Many people wonder what color flowers to give for a birthday when there are only a few hours left until the moment X. What to choose: a single rose in a transparent package, a gorgeous basket of impressive orchids, or three carnations? What color should the flowers be, and what do they represent? The tradition of giving flowers on holidays has developed a long time ago and continues to this day. Flowers are presented as a gift to everyone, without exception, a friend, spouse, work colleague, boss, mother, children, teachers, etc. Nevertheless, when choosing a bouquet, not many pay attention to the semantics of flowers, preferring to rely solely on the price and appearance. Although each flower has its hidden meaning. In many ways, the decision depends on who the bouquet is intended for.

The purchase of flowers should, if possible, be sure to take into account the tastes and preferences of the recipient. If you do not know what he/she likes, consult a florist while thinking about the favorite colors of the person

What do flowers symbolize?

The best option for a birthday is roses. If you have not yet decided what flowers to give for a birthday, feel free to choose the favor of the queen of flora. However, any shade of this gorgeous flower has hidden connotations:

  • White buds symbolize purity, and, innocence. Such a bouquet will tell about your warm feelings love, and care.
  • The symbolism of red roses for birthdays is known to everyone. These are flowers of passion and desire.
  • Burgundy roses are given to ladies at a venerable age; these flowers symbolize elegance and worship.
  • Pink. These are flowers of sentimentality, hopes, and dreams.
  • Orange and yellow roses mean joy and optimism. As a rule, bouquets are presented to bright and outstanding personalities.

The symbolism of other flowers is different, so if you do not know exactly what flowers are given for your birthday, use the following recommendations:

  • Tulips. This flower, at all times, was considered a sign of love and worship. Giving a bouquet of tulips, you wish the lady great, magical happiness if you decide to add a drop of creativity to your present and give yellow tulips.
  • Eustoma. Its buds are delicate and charming; the colors are different, but, as a rule, they are not bright. Therefore, you can give a bouquet of eustomas to all women.
  • Gerbera. You can give a bouquet of these flowers to bright and extraordinary personalities, girls and grandmothers, on occasion and just like that. This flower symbolizes joy and fun.
  • Orchid. Usually, bouquets of these flowers are given to those who are respected, worshiped, showing sincere feelings.
  • Chrysanthemum. If you don't know what flowers to give for your birthday, choose chrysanthemums. The variety of colors, shapes, and sizes of this flower is simply amazing. Florists will help you create a bouquet for both a young lady and a grandmother.
  • Callas. These flowers are considered male flowers. However, they are given to both men and women. As a rule, these flowers are presented to colleagues.
  • Lilies. This flower symbolizes purity. It can also wear different symbols of peace, devotion, and mercy. When presenting lilies to a lady, remember that these flowers look good only in large bouquets. As a rule, they are presented for the anniversary.
  • Daffodils. They have a double meaning, telling that a giver is a person who always knows his worth, which he also wants for you.
  • If you still have not decided what flowers to give for your birthday to a girl dear to your heart, stop your attention on a huge bouquet of daisies. They always carry a charge of vital energy, symbolizing pure, natural beauty.

How to choose a birthday flower color?

How to choose a birthday flower color?

Choosing and giving flowers to women is much more familiar and easier. Still, even then, when choosing an ensemble, one should consider the meanings of the language of flowers. Ladies are more conscientious about this kind of thing, so you need to take into account these simple rules:

  • A young girl should give a bouquet with pastel, delicate flowers; for an older lady, bouquets of rich shades are more appropriate.
  • Snowdrops, forget-me-nots, and any bouquets in white will help to confess your love to a young lady.
  • White roses or lilies for a wife, mother, and woman who commands respect will appear to symbolize greatness and spiritual purity.
  • If you are having fun and feel well with a girl, this is a close friend or sister, feel free to choose orange-colored flowers.
  • Flowers that have not yet opened are suitable for young girls.
  • Ladies with whom they have a close relationship, etiquette prescribes to present bouquets of rounded shapes; all shades of red are suitable.
  • If the donor is associated with the lady exclusively in business relations, then the shape of the bouquet can be any, and the color, for example, purple.
  • Middle-aged women shouldn't be presented with violets.

The choice of birthday flowers color depends on the nature of the event being celebrated. The more solemn the event, the brighter flowers can be presented as a gift.

  • Scarlet bouquets are often given to women with whom they have a very close, romantic relationship. Other shades of red are presented only to close friends.
  • Bouquets of white color are more often presented to young ladies. Giving can be any reason for a date, an anniversary of a relationship, a successful passing of exams, etc.
  • It is customary to give the yellow color of flowers before a long separation. Sun-colored bouquets are also presented to artists as a recognition of their skill.
  • The ensemble of blue flowers and all their shades emphasizes the originality of the person being gifted. Also, you can present such flowers to newly-made parents.
  • The only and universal color of flowers is pink; it can be presented to everyone and for any occasion. In the language of flowers, it means that the giver treats the gifted well. Such flowers are given for weddings, birthdays, promotions, and many other events.
  • But as a gift for children, you can choose any bright or variegated combination of colors. Small wildflowers are preferred in such a bouquet.

Good and bad color combinations

Good and bad color combinations

When choosing the color of a birthday flowers bouquet, you should pay attention to the florists' advice:

  • You shouldn't choose more than three different flowers (except for bouquets for children).
  • The flower arrangement should be diluted with green plants, but you should balance the amount of greenery and buds.
  • The bouquet looks brighter if its flowers have different sizes, small and lush buds, different stem heights. But do not overdo it; too much difference in size can look ridiculous.
  • You should not combine flowers from exotic countries and wildflowers in one ensemble.
  • Unopened buds can be diluted with blossoming flowers. This will make the bouquet look attractive.

Some flowers, when cut, secrete sap, which shortens the lifespan of other flowers. It is necessary to deal with such flowers separately; the stems are cut off and placed in a separate container for several hours.

The most successful gift is a bouquet of your favorite flowers of such a shade that the person being gifted adores, so you should know in advance about the preferences. 


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