Giving flowers is always an excellent idea. The smile of the recipient always pleases the one who gave the bouquet. Roses are always one of the best options for a bouquet💐. Winter holidays are great occasions to give a loved one a bouquet of beautiful flowers such as roses🌹. Our team has collected the best rose bouquet ideas for you, such as:

  1. Classic Red;
  2. Black & Blue;
  3. Golden Frost;
  4. Silver Fresh;
  5. Naughty Or Nice;
  6. Marshmallow;
  7. Eve;
  8. Extra Long Roses.

In addition to the Christmas holidays, many other important events will be in winter. In cold season, you can confess your feelings to your loved one, congratulate friends on their wedding, or present a bouquet for a colleague's anniversary. Each bouquet we presented differs in the color of the roses and other features. These characteristics carry a certain meaning about which we want to tell you.

In this article, we will look at the best flowers for winter, what they mean, and when you can give them.


#1 Classic Red
red roses

Red roses are the most popular roses in the world. It is also a versatile flower bouquet. If we turn to Greek mythology, we can read about how Aphrodite, the goddess of love, created the red rose. In Roman mythology, people associated them with the goddess Venus. She was also the goddess of love. When Venus ran to her lover to warn him of a plot against him, she cut her ankles on a thorn bush. Her blood turned into red roses.

Meaning: Roses always associate with strong emotions, great love, and passion. A bouquet of red roses is a great way to confess your feelings, confirm the strength of your love, and emphasize the strength of passion between lovers.

As a present: In winter, in addition to Christmas, there are holidays for which you want to give flowers. So, it could be Valentine's Day or the birthday of a loved one. Red roses are a great option for winter flower bouquet. Also, with the help of such a bouquet, you can say "I love you" on a beautiful winter evening.


#2 Black & Blue
black and blue roses

The combination of black and blue roses looks very parasitic. It's impossible to believe until you see it with your own eyes. The contrast of colors, such as blue and black, gives a stunning result. In fact, blue and black roses are two of the rarest varieties of roses you can find. This flower arrangement is bold and deep.

Meaning: Blue roses mean pursuing an ideal, achieving goals, a dream, and delight.

While black roses symbolize support and are an indicator of something new. Also, they symbolize rebirth, optimism, and hope. In addition, black roses can speak of feelings of eternal love.

As a present: This version of a bouquet of roses can definitely be one of the best winter flowers. You can give this as a gift to your loved one and a friend or colleague. It is a bright and original bouquet that will pleasantly shock anyone.


#3 Golden Frost
golden roses

Roses of golden color mean true friendship, joy, and new beginnings. 

Meaning: Sending golden roses to someone is a great chance to communicate the deep friendship you have. Also, it means genuine interest in this person, which occurs without conditions and mercantile considerations. 

Furthermore, golden roses speak of support in new endeavors. Moreover, they talk about sincere feelings of joy for a friend's success.

As a present: By giving golden roses, you can share your joy and your holiday with your loved one. A bouquet of golden roses can cheer up and congratulate the recipient. It is a good gift for a friend's birthday or graduation. Also, you can give them to the day your loved one achieved what they dreamed of. If your friend or colleague has an essential event, give him these winter flowers. So, you will demonstrate your support in the good endeavors of your loved one.


#4 Silver Fresh
silver roses

Silver roses are not seen every day. It is a fairly rare color of roses. 

Meaning: By itself, the silver color is a symbol of wealth, intelligence, knowledge, maturity, and feminine power. Also, this color symbolizes new ideas and undertakings. Silver roses can symbolize support in new endeavors. In addition, silver roses are a symbol of elegance and refined taste. 

As a present: With the help of such flowers for winter, you can emphasize the mind and determination of a person close to you. By the way, silver roses contain a large number of polyphenols. Therefore, they are strong antioxidants. By presenting such a bouquet, you will cheer up a person and benefit his body.

Bouquets of silver roses are also great flowers for winter. You can give it to your girlfriend for her birthday or Valentine's day. Also, such a bouquet is a good gift for a man or colleague you want to support or congratulate on his success.


#5 Naughty Or Nice
green and white roses

Such a winter flower bouquet consists of green and white roses. It can be a great gift or decoration for a winter party. The dazzling shade of the bouquet can decorate any room. A bouquet of green and white roses is a rare variant of a flower bouquet. You can be sure that such a gift will pleasantly surprise its recipient.

Meaning: Such a bouquet means the beginning of something new, setting a new goal. By giving this, you can cheer someone up and support his aspirations. Such a bouquet symbolizes hope, motivation, and eternal strength to complete tasks. 

As a present: If your loved one has an important event in the winter, give him such a bouquet. It will surely instill his motivation, hope, and a sense of support from loved ones. In addition, you can use this bouquet to cheer yourself up on a cold winter evening. This bouquet can also be an excellent option for an employee or colleague. Especially if he has reached certain career heights.


#6 Marshmallow
white roses

Such a bouquet looks quite simple but, at the same time, elegant. These roses can also be the best flowers for a winter gift.

Meaning: With the help of such a bouquet, you can symbolize a new romantic and marital connection. Such flowers represent purity, youth, innocence, young love, and fidelity. Therefore, such a bouquet of white roses will be a wonderful gift for the bride. With this, you can emphasize the sincerity of feelings between the spouses and wish them long and pure love.

As a present: Traditionally, people use white roses as a wedding gift. They also decorate wedding events. However, you can give white roses not only for weddings. You can present such a bouquet to a loved one to emphasize that they are vital to you. This bouquet is perfect for saying thank you for your support. Also, white roses symbolize restoration. Therefore, you can give them to your sick friend with wishes for recovery.

Thus, white roses can be universal flowers. You can give them both for a wedding and for any loved one to say thank you for his presence in your life.


#7 Eve
multicolored roses

These winter flowers consist of white, green, and red roses. A rather unusual combination of these flowers results in a stunning bouquet of roses. The white shade in each of the roses of this bouquet gives it purity, youth, and innocence. The white color of roses symbolizes young love, eternal fidelity, and sincere feelings.

Meaning: The green hue of these roses is associated with life, growth, and abundance. These roses also mean renewal, fertility, rejuvenation of the spirit, and energy. The green hue of roses evokes a sense of calm and stability. The red part of these roses is responsible for romance and passion. Everyone knows red roses are an excellent way to express feelings and stir romantic interest.

As a present: Giving these winter roses to the newlyweds for their winter wedding will mean a prosperous marriage and eternal feelings. In general, roses with a green color are a good gift for those who are starting something new. So, it can be a wedding or becoming a new parent. A bouquet of roses of these three colors is an excellent gift for a winter wedding for young people. Also, such a bouquet can decorate a winter party or give to loved ones on their wedding anniversary.


#8 Extra Long Roses
extra long pink roses

Long-stem roses are associated with human emotions. 

Meaning: Such winter flowers symbolize the strong emotions that a person experiences. Accordingly, the stronger the feelings and emotions, the longer the stems of roses will be. 

As a present: In the past, long-stemmed roses were given to a loved one to tell them, "I will always remember you." Roses are known to symbolize feelings of love and friendship. Roses with long stems express true love and long-term relationships. Giving long-stemmed roses for a date on a winter evening is a great idea to express your feelings.


Bottom Line 

Thus, we have told you about the best flowers for the winter holidays. We have considered various occasions where you can give a bouquet of roses to people close to you. If you need a bouquet of beautiful roses, you can order it on the website of our online flower shop. We cut our high-quality flowers correctly to create your bouquet from them. Our flowers last three times longer than flowers from other stores. It's because of the new technology we use. Here you can find roses of any color, including exotic ones. In addition, the roses on our website are divided into different categories, corresponding to different occasions🌹.



Are in-season flowers cheaper?

Yes, flowers are cheaper in season. If you want to buy flowers out of season, florists must import them worldwide. It will increase the price of the bouquet by about 50%.

What day of the winter are the most flowers sold?

Christmas and Hanukkah are the most popular winter holidays for giving flowers. These holidays account for about 30% of the annual flower sales.

What cut flowers are available in the winter?

Popular winter flowers include: Blushing Brides. Anemones. Poppies. Violets. Ranunculus. Queen Anne's lace. Sweet pea. Tulips. You can always find these flowers in winter. Also, such flowers in winter will cost less than non-seasonal options for bouquets.

What is the most popular flower in winter?
March 25, 2024 — Alexandr Oleynik