To begin with, you need to choose a style of photography. Find ideas that are interesting for you, then pick up roses that will suit this, as well as an outfit. If these are gift roses, it is worth starting with the flowers and adjusting to them. There are many suggestions on how to take such unusual photos. We will tell you about them.

Taking a photo session is a great way to cheer you up. You can take creative photos, post them on social networks, and print them for an album or as a painting on the wall. But everyone is tired of ordinary pictures - it's time to look for something new. Any unusual photoshoot requires equipment. In this case, flowers come to the rescue. What flowers can you take many photos with? Of course, with roses. The main advantage of roses is their versatility. They can be used in any photoshoot if presented correctly. These flowers will add romance to any photo. Also, with the help of roses, you can emphasize your elegance and sophistication.

Photo with pink roses

Tips You Need to Know Before Taking Photos With Roses

Places for Good Photos

One of the main rules of a successful photo is the right background. It should be in harmony with the picture as a whole and look aesthetically pleasing. The following locations are great for photos with roses:

  1. Green Garden. Lush gardens with bursting colors create an amazing background. However, because of the variety of color, it is very difficult to create contrast, focus on the object, and not blend in with the background. 

  2. Big city lights or night downtown. Dazzling lights and breathtaking views of the city at night with skyscrapers and glass storefronts in enormous buildings look superb. The captures will be complemented by cars and restaurants in the background. The atmosphere of luxury, constant motion, and mystery is carried through the picture.

    In this atmosphere, a lavish bouquet of roses would look great. 

  3. Lush field. A photo session with wild flowers can be arranged even in the country. A casual outfit and relaxed setting are all that you need. You can make an outfit with rose elements or fill the trunk of your car with them. 

  4. House or studio. A lovely summer house can be a great background for those who want charming and home-like photos. Professional studios are also available. Just imagine contemporary-furnished studios and vivid attributes like red roses - here, you can create your perfect captures. 

How to Take a Great Photo With Roses?

photo with roses
  1. Act naturally, don't use pretentious poses. The more relaxed you seem, the better. How to pose with roses is a separate issue, which we will also talk about.

  2. Don't try to smile just for the photo. It will look unnatural. The real beauty is inside you. The eyes are a reflection of our soul, and you can tell a state of mind by looking at them. Better to remember something good or some kind of joke. Best of all, a person is adorned with a sincere smile.

  3. The bouquet should not be in the foreground so that attention is focused not only on it.

  4. You also need to experiment with focus because different focusing may work for different photos.

  5. Good lighting is essential. This greatly affects not only the aesthetic appearance of the photo but also the quality.

Processing should also benefit the photo. There are many mobile applications for high-quality processing and more. You can find information about this on any social media; you can also find ideas for pictures and get inspired there.

How to Pose With Roses?

If you do not have the skills of a photographer or model, then posing is a difficult stage. All the typical poses are no longer relevant. Out of confusion, you can forget all those photos that you looked at home to take them on your own. But even in this case, there are some rules to refresh your photos and make them more attractive.

photo with roses in the city

  • Try not to look at the camera - it makes the photo look unnatural. You can look at the bouquet; this gesture will also help draw attention to it.
  • If you are taking a picture with a bouquet, then hold it with both hands. There is no need to put your hand on your side or straighten your hair; focus on one thing.
  • If you have flowers in some item of clothing, then take a photo in motion. The more natural the picture, the better. You can swing, walk somewhere, or run. You can also take a photo while dancing - it will be a photo charged with positive energy.
  • A wreath of flowers will fit perfectly into a picnic. Take live photos of you reading a book in nature, eating, or drinking. You can take pictures by the river, where you are sitting in a boat and guessing on a daisy.

  • Portrait photo lying in a heap of flowers. Beautiful makeup, hairstyle, and a lot of roses. Roses should be overlaid with buds to the head so that the stems are not visible.

  • If you decide to take a photo with roses, then it is important to remember that everything should be combined: the look and color of the bouquet, your image, hairstyle, makeup, and weather. Everything should convey the same mood because otherwise, the photos will appear confused.

Roses are very versatile and beautiful flowers that fit almost any background. Using them, you can take pictures that will convey any mood, just pick out the right color. 

Photographing Roses

photo of roses in the vase
  • Roses can be photographed right in the garden. You have to find the right angle so that everything looks balanced. We must not forget about the lighting, and we should avoid catching sunrays or sparkles. 

  • Macro shot of a rose. It is important to look at the harmony of the background and the rose. Such a shot is possible only with a quality camera that can capture all the details.

  • Photo of a full bouquet of roses. The bouquet can be supplemented with other flowers - the main thing is that it looks beautiful from the point of view of floristry. Again, you need to pay attention to whether the vase and background match the main picture. The light should be matched to the overall mood of the picture.

  • Photo of a bouquet of roses without a vase. They can lie on a beautiful windowsill or blanket. It is better to choose a light background.

Roses are sophisticated flowers that can complement any photo. They will add a romantic or festive mood to your shot. In addition, flowers are always relevant. Well, you can use them literally for any photoshoot. 


How to make clothes from roses for photos?

This is a very difficult and reverent business, especially if the roses are with thorns. To begin with, the flowers are cut to the required size, and, if necessary, the thorns are removed. Later, the master can sew or glue roses to some elements of clothing or decor, complementing them with other flowers, fabrics, or other decorations.

Is the smell of roses safe?

The smell of roses is safe for people, as they are hypoallergenic. But you should be careful when photographing indoors. It is best to do large-scale photo sessions with roses on the street.

How long do cut roses last without water?

If you decide to take a lot of photos with roses, then there will be no time to put them in water. With such roses, you can take pictures for about two hours; as time goes on, they will begin to lose their freshness.


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