It is a boy! A phrase so full of happiness, which many people dream of hearing in the hospital. But how to congratulate the mother of the newborn boy? Roses for a new baby boy are a great choice. Tender, lovely roses in pale shades or unique and gorgeous blue and lavender are appropriate for the occasion. 

The symbol of blue has become part of the culture of celebrating the birth of a boy. Therefore, this color appears in many bouquets. Also, such an element can decorate any gender party because they are so popular now. It is also worth highlighting that the flowers are safe for both babies and mothers. They are hypoallergenic and will last a long time in the room. Purchase flowers of high quality from experienced florists; this is an excellent choice that will delight you for several weeks.

Our symbolic bouquets are perfect for toddler gender parties because each bouquet has a meaning and a unique color scheme that matches the occasion.


Bouquets of Blue Roses for a New Baby

Lightmoon Roses

light blue roses for new baby boy

The most common color for boys is blue. So, why not give blue roses to a handsome baby boy? The pale shade of lovely blooms cannot leave you indifferent. The bud’s heart is white. This color fits well for tiny and gentle creatures, and the color resembles the reflection of the moon on a summer night. Flowers for a new baby are grown on an organic farm, so they are completely safe.

Dry Snow Roses

blue roses for new baby boy

Refined new baby flowers that combine white and blue colors. These blooms evoke pleasant associations with heaven, power, and strength. It is a very symbolic gift in honor of the birth of a boy. These roses can express that you want your baby to become independent and achieve great success in life. Grace and strength are combined in this bouquet. 

Blue Lagoon Roses


dark blue roses for newborn boy


The birth of a child is a very bright moment in life, and these colorful flowers will delight you for a long time with their beauty and uniquely wonderful aroma. These are new baby roses that are made exclusively in navy blue. The blooms have deep color, and if the baby boy has already shown his temper, these flowers are perfect for him. Everything is simple and meaningful. Rosaholics was able to grow a completely safe and eco-friendly product of this unnatural color. Therefore, there is a guarantee of quality. 


Roses in Pale Tones for a New Baby 

Black Graine Roses

roses for newborn boy

Discreet and beautiful version of the greeting bouquet. On the one hand, Graine Roses are cream-colored roses with a slight hint of pink, but the black lines make them unusual, creating a contrast. An unusual choice for creative people. Such a bouquet is great for those who prefer natural hues. These roses are associated with harmony and tranquility. 

Feodora Roses

two colors roses for newborn boy

An original and unique bouquet of roses is perfect for an occasion such as the birth of a new baby boy. This stunning bouquet combines elegant red and unusual white and lilac with white and symbolic blue spots on the petals. Red roses are usually presented for an important occasion, not just as a romantic gesture.  

Honey Boo

light pink roses for newborn boy

The beautiful light pink color of the buds is more suitable for girls, but the unusual greenish petals give the bouquet a completely different appearance. This bouquet is suitable for both girls and boys. Besides the colors, this bouquet has a premium quality, as it is one of the best varieties of roses. Such new baby flowers will decorate the room for more than 10 days and will not lose their magnetic appearance. With such blooms, you will make the baby's mother smile for as long as possible. 


Vivid and Multicolored Roses for a New Baby


multicolored roses for newborn boy

A lot of people believe that children make human life meaningful - they are like sunrays in the darkness. So, these flowers are vivid and cheerful; they make us smile and bring back warm memories, just like children. The bouquet is arranged in three contrasting colors: blue, red, and pink. Thanks to this color scheme, it looks very perky and adorable, just like a small child.

Lujan Fresh

flower bouquet for newborn boy

Look at this gorgeous bouquet! It will attract the attention of anyone. It is perfect for any event because it looks fresh and romantic. In addition, you can choose the size of the bouquet on your own. An excellent combination of colors gives freshness to the bouquet. Flowers are grown in ecologically clean conditions. The main fertilizer for them is love and care, so every bouquet has a soul, and this is the main component of any gift.

Chelsea Rose Bouquet

blue and white roses for newborn boy

Liberty is the word that pops up in my mind when looking at these blooms. The perfect contrast of navy and white. Such simple and mysterious flowers will be a great gift. The main color that appears is blue, which is very symbolic in honor of the birth of a boy. The bouquet will look so beautiful in the first photos of parents with a baby.

You can arrange new baby flowers delivery with complete confidence that these are quality flowers. They were grown in the heart of Ecuador and are proven to be hypoallergenic; moreover, they impress with beauty and a wonderful aroma. Having a baby is a crucial step that takes courage, for which every mother deserves a special gift.


My wife has delivered a twin boy: should I buy two bouquets or is one large enough?

Even if you give one big bouquet or a medium-sized bouquet, the main thing is what meaning you put into it. To best express your emotions and feelings, consult a florist. A specialist will tell you the meaning of each color.

Is a navy blue color natural for roses?

No. Unnaturally brilliant roses in green or blue shades are not common in nature. Such roses often result from florists' efforts; they add special, environmentally friendly dyes to the water. However, some species of roses such as a green Chinese rose, are selected.

Are blue roses expensive?

It depends on the country and the store. In our store, you can purchase a dozen navy blue roses for $70.


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