natural preservatives. It slows down all the processes that take place in the flower. Thus, there is a complete replacement of substances in the flower, due to which it retains its shape and rich color. Even the texture is indistinguishable from a living flower.

Preserved flowers can also live for one year, but they will retain the appearance of fresh flowers all year round. Also, unlike dried flowers, preserved flowers are not fragile. These flowers require minimal maintenance, and if you learn to care for them correctly, they can last for several years.

There are many uses for both dried and preserved flowers. Here are a few of them:

  • Creation of a unique design for a home where there will always be flowers.
  • Office decorations.
  • Convenient for use at various events.
  • Not only beautiful but also a trophy.

    The difference between dried and preserved flowers is quite apparent. You can choose your own way of storing flowers. But if you decide to give someone a gift, then preserved flowers will perfectly complement it, decorating this person's house for a long time. Give your loved ones more smiles.



    Are dried flowers safe?

    Dried flowers are safe for adults, children, and animals. They almost never cause allergic reactions.

    Why is it better to entrust flower preservation to a professional?

    It will significantly reduce the risk of spoiling the bouquet, so you have a 100% chance of saving it. Also, at home, you can make incorrect calculations of the components for conservation, and your flowers will lose color and structure or will stand for a very short time.

    Are all flowers subject to drying and conservation?

    You can save any flowers, but each needs a special approach. Chamomile, for example, is enough to dry in a book, and roses are best preserved. It depends on the shape and color of the flowers.


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