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Every year, florists of our store summarize the sales results and, each time, are convinced - roses always remain the leaders. This is the most desirable gift for most girls and women. They are bought to congratulate on personal and romantic holidays, to make up, to surprise or just because.

But it is not easy to choose a bouquet of roses because the greater the assortment, the more difficult it is to decide. Today's article is a small instruction for men who approach purchasing a gift not formally but with a soul and want to ensure they like it.

Choose roses considering the recipient's lifestyle, character, and features. We will help you to send flowers to your girlfriend!

Send Flowers to Your Girlfriend

Do not forget that the most important thing is not the quantity or color of the rose but the sincerity and feelings you want to express. Let your roses symbolize your love, respect, and gratitude, and give joy and smiles to your girlfriend. The following options are the best for sending flowers to your girlfriend:

  • If the chosen one sees the bright side in everything, give her colorful flowers or bright blends. The more shades in the bouquet, the more colorful it looks. Such compositions, even on cloudy autumn days, lift the mood and remind us of summer.
  • Red roses symbolize passion and love. If you wish to express your deep affection, opt for red roses as your best choice. Typically, people give bouquets of 15 or 25 red roses, but the number can vary depending on your desire and circumstances.
  • Pink roses are a symbol of tenderness, romance, and admiration. They are suitable for new relationships when you want to show your feelings but don't want to be too intrusive. A bouquet of 9-15 pink roses can be a great gift for a girl.
  • White roses embody purity, innocence, and spirituality. They serve as a gesture of respect, often at weddings or anniversaries. White roses are also suitable for apologies, symbolizing reconciliation. Typically, they are presented in bouquets containing 25 white roses.
  • Blue roses make an enchanting gift for a girlfriend. These preserved roses, coated in shimmering silver, symbolize lasting love and unique beauty. Unlike fresh flowers, they remain pristine indefinitely, a constant reminder of your affection. The rarity and elegance of blue roses showcase your thoughtfulness and devotion. It makes them a memorable and meaningful gesture that she'll treasure.

Occasions to Send Flowers to Your Girlfriend

Welcome to our flower store, where love blossoms with every petal, and we believe in turning moments into memories. Sending flowers to your girlfriend is more than just a sweet gesture; it's a timeless expression of your affection and a surefire way to make her heart skip a beat. Our collection boasts a symphony of colors, from passionate reds to delicate pastels, each bloom meticulously chosen for its beauty and fragrance. Whether it's a romantic anniversary, graduation, or just an everyday reminder of your love, our expert florists are here to craft the perfect arrangement to convey your feelings eloquently. Let our handpicked flowers be your messengers of love, igniting sparks and kindling the flames of passion in your relationship. So, don't wait for a special occasion. Send flowers to your girlfriend today and watch her face light up with joy and appreciation for your thoughtful gesture.


What color roses to give to my girlfriend?

Generally, women find red, pink, and white the most lovely colors for roses.

Can I give my girlfriend white roses?

Of course, you can. White roses symbolize tenderness and trust. Besides, they mean that you want to know her better.

How many roses should I give to my girlfriend?

The number of roses wholly depends on you. But we would like to make one note: consider flower-gifting traditions if your girlfriend is of a different culture. For instance, if she is slav, do not give her an even number.

What do three white roses mean?

Three roses are usually determined as the phrase “I love you” just in the floral language. However, it also depends on their color, as red roses will clearly convey this message.