Flowers are the best way to impress a girl. If you have a first date, then you need to come to it with flowers. Besides, roses will be a good gift for a friend. If you do not want to give the bouquet in person, you can order delivery and surprise the recipient. How to choose a bouquet that can impress? People are different, they like different flowers, but no one will get tired of the original bouquet made with soul. In this article, you will find out which bouquet is best to choose to make it memorable.

How to give flowers creatively?

It doesn't take much effort to buy a bouquet of flowers. You just need to go to a flower shop, buy the first bouquet you like and present it to your girlfriend. How to impress a girl? You need to show a little imagination for the gift to really be remembered and impressed. You can present even the most ordinary flowers effectively and unexpectedly.

Furthermore, you can give her flowers on a regular day, for no reason to impress the girl. Any girl will be surprised to receive a bouquet if she does not expect it.

Moreover, you can order flower delivery. Have the courier hand over a floral arrangement with an intriguing note. Write in a note an invitation to a date or something that only your girlfriend will understand. For example, you can write “Meet at our place” at a certain time. Every girl is sentimental and loves romantic gifts. You can not impress the girl with the bouquet itself but with the manifestation of sincere feelings.

If you think that a modern woman can no longer be surprised by anything, you are mistaken. A strong character and efficiency usually hide a romantic nature. Present such a lady flower, and you will see how her look and mood will change.

Unusual flower arrangements

Unusual flower arrangements


You need to move away from stereotypes to make a surprise. Forget about traditional roses in a round bouquet. Yes, they will look decent, but how to impress a girl?

Decide on bold combinations for your gift to be remembered:

  • Small-flowered bright yellow gerbera will look amazing with smoky lilac chrysanthemums. Such a bouquet will definitely not be boring.
  • Collect a huge number of the same flowers in one present. A weightless cloud of dark red peonies, delicate gypsophila or an armful of large daisies cannot resist such beauty.
  • Creamy rosebuds will perfectly harmonise with juicy strawberries and sweets. Today, bouquets are in fashion, in which flowers are combined with sweets and fruits.
  • Present a flower the size of a bouquet. Glamelia is another trend in modern floristry. The composition is assembled from many petals and leaves so that outwardly it looks like a large flower.
  • Compositions in which dried flowers and cotton bolls are used look very touching. White lumps of half-opened cotton inflorescences give the bouquets incredible warmth and comfort.
  • Present flowers in a box. This type of gift differs from the usual bouquet in its design and purpose. Flowers in a box are much more practical, and the flowers will look fresher for longer.
  • A bouquet of roses in any quantity. Roses were and remained an ageless classic of floristry. Small and large, they grab attention and are the perfect gift for any occasion. Roses will be a good gift for both a friend and a girl.
  • You can surprise by presenting flowers with toys. A bouquet combined with a classic soft toy and a soapy gift.
  • Flowers in a box with sweets will be an excellent gift to impress. It would be appropriate to give such a gift even to a friend. Flowers are immersed in a box and surrounded by sweets or any kind of sweets. Such a gift will be memorable, and the flowers will delight with their appearance.

Give flowers for no reason

Give flowers for no reason


On the eve of the holiday, women expect to be handed flowers. On their birthday, before March 8 or the anniversary, men usually go to flower shops.

Why wait for a reason? Organise a pleasant evening in the middle of the week. Go to a romantic movie with your girlfriend, give her a touching bouquet of flowers, remember how much you love her. You can impress your beloved with this surprise. Such moments remain in memory for a long time and warm the soul.

You can order flower delivery to impress your girlfriend. Each girl will be pleased to receive a bouquet of her favourite flowers unexpectedly.


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April 07, 2021 — Alexandr Oleynik