Welcoming a new baby girl into the world is a joyful occasion that deserves to be celebrated with a special gift. A bouquet of fresh flowers is the perfect way to convey:

  • Your congratulations;
  • And well wishes to new parents.

There are many options to choose from. But a bouquet of roses can add a touch of elegance and beauty to the occasion. According to industry reports, roses are one of the most popular flowers given as a gift for newborn girls.  

In this article, we will explore some of the best new baby girls rose bouquets you should consider when choosing a gift for the new arrival. Whether you're looking for a classic and elegant arrangement or something a bit more playful, you will find the perfect bouquet to convey your love and best wishes. From soft pink hues to vibrant multicolored arrangements, there is a rose bouquet to suit every taste and budget. 


How to Choose the Right Flowers for a New Baby

To choose the right flower arrangement, you need to consider:

  • Soft pastel colors and flowers that symbolize love and innocence;
  • Consider the arrangement and scent;
  • Learn about allergies;
  • Decide on a color scheme.
new baby flowers

Here are some more detailed tips to help you select the perfect new baby flower:


1. Choose flowers that symbolize love and innocence. Flowers that symbolize love, purity, and innocence are ideal for newborn girl bouquets. Roses and daisies are classic choices that convey these sentiments.

2. Consider the arrangement. The flower arrangement can be just as important as the type of flowers themselves. You can consider:

         - a simple bouquet with a few flowers;

         - or a more elaborate arrangement with multiple flowers and greenery.


3. Add a personal touch. Consider adding a personal touch to the bouquet, such as:

         - a stuffed animal;

         - or a personalized card.

It will make the gift even more special for the parents and their baby girl. You should also consider the following peculiarities:  


Learn About Allergies

Consider a few things about allergies when choosing newborn baby flowers:


1. Consult with a florist. Florists are often knowledgeable about the various types of flowers and plants triggering allergies. They can help you choose flowers that:

        - are less likely to cause a reaction;

        - and provide alternatives if necessary.


2. Look for hypoallergenic options. Some flowers and plants are less likely to cause allergic reactions than others. For example, roses and sunflowers are typically less allergenic than other flowers. 

3. Consider fragrance-free flowers. If you're unsure about the baby's sensitivity to floral scents, consider choosing fragrance-free flowers like:

        - alstroemerias;

        - carnations;

        - or sunflowers


Decide on a Color Scheme

Here are some tips to consider when deciding on a flower color scheme for a new baby:


1. Opt for pink tones. Pink is the traditional color for baby girls. So incorporating various shades of pink into the bouaqut is a great option. Consider using light pink, hot pink, or blush-colored flowers. It will create a cohesive and girly look.

2. Add some white. Adding white flowers to a pink color scheme helps:

         - balance the palette;

         - and create a soft, delicate feel.  


3. Consider other pastels. Lavender, light yellow, and pale blue can:

         - work well with pink tones;

         - and create a beautiful and feminine color palette.


Choose Flowers with a Soft Scent

Stick to flowers with a gentle and mild scent to ensure the baby's comfort and safety. These flowers for the birth of a baby have a subtle and gentle scent. Also, you need to:


1. Avoid strongly scented flowers. Strongly scented flowers can be overwhelming for a newborn's delicate senses. Stay away from flowers like lilies, gardenias, and jasmine. They can have a very strong and overpowering fragrance.


2. Smell test. Before choosing flowers for a baby, take a moment to smell them yourself. If the scent is too strong or overpowering for you, it's likely not a good choice for a baby. 


Roses Bouquets with Pastel Colors for a New Baby Girl

A bouquet of pastel-colored roses is a wonderful choice for welcoming a baby girl. Consider pastel colors, such as:

  • Soft pink;
  • Light peach;
  • And delicate lavender.


These flowers for a new baby will create a gentle and calming atmosphere. The gentle and feminine pastel colors add a sense of tenderness and grace. A rose bouquet can be arranged in many different ways: 

  • From a classic dozen roses;
  • To a more intricate and artistic arrangement. 


Mixing different pastel colors and adding greenery or baby's breath creates a beautiful and sophisticated look.  

Giving the parents a bouquet of pastel roses is a thoughtful and beautiful gesture. It will bring joy and beauty to their home during this special time. It's a wonderful way to express your congratulations and love for the new family while creating a lovely and serene atmosphere for the newborn girl. Look at wonderful pastel color bouquets from It’s a Girl Category:


Holi bouquet


    The combination of cream, blue, and pink roses creates a stunning and colorful bouquet. This mix symbolizes harmony, tranquility, and grace. It will stand out and impress parents.




    Roses in Classic Colors - Flowers for a New Baby Girl

    Roses in classic colors, such as red, white, and pink, are a timeless and elegant choice:

    • Red roses represent love and passion;
    • White roses symbolize purity and innocence;
    • And pink roses represent grace and gratitude.


    A bouquet of roses in classic colors can be arranged in many different ways:

    • From a simple vase of a dozen roses;
    • To a more elaborate and intricate arrangement; 
    • Or adding some baby breath or greenery can create a beautiful and delicate look.


    Roses in classic colors have timeless beauty and elegance. Giving a bouquet of classic roses is a lovely way to express:

    • Your congratulations;
    • And support for their growing family.


    These flowers will brighten up any room and bring joy and happiness to:

    • Parents;
    • And their new baby girl. 


    It's a beautiful and thoughtful way to:

    • Welcome the new arrival;
    •  And celebrate this special time in their lives. 


    Look at these amazing classic rose bouquets from It’s a Girl Category:


    Casablanca  bouquet

    1. Casablanca

      The elegant and classic white roses are timeless and beautiful. It will create a serene and tranquil atmosphere in the parents' home. 



      red roses

      2. Classic Red

        Red roses typically symbolize love and passion. However, some people choose a red bouquet as a way to express their:

        • Excitement;
        • And enthusiasm for the new arrival. 


        Cheshyre bouquet

        3. Cheshyre

          The bright pink, lavender, and light pink roses create a stunning and balanced bouquet. These colors express love, admiration, grace, and joy for a baby girl.




          Multicolored and Bright Bouquets of Roses for a New Baby Girl

          Multicolored and bright bouquets of roses are a fun and cheerful choice. These bouquets will create a lively and playful atmosphere. They have vibrant and bold colors, including:

          • Red;
          • Yellow;
          • Orange;
          • Pink;
          • Purple;
          • White;
          • And more.


          Multicolored and bright bouquets of roses are a great choice for parents who have:

          • A more outgoing and fun-loving personality;
          • Or for parents who want something more unique.


          Sending a multicolored bouquet of roses to the parents is a wonderful way to express:

          • Your congratulations;
          • And joy for their new arrival. 


          The bright and cheerful colors will:

          • Bring a smile to their faces;
          • And add a touch of happiness to their home during this special time.


          Overall, multicolored and bright flowers are a great way for:

          • Celebrating the birth of a baby girl;
          • And showing your love and support for the parents.


          Look at vibrant multicolored rose bouquets from It’s a Girl and Multicolor Roses Categories:


            Breathless Fresh bouquet

            1. Breathless Fresh

              This bouquet combines peach, yellow, red, and pastel roses. The combination of these different colors creates a stunning and dynamic bouquet. It will brighten up the parents' day. 



              Cinnamon bouquet

              2. Cinnamon

                Cinnamon bouquet merges roses in pink, purple, orange, and teal. It brings a warm and inviting atmosphere. The mixture of these different colors creates a beautiful and harmonious bouquet. It can make the parents feel loved and appreciated.



                Rainbow bouquet

                3. Rainbow

                  These newborn baby flowers are created by injecting different colors into the stem. It results in a stunning rainbow effect that is sure to catch the eye. The rainbow colors represent a range of emotions and qualities, such as:

                  • love;
                  • joy;
                  • happiness;
                  • creativity;
                  • and courage. 


                  Cupid bouquet

                  4. Cupid

                    A light pink layer gently cupping bold red petals represents a newborn's sweet, delicate nature. And the bold red petals symbolize love, passion, and delight. It is a perfect gift to express your love and admiration for the baby girl.



                    Bottom Line

                    Choosing the perfect flowers for a new baby girl is a delightful and heartfelt gesture. It will express your love and congratulations to the proud parents. 

                    With so many beautiful and colorful options available, it's important to consider:

                    • The type of roses;
                    • The color scheme
                    • And the style of the bouquet. 

                    So, go ahead and choose the perfect baby girl roses bouquet! And let your love and best wishes shine through!



                    My wife has delivered a twin boy: should I buy two bouquets or is one large enough?

                    Even if you give one big bouquet or a medium-sized bouquet, the main thing is what meaning you put into it. To best express your emotions and feelings, consult a florist. A specialist will tell you the meaning of each color.

                    Is a navy blue color natural for roses?

                    No. Unnaturally brilliant roses in green or blue shades are not common in nature. Such roses often result from florists' efforts; they add special, environmentally friendly dyes to the water. However, some species of roses such as a green Chinese rose, are selected.

                    Are blue roses expensive?

                    It depends on the country and the store. In our store, you can purchase a dozen navy blue roses for $70.


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