It is difficult to imagine a good and happy relationship without words of tenderness. In any relationship, it is important to say nice words to each other, not silence. But how often do you say tender words to each other? Rarely or never? The right choice of words is important here when it comes to romance. Watch your expression and pitch as well. Nice words to your favorite man or beloved girl should go from the depths of your soul and be 100% sincere. Our partners can see when the person sincerely believes in what they say. We also recommend pleasing your loved ones with more than just words. The small surprises will do perfectly. You can choose a beautiful bouquet of alstroemerias or roses. Anyone also will be glad to have a chocolate or a trip somewhere. Read below different phrases to express romantic words on different occasions.


Love Messages for Her 

Love Message for Her

You can find hundreds of examples of affectionate words on the Internet. You can send them to your beloved boyfriend. However, the young man has probably already encountered them on social networks. Therefore, it is better to write sincerely, from the heart.

But what to do if the image does not work, but you want to please your loved one? Read the following words of love. Perhaps they will lead you to certain thoughts:

  • I miss your kisses and hugs, our dinners and walks together... Come back soon!
  • Distance is a test of love's strength. But I believe it will only harden our feelings!
  • I miss you madly, my darling. I wish you were there now...
  • May help my message cheer you up no matter where you are. I wanted to remind you that I love you madly!
  • You are my sunshine. I hope you will soon warm me with your rays...
  • Add these sweet words for her: “I am sad now because there are hundreds of miles between us. But I believe that soon they will turn into road dust!”
  • I'm so overwhelmed with emotion from loving you that I think I'm getting sick! Only one thing to save me: your sweet, hot kiss! Come quickly!

Romantic Words for Him

Romantic Words for Him

Don't think that only girls need admiration. It's important for young men, too, to feel that they are the best and the only ones in the universe. If you want to compliment a guy and raise his self-esteem, write romantic words of love:

  • Only you can warm me up on this cold day. I wish you were here...
  • I know you're at work and very busy. I just wanted to tell you that you'll make it!
  • Honey, when you're away, I don't live. I exist because you're the one who makes my heart beat faster...
  • I so want now to admire your beautiful face and gorgeous smile and look into your eyes... I believe we will be together very soon!
  • I am glad to see you, every call, every text message, and your kiss!
  • I want to see you. I want to hug and kiss you. How I miss you - words can't tell!
  • One of the best romantic words for him is: ”I want to fall asleep in your arms, to hear your warm breath. I want to feel that you are always near, and I want to be happy that we have each other. I love you with every cell of my body!”
  • You are a man with whom I feel easy, warm, comfortable, and cozy. I really  appreciate our relationship and hope that we will be together forever. I love you so much, my sunshine, my very best man.
  • I am thrilled to have such a wonderful man like you. The one who shares every moment of my life gives me warmth, support, and peace. I love you!

Romantic Good Night Messages

Romantic Good Night Message

Night is a time of peace, calm, sweet languor, and healthy sleep. Nice wishes for a good night can turn the usual sleep into a fascinating journey into the dreams world. Sometimes a short text message good night from a loved one warms the soul more than a poem written in your honor. You can find a variety of options with interesting wishes for pleasant dreams. Such love messages for him or her are sure to bring a sleepy smile to their faces:

  • The moon company is mad at me and jealous of you because I said no one could light my nights instead of you. Good night.
  • Since I couldn't be with you tonight, I asked the moon to watch over you. So have a stress-free rest! Good night, my love!
  • Sweet dreams, my joy. May you have kind and tender dreams, and all the day's anxieties disappear. Remember, I am always by your side. Good and good night.
  • Sweetheart, when you turn off the light, I see stars in your eyes. The warmth of your love drives me crazy. Good night!
  • Use the message of I love you: “May you have the sweetest, most dreamy, and sound sleep tonight. I love you to sleep well.” 
  • Good night! Good dreams! May you have only good and colorful dreams. Pleasant and sweet dreams. Sleep well and wake up with a good sunny morning!

Sad Love Words

Sad Love Words

People want to share it with others when they're sad. Often they do it so that someone will comfort them. Especially popular are short, beautiful, sad quotes about love. Perhaps they can help you get out of the maze of sadness. Use the following romantic words of love:

  • "I've always dreamed of seeing the love in her eyes that I have in mine. And today, at last, I saw it. But she is not for me..." ("Kuch Kuch Hota Hai")
  • Just try to love a man - and he kills you. Just feel that you cannot live without someone - and he kills you. ("Singing in the Blackthorn" by Colleen McCaw)
  • It's scary to lose someone you love, but never meeting them is even scarier. ( Mark Levy "First Day")
  • Just because somebody's dead, you don't stop liking them, for God's sake - especially if they were about a thousand times nicer than the people you know that's alive. (Jerome David Salinger's Catcher in the Rye)
  • Consider these romantic words for him or her: “One of the saddest and saddest expressions ever uttered is "it had to happen sometime." (John Greenleaf)
  • Love is equally great in talk and in brevity. ( Honoré de Balzac)
  • We will never realize how little we need in this world for absolute happiness until we lose it. (James Matthew Barry)

Cute Good Morning Romantic Words

Cute Good Morning Romantic Words

Sometimes you want to lift a person's spirits right from the morning. The following morning message options will help you do just that:

  • You are my only one, my favorite, the most beautiful and tender, my sunshine, my joy... I can go on like this forever. Good morning, my love!
  • I want to say that you are the best, the most beloved, and the most beautiful - good morning to you!  
  • Wake up soon, smile till your ears! Pour the tea faster, wait for me, and don't get bored! 
  • The sun has already woken up; it knows my secret: I miss you. What about you? I dream about you! 
  • My little sunshine, it's morning already! It's time to get up and decorate this world with yourself! 
  • Use these sweet words for her or him: “Good morning, my favorite girl! I wish you a good day and a great mood.”
  • Good morning, dear! I miss you already! I wish you a good day and a line to add - I love you!
  • Good morning! Have a good day! It's so good to have you! 

Sweet and Romantic Words of Love

Sweet and Romantic Words of Love

It is very important to remind your partner of your feelings. The easiest way is to send a message and tell them that you love them. Read below some ideas for inspiration:

  • I am very glad that such a sunny, incredible, and gorgeous man like you appeared in my life. I feel comfortable with you. You cheer me up, make me forget the bad things, and give me happiness every day. 
  • I pray to heaven for you because you are dear to me and the most important part of my life. I am happy with you, and I wish with all my heart that my love will make you happy too.
  • Beloved! You have eyes that I will never tire of looking at, lips that I will always want to kiss, but most importantly, a heart that I will never stop loving. I love you.
  • I believe - you and I will be able to go anyway. I know that we are destined to be happy. I love you. And that is the main thing. We will overcome everything. You're the best. You give me a smile and wings behind my back!

Funny Love Words

Funny Love Words

Many people appreciate the good sense of humor of their significant other. If you want to please your loved one, send him a funny confession. This section will help you to say romantic words:

  • Urgent message from the Federal Space Center. A fast-growing star has appeared in the galaxy. The reason for the emergence is a super-strong love flare-up between you and the subscriber from whose number you received the text message.
  • To prevent an explosion, it is necessary to balance the strength of feelings. To do this - as soon as possible, exchange kisses!
  • Can you at least get out of my thoughts for a couple of hours?
  • I have to work, and I have you in my head, and I can't seem to focus!
  • I feel like you're about to go to prison for life! With confiscation! Why? Because you stole my heart!
  • I fell in love with you. Do you know how it happened? Like Morpheus from The Matrix, Fate offered me a pill called "love." 
  • My love for you flutters up high... almost broke because of you!

Love Words for Apologizing After a Quarrel

Love Words for Apologizing After a Quarrel

All of us sometimes make mistakes and are wrong. In such cases, it is important to apologize to the person you have wronged in time. You can do so with the “I love you” message:

  • I'm afraid to tell you to your face. Just know that I feel terrible about the fact that I might have hurt you like that. I didn't mean it. I'm sorry if you believe me. 
  • Sweetheart! I am so ashamed that I lied to you. This situation will be a good lesson for me, and I won't do that to you. Forgive me, please!
  • My love, I was one hundred percent wrong. Forgive me, my best man in the world. I love you madly, and I only want to be with you. My sweetheart, don't hold any more grudges.
  • Let's forget all the hurt because love is the strongest feeling, and it conquers all. Let's think only good thoughts. I promise to be the best in the world for you. I'm sorry!

Bottom Line 

At any relationship stage, you should express your emotions and feelings to make it stronger and happier. Using romantic words is the easiest, most effective, and most free way to improve your relationship. And the best way to express your love will be the flowers. You can always ask our experienced florists.



Can you express love in words message?

Of course, sometimes it's a great option. As it is not always possible to be near the person and you want to please. Then the help can come in the form of such texts.

How do you melt someone's heart with words?

The surest cure for a cold heart is love! Tell the man the phrase: "I am incredibly glad I met you. You smile at me every day!" You are sure to get them to like you.

Should I send her a sweet message?

Yes, posts like this always make people happy. Especially when they get them throughout the day. The main thing is not to overdo the messages. One or two texts a day is enough.

What flowers to send a girl after a nice message?
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