The first date is the most exciting event in a relationship between two people. And is you want to make a good impression on my partner. The importance of a first date cannot be overstated. An idea of ​​each other is formed, sympathy arises, and a decision is made about a second meeting and all further relationships. The general impression is made up of little things, so a bouquet on the first date is needed and will probably affect the outcome of the meeting no less than other details of this day.

On the first date, it is customary to come with flowers. For the bouquet to be perceived correctly and bring joy exclusively, you must choose it correctly. Some girls don't like banal flower arrangements. Therefore, sometimes it is better to appear on the first date without flowers, but not necessarily empty-handed.

The general impression of a person is made up of little things. Therefore, it is not necessary to give luxurious flower bouquets on the first date. Flowers for the first date should be:

  • Modest and reserved.
  • Hardy and long-lasting.
  • Without harsh aroma.
  • Convenient to carry.

If you know for sure that your chosen one does not like flowers, then instead of a bouquet, you can present something no less colorful and pretty. Moreover, modern florists create bouquets not only from flowers, so there is always the best option.

Should you give flowers on the first date? This question is individual. If your darling has no special preferences and wishes, then it is worth carrying a bouquet of flowers on the first date.


What Flowers to Give on the First Date?

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The best flowers for the first date will be simple and inexpensive bouquets because a too expensive gift can put a girl in an awkward position. Flowers should be a pleasant addition, not the main accent of date, because this is not an anniversary or an unforgettable family date. If you have already managed to find out about the preferences of your beloved, give her favorite flowers. Type of flowers for the first date:

  • The best flowers and the universal version for the first date are, of course, roses. Almost all girls like them. Choose classic rosebuds.
  • Delicate peonies are the dream of many girls. They smell fragrant, stand for a long time, and are just very beautiful. A bouquet of 3-5 flowers will be an unforgettable moment on your date.
  • Present unusual flowers. For example, a bouquet of rainbow roses.
  • If you are afraid not to guess with flowers, give her flowers in a hatbox. It doesn't matter which ones. She will definitely like this original presentation.
  • Chamomile is a symbol of admiration, tenderness, youth, lightness.
  • Tulips speak of the sincerity of feelings.
  • Lilac or lilies of the valley are symbols of spring, femininity, beauty
  • Asters and dahlias create a romantic, sunny, and festive atmosphere.
  • Orchids are a sign of special attention and devotion to men.
  • Lilies are a symbol of the sincerity of feelings and emotions.
  • Alstroemeria are inexpensive and do not carry a romantic message. These are flowers of friendship and interest in another person. A small, neat bunch will be made from several multi-colored twigs.
  • Gerberas represent the sun and joy; moreover, they do not dry for a long time without water and do not smell. Flowers can be presented if a walk or a trip to the cinema is planned when it is impossible to put them in the water immediately.
  • If you know a girl well and she appreciates creativity, she will like hydrangea or sunflowers. These are voluminous flowers, so it is appropriate to present even one flower. The main thing is to focus on the desire to surprise and please your companion.

The shade of the bouquet gives it a mood and can say a lot about the guy's intentions. White flowers symbolize purity and innocence. Reds show passion and love. A bouquet of pink flowers is perfect for young ladies, as it means playfulness, grace, and elegance. If there is no purpose of demonstrating some feelings, it is better to give on the first date multi-colored type of flowers without symbolic meaning.

The main rule is first-date gift ideas and is honest when choosing a bouquet of flowers. Feel free to express your feelings. Present a bouquet that would tell about you, and your intentions. The girl will appreciate it, even if she has never loved flowers before.


How to Choose Flowers so as Not to Disappoint?

When choosing a flower arrangement for a first date, you need to consider all the subtleties of a future meeting. You need to think about whether it will be convenient for a girl to walk with a bouquet all day. Flowers should last until evening and not lose their original appeal. It is better to take care of the conditions in advance, for example, order a restaurant and warn the waiters that there should be a vase on the table. The girl will undoubtedly notice your concern and appreciate it.

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If you do not plan to visit restaurants and cafes, then use first date gift ideas and present flowers in a box. This design is very comfortable to carry. Inside the box is a unique floral sponge soaked in moisture. Plants are inserted into a sponge, thanks to which they receive water unhindered and do not wither for a long time. Taking care of flowers in a box is even easier than in a vase. It is enough to periodically moisten the sponge from a watering can or a spray bottle.


How to Make a Bouquet for a First Date with Your Own Hands?

The most pleasant gifts are handmade ones. The self picked bouquet will be remembered for a long time. But do not collect it in the nearest flower bed. You can come to the flower shop and create an arrangement with a professional florist. In this case, you will determine the size, shape of the bouquet and plants’ combination on your own.

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A bouquet of flowers for a first date can be:

  • Classic oval or round (in beautiful foil or paper packaging with sparkling ribbons).
  • Wireframe in the shape of a heart, geometric shape, letter, or word (a rigid frame allows you to give the bouquet volume).
  • Cascading with falling flowers (such compositions look gentle and romantic).

An attractive option that girls really like is sheaf bouquets tied with dry herbs, hay, or thin twigs. When creating a floristic composition, you can give free rein to imagination and not limit yourself in anything. Flowers on a first date are just as important as a neat appearance and good manners. Do not forget about such little things because they influence the outcome of events. Present the girl with a small cute bouquet, and you will definitely win her heart.


When Shouldn't You Give Flowers?

All girls are different, and therefore, a bouquet of beautiful flowers in some girls may cause a misconception about trying to bribe or seduce and the lack of original thinking in a young man. Often, there is such a situation when a guy gives flowers to the girl at the very beginning of a date. Still, the girl has not really had time to get closer to young man, and therefore the acceptance of the bouquet obliges her to a reciprocal present, which is not always possible.


Also, you should never forget that a girl may simply not like flowers. Besides, the presented bouquet in a restaurant leads to the need to take care of where to put it during a further walk or taxi ride.

Of course, no flowers can correct the course of date if a girl is not initially interested in a partner; often, guys are ahead of the tide of events, giving a bouquet at an ordinary friendly party, exposing the girl to an awkward position.


How to Arrange a Bouquet of Flowers for a First Date?

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Florists offer a wide range of packaging materials:

  • Transparent film is the easiest option to protect delicate flowers from the wind. It can be used to wrap a bouquet of several plants and to wrap one flower.
  • Corrugated paper is already a familiar classic. Additionally, you can decorate the bouquet wrapped in a groove with light floral butterflies.
  • Kraft paper is a modern and sustainable trend. Its slightly rough texture will perfectly set off the tenderness of flowers.
  • The floral mesh, although it looks like an openwork tulle, keeps its shape well. It goes well with roses.
  • A basket is a great option when a girl has to walk a lot on a date and at the same time hold a bouquet. The basket is easy to carry in your hands. Moreover, such a rigid package will protect the flowers from any trouble.
  • Small round hat box or heart-shaped box aesthetic packaging suitable for going to a cafe or restaurant. They will look great on the table without taking up much space.
  • Organza looks and feels like a thin silk fabric. Flowers wrapped in organza look especially festive and spectacular. Therefore, such packaging should be chosen when you want to impress a girl immediately.

Bringing flowers tied with an ordinary ribbon on a first date is not a good idea. If you plan to walk around the city during a date, visit interesting places, then such a bouquet will quickly dislocate and begin to look unpresentable. And if a girl is invited to dinner at an expensive restaurant, flowers without design will look too poor against the background of a luxurious setting.


Bottom Line

It is unnecessary to come to the first date right away with flowers, as you will have to carry them with you all day. Show your creativity, present the girl with flowers during a meeting or closer to the end of it.

You can order flowers in advance by choosing the place and time of their delivery. Arrange delivery directly to the meeting place, and you will see how easy it is to create romance at the first meeting with flower delivery.



Is it OK to give flowers on a first date?

It's generally considered acceptable to give flowers on a first date. But it's important to consider the recipient's personal preferences and any cultural or religious customs that may apply.

When should you give flowers on a date?

Flowers can be given at any point during a date, but it's best to wait until after the initial introductions and conversation have taken place. It's also a good idea to give flowers at the end of the date as a way to express gratitude and leave a positive impression.

Should you give anything on a first date?

Giving anything on a first date is unnecessary. But small gestures like bringing a small gift or offering to pay for the other person's drink or meal can be a nice way to show interest and respect.

How many flowers do you give on a first date?

The number of flowers given on a first date can vary depending on personal preference and cultural traditions. In general, a small bouquet or a single stem can be a thoughtful gesture without being too overwhelming.


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