In order to determine which blooms to send for a birthday, you must consider the recipient's likes. But what to do if you do not know the tastes and wishes of the recipient? In this case, you should rely on the language of flowers and trends. Some popular options for birthday flowers include:


  • Pink roses or pink tulips to show appreciation and admiration.
  • Sunflowers or yellow roses to convey delight.
  • Classic red roses to express love and passion.
  • White lilies or white roses to represent purity and innocence.


The range of flower colors is so extensive that choosing them takes hours, days, or even weeks. Modern floristry grows flowers not only of standard shades. There are flowers of exotic hues and even multicolored flowers available. Of course, it's good that thanks to such an assortment, you can choose any color of blooms to your taste. But not knowing their meaning, you can select a bouquet by mistake. Thus, before buying flowers for a birthday gift, be sure to consider the tastes of the recipient. 


What Do Flowers Symbolize?

Each type of flower has its symbolism. So, sometimes people choose specific flowers to convey a birthday wish to someone. 

pink flowers

Are you still thinking about which blooms to pick to express wishes to the recipient? Keep some sincere recommendations from us:

  • Roses
  • The imagery of the diverse colors of these flowers can shift. But in general, roses symbolize beauty, love, affection, elegance, and romance. 

  • Calla lilies
  • Calla lilies are quite versatile flowers suitable for any person, regardless of gender or age. They have a symbol of life, devotion, and love. Thus, this option is ideal for absolutely everyone as a birthday present.

  • Tulips
  • Depending on their shade, they have slightly different meanings. But tulips generally convey tenderness, joy, positivity, and warmth. That's why they are a more friendly gesture.

  • Alstroemeria
  • Alstroemeria is a symbol of affection and friendship. Their flowers are often used in bouquets and other decorative arrangements to express deep feelings of friendship and gratitude. So, these flowers are a perfect blessing choice for a birthday gift.

  • Orchids
  • These flowers are exotic. Accordingly, their color options are quite unusual. Regardless of your choice, orchids represent grace, luxury, dedication, and beauty.

  • Chrysanthemums
  • If you can not decide on the choice of flowers for a birthday gift, choose chrysanthemums. Any of their shades carry the meaning of optimism and sensitivity. 


    How to Choose a Birthday Flowers Color?

    birthday flowers

    Pick a shade that reflects your relationship with the recipient and the sentiment you wish to convey on their special day. And to make it easier for you to decide on the best birthday flower color, follow the following rules: 

    • For ladies with whom you have a close relationship, choose flowers of red shades. They convey the meaning of sympathy, affection, and love.
    • Red flowers can also be an excellent choice for young people. It applies to those who have an active and dynamic lifestyle.
    • A pink flower bouquet can be an ideal choice for a girl you have known for a short time.
    • Choose orange flowers for your close people. Orange is great for friends and sisters.
    • A blue bouquet can be an excellent choice for your colleagues.
    • Young girls prefer receiving bouquets of light shades. So, for fashionistas, choose delicate shades of petals. Ideal options for hues can be pink, lavender, and white.
    • If you choose a flower color birthday for an older woman, you should select saturated shades. It can be a bouquet of blue, multicolored, or yellow roses.
    • Are you choosing the color of flowers for respectable people? Pay attention to the white flowers. They are an excellent gift for a mom, wife, or grandma.
    • Choose a multicolored bouquet to surprise the birthday person who is quite close to you. Various colors of flowers in one convey thrilling emotions and joy.
    • Choose purple flowers for those with whom you have exclusively business relations. But rely more on pastel hues rather than saturated ones.


    Good Color Combinations

    bouquet of roses

    The best birthday flower color combination will depend on your taste and the occasion. As for birthdays, here are the most expressive good flower combination:

    • One classic and stunning color combination is pink and white. It is suitable for any person of any age.
    • Mix monochromatic schemes with varying shades of the same color. This way, you add a fresh and modern touch to the birthday atmosphere.
    • Combine deep red with white or black flowers. Such a contrasting bouquet is a chic birthday present for relatives and loved ones.
    • Choose a combination of blue and black flowers. It is an excellent combination for your friend's birthday party.
    • Remember to add greenery to your flowers. And it doesn't matter what color they are. Green is something that always adds freshness and expressiveness. Thus, it will not be superfluous with any flowers for a birthday gift.

    Bear in mind that no matter what colors of flowers you combine, there should always be at most three of them. After all, when there are many of them, it makes the bouquet unwieldy and tedious. So, the best combination is when the bouquet has three or two colors.


    Bad Color Combinations

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    Careful consideration of color combinations is essential to achieve a tasteful, harmonious look. But it is more challenging than most people think. After all, one incompatible color of the flower and everything is ruined. To prevent this, beware of the following flower combinations:

    • Do not mix many bright shades. It just makes the birthday flower color a mess.
    • The variety of monochrome black colors is also bad. It can create a gloomy or depressing atmosphere.
    • A combination of more than three colors is simply pointless. After all, when the flower color for a birthday varies in 5-6 shades, it looks too multifaceted. Accordingly, flowers do not draw attention but create a bad impression.
    • The mixture of blue and green creates a cold and uninviting atmosphere. It can clash when placed together in a floral arrangement. So, avoid this combination.


    Not all colors of flowers can be combined with each other. So, always remember to beware of such colors of flowers together so your flowers only create positive impressions. After all, in floristry, there are rules about the harmonious appearance of bouquets. And if you don't follow them, you can mix a not-quite-attractive arrangement.


    Best Birthday Flowers by Rosaholics

    Are you going to a birthday party but haven't chosen a bouquet yet? It's time to turn to Rosaholics. We can help you choose a flower color for a birthday and create it as best as possible. It will keep you from thoughts about selecting a bouquet, saving your time. Besides, we can send your magical bouquet on the date of a specific birthday.

    Our florists take care of flowers and do not leave them unattended for a single day. Thanks to this, they always have a fresh look and expressive colors. And their large assortment gives you a superb choice of the best birthday flowers.

    Below we will analyze in detail several options for flower arrangements. All of them are created by us and are incredibly unique. We can create a customized birthday bouquet for you if you want something more memorable. We have a large assortment of white, red, and pink roses. Besides, we have alstroemeria, hydrangeas, and sunflowers. Just imagine what composition you can present to someone on their birthday. Still need to decide what to choose? Keep the best 5 birthday flowers: 


    Cheshyre Pink Rose Bouquet

    1. Cheshyre

    Looking at this bouquet, a festive mood is sure to appear. After all, this bouquet looks delicate, luxurious, and enchanting at the same time. Cheshyre bouquet contains a harmonious combination of fragile roses. Pink, creamy and lavender create an aesthetic look. And additional greenery gives it exclusivity and attractiveness.



    Dolce Amore bouquet

    2. Dolce Amore

    Is your significant other's birthday coming up soon? Such a bouquet is exactly what you need. Red roses, in combination with white, create a stormy contrast. Thus, this bouquet exudes romance, tenderness, and love. If the recipient is someone close enough to you or your loved one, choose Dolce Amore. 



    Breathless Fresh bouquet

    3. Breathless Fresh

    The combination of these birthday flower colors will suit any person. Orange, red, yellow, and purple roses have an unusual appearance. After all, they are all endowed with bright colors and intertwine with greenery. Just imagine what a strong positivity such wonderful flowers carry. 




    Cotton Cloud | Multicolor Rose Bouquet

    4.  Cotton Cloud

    This bouquet has a miniature design and modesty. But the unusual combination of colors does not prevent these flowers from pleasantly surprising everyone. Its pastel and daring hues are a testament to the beauty and diversity of nature. So, it is an excellent option for flowers for a birthday.





    A Word From Rosaholics

    Are you seeking out an important birthday present for somebody extraordinary? Look at our stunning colors of flowers. Our florists can suggest bright, cheerful shades to add joy to anyone's birthday. Or we can provide pastel colors for a touchy atmosphere. So, give the bouquet as a present, and you'll make a lasting impression with our top-quality blooms.



    Which flowers are best for a birthday?

    The best flowers are those that the birthday person likes. But if you do not know which to choose, one of the best options is roses.

    Is it OK to send white flowers for a birthday?

    Of course. White roses symbolize tenderness, purity, and respect. Thus, on a birthday, they are an appropriate gift.

    What color flowers are for happiness?

    These are flowers of warm colors. These include yellow and orange.

    What do red roses mean on birthdays?

    For this event, they symbolize love, romance, and passion. If you give it to relatives, they carry a symbol of love and respect.


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