What words can help when someone has died? It is a great grief. A card with a heartfelt message will help the grieving person feel your care and love. It can be a small comfort to them during this time of great sadness. It is especially helpful to express grief in person. Not everyone is able to gather their thoughts and tune in. What is the right thing to do in this case? Use a message of condolence. It will help you express your feelings most fully. Since while writing you can concentrate. Remember also that sending a bouquet is a good tone. More often than not, people choose red or white roses for such occasions. But you can also choose other flowers or send a card. You should do this according to the preferences of the deceased. 

Read our article next to learn about the proper and polite ways to sign sympathy cards.



Condolences are sorrowful words expressing sympathy for a death. A heartfelt condolence implies a personal address, verbal or textual.

In a funeral or memorial speech, condolences should be brief, as in texts via message or email. Try to express condolence phrases in your own words. A person needs to understand that you wrote it from the heart.

Often you write messages for condolence for death based on such brief words of grief in prose:

  • (My) Condolence!
  • Please accept my sympathies!
  • Our sympathies!
  • We are sorry for your loss!

A brief condolence is appropriate at a civil memorial service, funeral, or crowded mourning event, but not in an extended personal message. We need to add words of remembrance of a good person and show sympathy and empathy. You do it to show your feelings with words.

If you can help, words of comfort for relatives of the deceased can end with this phrase:

"You will definitely need help with funeral arrangements these days. You can count on me".


How to Sign a Sympathy Card?

Everything has changed over the years. People used to think that they should only express condolences in person or by phone. Pandemic lockdowns and the established habit of texting have also affected condolence culture. A lot of the advice and recommendations of the past are not so valuable now. 

There is a universal technique for how to express condolences for a death and sign a sympathy card on behalf of a team, co-workers, or organizational leadership.

How to express condolences:

  1. The beginning: "It is infinitely hard to lose such a trustworthy person."
  2. Brief condolence text. You can use our examples below or express it in your own words.
  3. A condolence caption, such as: “Eternal memory!”

Sympathy Messages for the Loss of a Mother 

Sympathy Messages for the Loss of a Mother

Losing a mother is always difficult. Read on for phrases that are appropriate to use in this case:

  • This terrible news dumbfounded me. To me, [Name] was a hospitable hostess, a kind woman, but to you... The loss of your mother... I feel so sorry for you and cry with you!
  • The grief is incomparable! And I have no words to lessen your pain. But I know she would not want to see your despair. Be strong! Tell me, what can I do for you these days?
  • [Name] was an example of delicacy. The memory of her will be endless, as will her kindness to all of us. Mom's passing is an incomparable grief. Please accept my deepest condolences for the mother's loss!
  • We are happy to have known [Name]. Her good disposition and generosity amazed us all; we will remember her! It is difficult to describe our sorrow - it is too deep. Let our kindest and brightest memories of her be a small consolation!
  • The news of [Name]'s passing came as a shock to us. We feel lonely at these times. But remember that you have friends who love and appreciate your mother. Rely on our help!

    One of the most suitable sympathy quotes for the loss of a mother are:

    • We are very sad, I can't tell you! It's hard to lose loved ones, but your mother's death is a grief for which there is no cure. Please accept our sincere condolences for your loss!
    • Losing loved ones is very hard... And to lose your mother is to lose a part of yourself... We will always miss mom, but let the memory of her and a mother's warmth always be with you!
    • She spent her life in countless labors and worries. She was such a heartfelt and soulful woman. We will remember her forever!
    • Let wisdom and fortitude help you through these most difficult of days. Hang in there!

    Sympathy Quotes for the Loss of a Grandmother 

    Sympathy Quotes for the Loss of a Grandmother

    A grandmother is an essential person for many of us. At the moment of her loss, we want to express our condolences in full. Read more about this:

    • The life she lived has a name: "Virtue.” [Name] was the source of life, faith, and love for her beloved children and grandchildren. God rest her soul!
    • Words can't heal a terrible wound in the heart. But the bright memories of [Name] will always be stronger than death. How honestly and worthily she lived her life.  In the bright memory of her, we are forever with you!
    • There is an opinion that people love their grandchildren even more than children. We felt the love of our grandmother to the fullest. This love will keep us warm all our lives, and we will pass on some of its warmth to our children and grandchildren. Our sincere condolences!
    • This is incredibly sad. Grandma was a mascot for the whole family. Please accept my sincere message of condolence!
    • The world around us is poor without her care. "Sensitivity and attentiveness" is just about her. My sympathy and condolences!
    • With [the Name], the example of goodness has gone! But she will remain a guiding star for all who remember, love, and honor her.
    • It is to dedicate the kind words to [Name], "Her actions came from the heart, from the soul. May her soul rest in perfect peace!

    Message for Condolence on the Death of the Father

    Message for Condolence on the Death of the Father

    Fathers have a great influence on us. They raise boys to be men and girls to be princesses. It's important to have the right words when they leave us. Read below how to express your feelings:

    • We are deeply saddened to hear of your father's death. He was a fair and strong man, a faithful and sensitive friend. We knew him well and loved him as a brother.
    • I am truly sorry for the loss of your dad. It is a very sad and sorrowful time for you. But good memories are what will help you through this loss. Your father lived a long and vibrant life and achieved success and respect. We join the words of grief from friends and memories of [Name].

      The following words are as important as the sympathy message loss of a mother:

      • Hard times give birth to strong people. Your father's whole life is proof of that. Our condolences!
      • My sincere condolences to you... What a man, what a scale of personality! He deserves more words than can be said now. In memory of [Name], he is our teacher of fairness and mentor in life. Eternal memory to him!
      • [Name] set an example of courage, fortitude, and wisdom. And I am sure that he would not want you to grieve like that now. Be brave! My heartfelt sympathy goes out to you.

      Words to Sign Sympathy Card on the Death of a Husband

      Words to Sign Sympathy Card on the Death of a Husband

      Losing love is never easy. However, you need to be aware of it and be able to support the person at such a moment. Read the sympathy quotes that will help you in this below:

      • My condolences! The death of your beloved husband is a loss of your soul part as well. Hang in there, my friend! These are the hardest days! Grieving with you, we are here for you....
      • Thanks to your words about his [qualities or good deeds], it seems to me that I knew him all along, too. My condolences to you on the death of such a beloved man and a dear soulmate! Rest in peace…
      • Sorrowful tidings. [Name] was a talisman for the whole family. Please accept my condolences!
      • We mourn with you in this difficult time! [Name] was the kindest, selfless man who lived for his neighbors. We empathize with your loss and join you in the kindest and brightest memories of your husband.
      • Our family is grieving with you. Our condolences! The loss of such a strong pillar in life is irreplaceable. But remember that we will be honored to help you whenever you need it.

      Condolence Message to a Friend

      Condolence Message to a Friend

      It seems that friendship is for life. But nothing lasts forever. Read how to comfort a person about the loss of a close friend:

      • Today, everyone who knew [Name] is grieving with you. This tragedy leaves no one close to you indifferent. I will never forget my comrade, and I consider it my duty to [Name] to support you whenever you contact me.
      • I'm sorry that [Name] and I have had our differences at one time or another. But I have always appreciated and respected him as a person. I apologize for my moments of pride and offer you my help. Today and always.
      • Your shock at the loneliness that has come is a severe shock. But you can overcome your grief and carry on what he didn't have time to do. We're here for you and will help you with anything - reach out! We have to remember [Name]!

      This is one of the best messages of condolence:

      • We are sorry for your loss! Our sympathies - the loss is very hard! Intelligence, iron will, honesty, and fairness... - we were lucky to work with such a friend and colleague! We would like to ask his forgiveness for many things, but it's too late... Eternal memory to this mighty man!

      Comforting Words for the Loss of a Child

      Comforting Words for the Loss of a Child

      When children leave before their parents, it worries everyone. Use the suggested words for such an occasion:

      • Mom, we mourn and weep with you! We will all keep bright memories of our brother’s memory! Our memory of [ Name ] will be eternal!
      • Blessed are those whose memory will be as bright as [Name]'s. We will remember and love him forever. Be strong! It will be easier for [Name] if he knows you can handle everything.
      • Please accept my condolences! It's hard to imagine what parents go through when their child leaves before they do. 
      • We are very sorry! Please accept our messages of condolence. The most important thing is to be a good dad and mom to his brothers and sisters. 
      • People with such a broad soul say: "How much of ours has gone with you! How much of yours is left with us!" We will forever remember [Name] and pray for him!
      • The death of a child is always difficult. Remember that we will help you in any way we can. You are strong parents, and you can do it!

      Sympathy Quotes for a Loved One

      Sympathy Quotes for a Loved One

      A loved one can replace our friends, family, and sometimes the whole world. It's very scary to you lose them. Find words to comfort the grieving person:

      • There are such sorrowful words: "A loved one does not die, but simply ceases to be near. In your memory, in your soul, your love will be eternal! We will also remember a kind word to [Name].
      • Love will not die, and the memory of it will always light up our hearts!
      • Grieving with you in this difficult moment. It's scary even to imagine as if half of you were gone. But for the sake of your children and your loved ones, you need to get through these sorrowful days. He will always be there in our souls and eternal memory of this bright man.
      • It's hard to choose the right words in this difficult moment. Mourning with you! A little message of condolence will be that not everyone has had the chance to experience love like yours. But let in your memory [Name] remain alive, full of strength and love! Eternal memory!

      Words for Sign Sympathy Card for the Loss of Siblings

      Words for Sign Sympathy Card for the Loss of Siblings

      It's not easy to lose someone when you've spent your entire childhood with them. Sisters and brothers are important people in our lives who could come to our aid at any moment. Read below how to choose words for the loss of siblings:

      • My condolences! They say about people like your brother, "fairness is his middle name." Recognition, respect, honor, and ... eternal memory!
      • Be strong! With the loss of your brother, you have to support your parents twice. God help you through these hard moments! My deepest sympathy!
      • It is very hard to lose your loved ones and relatives, but doubly hard when young, beautiful, strong ones leave us. God rest her soul!
      • For all of us, she will remain an example of the love of life. And may her love of life illuminate the emptiness and sorrow of loss and help you get over the time of farewell. We grieve with you in your time of need and will remember [Name] forever!
      • Mom, I wish I would find sympathy words to ease your pain. It's hard to imagine if there are any such words on earth. May your memory be bright and everlasting!

      What do You Give With a Sympathy Card?

      supporting people with hug

      Since funeral or cremation arrangements are handled by a professional funeral director, and the array of goods and accessories is typical, there are only a few useful gifts that are not on the traditional shopping list. These may be flowers, money, or funeral supplies. However, remember that the person will be incredibly pleased to receive help. After all, in addition to moral difficulties, people can sometimes feel financial hardship when they lose a significant other. Read our options for gifts with messages for condolence below.



      A wreath from an organization, from friends, from family... Several wreaths with mourning ribbons decorate the event during a cremation or funeral. A bouquet and a funeral wreath is a traditional funeral gift. The traditional option is roses. It is best to choose roses in dark-red, white or blue.



      However, the first days after the death are the worst time for relatives and close people. They may not be able to write beautiful condolence words in these minutes. Anyone good with words can help them write an obituary. Perhaps it is you? Everyone deserves a beautiful obituary.


      Money for a Funeral

      Money is a universal gift that is all the more valuable to the family's economic situation. For needy people, a material gift on days of unexpected expenses is very appropriate. Giving money should be in a modest envelope of discreet colors, not publicly demonstrating the gift's content. 


      Bottom Line 

      It is always better to think of some messages for condolence that are your own to say to the deceased's loved ones.

      When coming up with these words, you can think of something from the person's past. Recall something interesting. Say something precious to everyone. Remember, it's always better to speak from the heart.



      Can I write a short condolence message?

      Never text in any form when it comes to a service that allows you to send a short message. Can't meet in person? You better call. After all, you don't know precisely when that message might come.

      Is it rude to send money in a sympathy card?

      No, it is completely normal to send money. Relatives and friends who have lost a loved one will welcome any help from you. Financial assistance in any amount will help to cope with large expenses on the days of the funeral.

      Are flowers appropriate for death?

      Yes, flowers or a funeral wreath is a classic option for such occasions. The main thing is you must remember to give an odd number of flowers.

      Is it OK to hand someone a sympathy card?

      Of course, it's a sign of good manners. It also shows that you care about the person and that you care about their feelings.

      When should you not send a sympathy card?

      We do not recommend sending postcards after a long period. More than one month. It can remind the person of the loss and drive them back into a depressed state.


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