Just imagine, you have become the loving father of a little princess or the uncle of a little wonder. What do you want to give as a gift? The best bouquet, of course. This bouquet must be gorgeous, the most wonderful and fantastic to express all the love you feel. 

Choosing a bouquet for festive events is difficult, especially when it comes to the birth of a child. It is necessary that the product meets quality standards and does not cause allergies. And of course, do not forget that these flowers should be beautiful and symbolic. We will help you choose the exact bouquet that you imagine in your cherished fantasies. So that the choice does not seem too difficult, and your eyes do not run up in a panic, we have selected some options, among which you can find what you were looking for.

Tender Bouquets of Light Colors for a Baby Girl


Moondust is a great choice for a little princess. An aristocratic and luxurious bouquet of roses with a brilliant combination of snow white and Disney purple fits perfectly to welcome the baby girl. Let your child sees the beauty of this world from their first days. 

Such a bouquet will appeal to any mother who has just left the hospital. You can order a bouquet of any size, and it will look great in any case.

Cielito Lindo


It is worth meeting a real princess with this bouquet because it is uniquely delicate. It is impossible not to smile at how cute light pink and purple are combined. These roses for a new baby girl have a pleasing appearance and a subtle odour. You will never forget these fantastic blooms, and neither will your daughter. With these flowers, you can make a proposal to your beloved one or even get married. 



White roses will be considered an elegant and soulful gesture anyway. They are simple and sophisticated. So they can suit the taste of many ladies. You can also add them to any interior, and they will delight you. These are some of the finest quality white roses on the market that will last long in your vase.



This bouquet is a real burst of pink. Magenta pink, lemonade, lavender - all of these shades are there. It is a fantastic bouquet for a new baby girl. They are eco-friendly, colorful, and high-quality flowers that are grown in Ecuador. To order, you just need to indicate what quantity you need and where and when to deliver. 

A Burst of Colors for the Newborn

Just Smiles


It is worth noting that colors are on trend now. If you present these flowers, then you are guaranteed to cheer up the recipient. This bouquet is great to give to a child, as it's vibrant and simple, not redundant or cheap looking. Seeing this bouquet, the following associations come to mind: colorful meringue, which is sold at the amusement park, or candy floss, which parents treat their children to. The associations are very positive. These new baby roses are just the perfect choice if you want to surprise the recipient with something particularly positive.

Breathless Fresh


These are not just new baby flowers; these are a holiday that you can give. It is impossible to find a similar bouquet of roses in which there are so many flowers, but at the same time, they will look like a magnificent composition. There are bright yellow, red, green, orange, and lavender roses. And all these colors complement each other. Looking at the bouquet, you feel that you are looking at the smile of a loved one, and you begin to feel happy inside.

Violett Fresh Roses


Fantastic light purple roses are complemented by perky sunflowers. They highlight the bouquet so beautifully and vividly, like warm childhood memories. The bouquet evokes pleasant nostalgia, and the brightest moments from life immediately pop up in memory. Sunflowers can be associated with the birth of a child, which becomes the brightest moment in the background of all life’s events.



Are you bored giving traditional roses? A cinnamon bouquet is a multicolored bouquet of roses. This bouquet surprises and inspires those who like the rainbow and unusual floral compositions. This bouquet looks like fireworks, just as bright, positive, and mesmerizing. Many vivid flowers on roses merge into one picture that cannot leave you indifferent. This bouquet can perfectly convey the emotions that you will experience at the birth of your daughter. It looks like real euphoria.

Bubble Tea Roses


A high-quality bouquet with beautiful blue-green flowers. This color carries pleasant associations such as calmness, stability, and confidence, but at the same time, slight impulsiveness. 

We provide reliable new baby flowers delivery. Your bouquet will be delivered on time and in perfect condition. The quality of the flowers is first class and will last in your vase for a long time. The flowers are grown in sustainable conditions in the heart of Ecuador. Roses do not cause allergic reactions and have a pleasant smell, so the flowers are worth ordering as a new baby roses gift. The birth of a daughter is a special day, so gifts should be special too. The choice of flowers is a call of the soul. You should choose the bouquet that you feel is most suited to the newborn baby and her mother. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. Your intuition about such things will never deceive you.

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My wife has delivered a twin boy: should I buy two bouquets or is one large enough?

Even if you give one big bouquet or a medium-sized bouquet, the main thing is what meaning you put into it. To best express your emotions and feelings, consult a florist. A specialist will tell you the meaning of each color.

Is a navy blue color natural for roses?

No. Unnaturally brilliant roses in green or blue shades are not common in nature. Such roses often result from florists' efforts; they add special, environmentally friendly dyes to the water. However, some species of roses such as a green Chinese rose, are selected.

Are blue roses expensive?

It depends on the country and the store. In our store, you can purchase a dozen navy blue roses for $70.


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