As in any creative profession, floristry has its fashion florist trends and directions. Over the years, the trends in floristry have had time to change each other more than once. In place of a modest field, bouquets came red roses with gypsophila. And then, instead of them, florists created restrained and laconic minimalism.

A good florist and professional in his business constantly keep his hand on the pulse. It ensures that the bouquets he collects to order are in demand and popular. And also that bouquets stand out among competitors' offers. But it's not just for florists to follow trends. 

Flowers are the eternal symbol of love and appreciation. No wonder they continue to be popular gifts for any event. What will be the trending floral arrangements in 2023? Here are just a few predictions!


Flower Color Trends 2023

Floral design trends for 2023 include a variety of color combinations. These include pastel tones, muted shades, and bright colors. Meanwhile, the color of the year, according to Pantone, is ultraviolet. It may well find its way into some arrangements! So let's take a look at next year's most trending flowers.


Purple Flowers

purple flowers

The color purple flowers are trending in 2023. The timeless beauty of purple you will see everywhere. You'll find this trending color from weddings to everyday floral arrangements. Pay attention to shades ranging from delicate lavender to deep purple. You'll be able to create many subtle variations in between. 

Popular types of purple flowers include:

  • Roses
  • Lily of the valley
  • Hyacinths
  • Lilacs 

You can choose a variation of flowers depending on the season. For example, in spring, lilacs will suit you. But in the fall, you can select hyacinths.


White Flowers

white roses

White flowers never go out of style. And they're predicted to be on trend in 2023, too. White roses, daisies, and other white-colored flowers are popular ideas for classic floral arrangements. 

You can also use white flowers to create a romantic atmosphere with lots of texture. This color scheme is perfect for any occasion, from weddings to birthdays.


Green Flowers


Green is a floral trend for 2023. Florists are experimenting with green flowers in exciting and unexpected ways. Many try from lush arrangements to subtle accents in bouquets. Consider eucalyptus, monster, and fern foliage. And also, look at white-green flowers such as gardenias, roses, and lilies.


Bouquets Flower Trends

In 2023, the trends of florists will be dominated by laconic compositions. They will favor bouquets of several flowers. The choice of florists is plenty of greenery to give texture and a natural look. Asymmetrical shapes are also in trend. Such bouquets can create the illusion of movement and stillness at the same time.

For those looking for something more classic, round bouquets are trending. But you should not put too much emphasis on the classics. Focus on a gentle combination of muted colors. Such bouquets come alive using different varieties of roses and other seasonal flowers. For example, you can choose alstroemerias or hydrangeas.


Arizona Bouquet
Arizona Bouquet


In this bouquet, you can see the combination of delicate shades of roses and hydrangeas. You can also add some Arizona-style desert foliage. Succulents, cacti, and other drought-tolerant flowers are trending in 2023.


Love You Forever Bouquet
Love You Forever Bouquet

In this bouquet, you will see the most unusual combination. It is a distinctive bouquet with roses, alstroemerias, and even sunflowers. The message is about love and eternity. 

The floral trends for 2023 are exciting! Florists are embracing their creative side and blending classic and modern styles.


Caraluna Bouquet
Caraluna Bouquet


Bouquet with lots of greenery. The bouquet combines many different plants without the classic roses. This bouquet is perfect for any occasion! Magenta mums and lilies + elegant green succulents make an ideal combination.


Houseplants Trends

In 2023, the list of home floral design trends will look very different than it did a decade ago. Hanging plants and succulents are in great demand today. That's because more and more people are living in apartments or homes with limited space. 

Consumers are also looking for plants that do not need special care. People are prioritizing plants that need occasional watering and no fertilizing. 

Recent trends in florists also show that people are increasingly favoring deciduous plants. They are more than just aesthetically helpful. Indoor plants such as aloe vera and spider plants purify the air. Gardeners appreciate flowering perennials such as agapanthus and verbena. They like it for its attractive blooms and longevity. 

With such a wide variety of houseplants, there will surely be something for everyone in 2023.


Hanging Plants

Hanging Plants


Hanging plants bring a unique touch to any room. They add color, texture, and interest while occupying minimal floor space. From succulents and ferns to ivy and philodendrons, the sky's the limit for hanging plants.


Small Potted Plants

Small Potted Plants


Small potted plants are the floral design trend of 2023. It is especially true for those with limited space. Because of their small size, you can place these plants almost anywhere in the room. Among the trendy options are cacti and succulents. But you can also consider air plants and non-toxic ferns. 




For those who like a little extra interest, terrariums will be on trend in 2023. You can make them from recycled glass containers or buy them directly from a florist. 

You can put air plants in terrariums. You'll get the most out of them visually and with minimal maintenance. Combining fashionable flowers, bouquets, and houseplants for 2023, floral design trends promise to take home decor to the next level in exciting and unexpected ways.


Wedding Flower Trends 

wedding bouquet

In 2023, the wedding flower trend will have a romanticized vintage character. The fashion trends are very delicate and more personalized designs. Many florists are now creating unique bouquets that reflect the style and taste of the bride. Here are the most critical flower trends for future weddings:


Soft Splashes of Color

You can expect more muted shades of flowers rather than bold, saturated tones. As for specific fashionable colors, garden roses and peonies will continue to dominate. It is preferable to use them also in delicate shades. But this is only your choice. You may want to make a sharp contrast.


Dried and Preserved Bouquets

At weddings in 2023, you can still see bouquets of dried flowers. This trending flower is coming to us in 2022. They look great and last a lifetime. These flowers also add texture and interest to the design and convey a sense of romance.


Smaller Is Better

In 2023, brides will lean toward small bouquets. The idea is for the bride to create an intimate, romantic look. But still, the floral look should stand out without overwhelming the design. Expect to see more boutonnieres and corsages in recognition of this trend.


Greenery! Greenery! Greenery!

In 2023, greenery will be a significant floral design trend. Greens add texture and interest but also complement the central flowers beautifully. From eucalyptus to ivy, expect to see many lush green plants in floral arrangements.


Eco-Friendliness and Naturalness

This trend has been going on for years. Florists will strive for eco-friendliness and naturalness. They will emphasize flowers of local origin and eco-friendly materials. It will create a more unique and exciting look while keeping the environment in mind.


Flowers in the Bride's Hairstyle

Finally, flowers in the bride's hair will be a fashion trend for florists in 2023. It can be a single flower or an intricate arrangement. But any look is sure to add romance and elegance to any wedding.



Rose Trends of 2023

Rose flowers will still be trending in 2023. They are known for their beauty and elegance and remain a popular choice for brides and florists. Modern rose trends include:


Colorful Roses

Colorful Roses


You've probably seen different colors, from red to pink. In 2023, we expect to see more vibrant colors. It will be yellow, orange and green. Or you will even encounter multicolored roses! These roses add a unique touch of color and vibrancy to any trending floral arrangement.


Unusual Types of Roses

peach roses


In 2023, florists will have access to unusual rose varieties, such as the David Austin variety. You can tell this type of rose from others. It has beautiful ruffled petals and an incredible lasting fragrance. All these things make this type of rose unique and special.


Floral Arrangements with Roses

bouquet of flowers with roses


You can use roses to create stunning, trendy floral arrangements. In 2023, you can see bouquets or wreaths of roses combined with other stylish flowers. Some florists are experimenting with creating unique floral sculptures out of rose petals.


Bottom Line 

These trends show us that floral design is constantly evolving and changing. From vintage-inspired weddings to terrariums and colorful arrangements, there's something for everyone! Whatever the trend, one thing is confident – flowers will continue to bring joy and beauty into our homes in 2023.

And, of course, your favorite flower store, Rosaholics, will continue to delight you with new products in 2023.



What are the four most popular flowers?

The four most popular flowers are roses, lilies, daisies, and carnations.

Are flowers still in style in 2023?

Yes, flowers will continue to be popular in 2023. Floral design trends constantly evolve, so expect to see some fascinating new ideas in the coming year!

Which flower has more demand?

Roses are the most popular flower, with high demand in any season. They symbolize beauty and love, making them a timeless classic for floral arrangements.

What is trending in floral design?

In 2023, trending floral designs will include smaller bouquets, greenery, eco-friendly materials, and unique floral arrangements.

What type of flowers should I use for my wedding in 2023?

For a unique look in 2023, consider including some unusual rose varieties like David Austin roses. You can also opt for colorful roses, greenery, and other trending flowers, such as daisies and carnations. Floral arrangements with hairstyles are also becoming increasingly popular.


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