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Flowers are a great gift to give to your girlfriend, particularly roses, which symbolize love. They show that you care about her and want to make her happy. 

This is why there are so many flower bouquets for girlfriends on the market these days. There are so many different types of flowers, colors, shapes, sizes, and designs that it can be difficult to decide which one is best for your girlfriend.

The best thing about roses is that they last a long time, so your girlfriend can enjoy a fantastic look and scent every day. 

Picking romantic flowers for your girlfriend, set your eyes on mixed bouquets. For instance, a rose bouquet with sunflowers and a branch of myrtle brings joy and positive vibes. Indeed, there are a lot of bouquet compositions that mix flowers of different kinds and colors. Moreover, the development of floristics and biology let us discover some exceptional florals. Mostly in the matter of their color. Dark blue roses or silver roses are great examples of the magic of science. 

You can find unique flowers of mindblowing tones and hues, like bubble gum or Grinch-green in our store! Remember that the best flowers for your girlfriend are unique ones! Why so? The difficulty of finding a rare present can be truly understood by those who searched for it. 

When to Give the Flowers

The other thing that matters is the occasion. St. Valentine's Day might be the most common day to present flowers to your girlfriend, but certainly not the only one when you can do it. Quite a lot of men miss that point. 

Small gestures of attention on a common weekday will demonstrate your true feeling and intentions. A lovely bouquet of sunflowers or peonies accompanied by roses is a great choice. Choosing flowers for your girlfriend also depends on her tastes. But no matter what flowers are closer to the heart of your girlfriend, you are sure to find them in our shop.  


What color roses to give to my girlfriend?

Generally, women find red, pink, and white the most lovely colors for roses.

Can I give my girlfriend white roses?

Of course, you can. White roses symbolize tenderness and trust. Besides, they mean that you want to know her better.

How many roses should I give to my girlfriend?

The number of roses wholly depends on you. But we would like to make one note: consider flower-gifting traditions if your girlfriend is of a different culture. For instance, if she is slav, do not give her an even number.

What do three white roses mean?

Three roses is usually determined as a phrase “I love you” just in the floral language. Though, it also depends on their color, as red roses will clearly convey this message.