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Often people send sympathy flowers for funerals and to loved ones who need support and care. Flowers have always been used not only as a manifestation of romantic feelings or congratulations on happy holidays but also as an expression of sympathy for those who are having a grievous time and have lost a loved one. It can be difficult to know what to say, but a sympathy flower arrangement helps denote love and support.

What flowers to send in sympathy?

Every bouquet has an individual meaning. 

  • Roses
  • Roses are aid flowers. The concoction of their beauty, tenderness, pleasant aroma, and calming effect is suited well as an expression of commiseration.

    So, consider the colors of roses and their meaning:

    1. Red roses show respect, courage, and strength. Also, red roses symbolize eternal love. The rich red color of roses conveys deeper empathy.
    2. Dark crimson roses mean penitential, woe, and loss.
    3. White roses mean juvenility, innocence, and decency. They’re also used as funeral flowers to emphasize the immaculacy of the dead. They are often used at funerals if the dead are young.
    4. Yellow roses symbolize warmth and last respect for someone who has died.
    5. Dark pink roses show respect for the deceased.
    6. Peach roses are the most common colors for expressing sympathy. The very color of these roses already has a calming effect. Peach roses carry positive energy and are a symbol of sincerity and gratitude.
    7. Pink roses signify tender sentiment and grace and rank as the best choice as sympathy flowers.
  • Alstroemeria
  • Alstroemerias are considered a symbol of grace, honor, and greatness. According to the Victorian language of flowers, alstroemeria with a pleasant, rich smell symbolized that a person is loved and matters to others. The sympathy flower bouquets of alstroemerias are also suitable to express grief and offer condolences.

    On our site, you can order sympathy flowers. We have a lot of variants for roses, alstroemeria, and other flowers with which you can express empathy.


    What's the appropriate time to send flowers?

    The best time for sending sympathy flowers is usually one or two days after the death of someone close, but you should speak with their family first before sending anything.

    Who can give sympathy flowers?

    If you appreciated or respected the dead person - that’s a reason to give flowers and share the pain. You can give flowers to your friends, acquaintances, teachers, or colleagues who suffer from loss. The bouquet will be a sign of condolences and, perhaps, calm those who are in grief.

    What to write on a piece of paper with which you need to send flowers of sympathy?

    The grief is impossible to put into words. Still, it is worth writing a line expressing your condolences, supplemented with a quote or verse.