"An unusual shade for unconventional times" says the press release. Viva Magenta inspires joy and optimism with its bold and bright character. It is a hybrid color between red and purple, cool and warm. It does not hesitate to encourage experimentation and self-expression. Wearing it is a statement and a manifestation of rebellion in bad times. The vibrant and joyful magenta 2023 of Viva Magenta 18-1750 is simply brimming with energy. A bold and fearless, pulsating color whose abundance promotes optimism and joy.  It balances the physical and the virtual, reminding us of our multi-dimensional world. You can be on-trend with more than just clothes and accessories in this color. Also, you can please your loved one with beautiful flowers in on-trend colors. Read on to learn more about Pantone color of the year 2023. Besides, get the best ideas for bouquets and flowers in this incredible shade.


Viva Magenta 2023 Flowers Ideas 

The shade is bold and assertive but without aggression. It balances between warm and cool tones. It's a "fist in a velvet glove" approach, as Pantone noted. According to the Institute's experts, reds are powerful colors that glorify life. The bright crimson Pantone color of the year 2023 combines boldness and fun. It embodies fierce grace, inspiring confidence, and humanity. There are so many beautiful flowers in this year's color. You can choose them to please your trend-conscious loved ones. Everyone will understand that you are a fan of the world of fashion and trends. If you come to the celebration with a bouquet in this color.  It gives confidence and motivation to withstand long-term destructive events. Viva Magenta 2023 is empowering and inspiring. 

Read below for color options in this enchanting shade.



red rose

It is impossible to pass by a rose without stopping your rapturous gaze. A true queen is the queen of flowers. As a true queen, the rose is very persistent. In addition, this flower with character - look at its thorns. They protect it from passersby and animals. What a fragrant fragrance this flower has! The most similar under the Pantone color of the year 2023 are “Eloisa,” or classic red roses. It will not leave anyone indifferent. Rose petals are like diamonds, shimmering in the sun like dewdrops. Roses are a wonderful creation of nature!



Alstromeria crimson is a colorful, memorable, unusual flower.

There are several large crimson-colored buds on a long stem with asymmetrical petals. The longest and narrowest of them have markings in the form of dashes of dark color, and the top two have a light heart, which gives the flower an original appearance. 




Breeders have developed wide varieties of red hydrangea. Each of their blooms in a different shade. Remember, you can experiment with hydrangeas. You can add bright accents like sunflowers or roses to such a bouquet. Such a bright and unusual bouquet is sure to please all fashionistas. This combination with  Pantone color of the year won’t leave anyone indifferent.




Carnations are a very diverse group. There are many species and varieties with red flowers. These are:

  • Dianthus barbatus. There are varieties with flowers in all possible shades of purple, red, and pink. There are bicolor varieties and varieties with white flowers;
  • Dianthus armeria - the flowers are red;
  • Dianthus deltoids - flowers are crimson, pink, and sometimes white.

There are also many species with pink flowers of varying color saturation. Among this variety, you're sure to find the perfect Pantone color for the year 2023.




The variety of peonies is endless. Of course, breeders have developed not a few varieties of red, from bright red to rich burgundy. Red peonies symbolize passion and love as Viva Magenta 2023. They help to get rid of complexes and eliminate excessive modesty. You should keep red peonies in the bedroom to attract your other half. We recommend taking a closer look at these flowers. If you want to meet your love in the new year.




Many Heuchera species have red or purple flowers.

  • Heuchera x brizoides - flowers are carmine, the variety has dark red flowers;
  • Heuchera x hybrida - varieties may have red, pink, whitish, or greenish flowers;
  • Heuchera x pruhoniciana - flowers may be pink, pale red, light brown or green;
  • Heuchera sanguinea - flowers are reddish crimson. Snowstorm varieties are dark red. And Splendens varieties strike us with reddish crimson.

They are quite unusual flowers. It is rare to see them at any celebration. So if you want to surprise someone, buy these flowers in the fashionable Viva Magenta 2023.





A variety of petunia varieties have red, scarlet, purple, and pink hues in the color of their flowers. The red petunia is a symbol of love and passion. It is the perfect color to show someone how much you love them. Perfect for your loved one who follows Pantone color of the year 2023.


Pantone Colored Flowers by the Year 

Beautiful flower arrangements are the best gift idea and a wonderful presentation appropriate for any event and occasion. The most on-trend floral compositions of 2023 masters suggest choosing from:

  • Peonies;
  • Small roses;
  • Hydrangeas;
  • Succulents.

Choose flowers to match the year's color to make your bouquet even more fashionable. Pantone is an internationally recognized Institute providing color palettes. Every year it releases a new shade that will be trending. The Institute advises brands on trends in the design market.  Pay attention to what the Pantone pro is saying. And you can see previews of previous years below.


2022 - Very Peri

Very Peri color

Pantone colors of the 2022 year Very Peri is the funniest and warmest of all shades of blue. It is a very feminine and romantic color. It can complement white flowers or navy blues in a lovely way. Below you can see some of the most beautiful colors.

  • Hyacinth. Fragrant hyacinths are incredibly red spring flowers.
  • Iris. It's hard to imagine a garden in late spring without purple irises.
  • Lilacs. It is a shrub that mesmerizes with its beauty and intoxicating fragrance. It is unpretentious, loving sunlight and pruning the inflorescences immediately after flowering.
  • Lilies. A flower whose beauty takes your breath away.
  • Lavender roses. They look charming and unpretentious.

    2021 - Ultimate Grey

    Ultimate Grey color

    Many people strive to find and see with their own eyes something original and extraordinary. An example of this was the main color of 2021, so as Viva Magenta in 2023. If you are presented with grey flowers, you will be surprised. Because it is quite an unusual color, which is rare to find. You can see some examples of these flowers below:

    • Miniature rose, Winter Magic variety. The color of the rose is officially listed as mauve, but in practice, they are close to silvery mauve.
    • Bluegrass fescue. A striking plant with leaves 15cm high and inflorescences 30cm high. With proper care and timely pruning, it produces dense and beautiful flowers.
    • Alpine oatmeal. This flower attracts attention with its elegant leaves and spikes that tower above the remaining plants in gray.
    • Painted roses or other flowers.

      2020 - Classic Blue

      classic blue color

      Blue in 2020 will dominate other colors in various manifestations. It is one of the most beautiful Pantone colors of the year. It was from the shade of clothing or home decor to roses coloring. In the world of floristry, this also means that flowers and bouquets in blue will be on trend, such as:

      • Dyed gypsophila;
      • Eryngium;
      • Hydrangea, or greenery dyed in this shade. 

        2019 - Living Coral

        Living Coral color

        The official shade of 2019 is Living Coral PANTONE® 16-1546. It is "bright but soft," as its creators described it in a press release. It is one of the Viva Magenta 2023 shades. This color has many beautiful blooms:

        • Peony "Coral Charm." The coloring of this herbaceous peony's flowers is spectacular at first, coral in color, and then the petals turn pale.
        • Echinacea "Sundown." It is one of the varieties of the Big Sky series of hybrid echinaceas of American selection.
        • Diascia "Upright Rose Pink." This flower has a bricky, salmon-colored hue of extraordinary intensity!
        • Osteospermum "Sunny Shiela."  The hue is very bright at the beginning of flowering. Then it fades a bit.
        • Rose "Bluhwunder." Flowers are salmon pink in bloom, then fade to a light pink hue.

          Bottom Line

          This year's color r is powerful and inspiring. It's a new vibrant crimson red that revels in pure joy and encourages experimentation and self-expression without limits. Pick a perfect bouquet in the Pantone color of the year 2023, and our florists will help you. 



          What is meant by Pantone color?

          Pantone is the globally recognized authority and standard for color and the universal color language in the world. It is a specific color created by mixing several colors and has its number according to the Pantone Matching System (PMS) classification.

          What is Pantone and why is it important?

          Brand color is critical to a brand's identity - it creates associations and expectations, and evokes mental images and memories. Studies show that the right color can increase brand awareness by 87%.

          How many colors are in Pantone?

          Pantone contains a total of 5,007 CMYK colors. The Pantone CMYK palette, in addition to the 4 basic CMYK colors (Pantone Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black), includes 2139 mixed Pantone in CMYK representation and 2868 pure CMYK colors.

          What is the Pantone color for 2023?

          The Pantone Color Institute has defined the color 2023, as it has done since 2000. It is now Viva Magenta, a bright carmine red. Pantone color code: 18-1750.


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