Next year's boom is a dress with a high cut on the hip, emphasizing the perfect legs of the bride. An emphasis is made on the top of the dress - a strapless lace corset or exquisite sleeves of transparent lace tulle, exposing the shoulders.

Following these trends, eco-style 2023 weddings (eco-friendly weddings or rustic ceremonies) are gaining popularity. Choose a color that will be the leitmotif of the marriage ceremony with key elements: holiday invitations, clothing of the newlyweds, and table decoration.


Winter Wedding Dress in 2022-2023

Make you look stylish! Dresses are still a prime element of a woman's closet. Your image must be complete and flawless in shoes, clothes, manicures, and hair. Each of these items is equally important. We present a review of trending wedding colors in 2022 to simplify your work.


Wedding Dress with Unusual Sleeves

Wedding Dress with Unusual Sleeves

Unusual Sleeves are a versatile piece. It complements perfectly any silhouette (a tight-fitting combo/grand puffy dress). It's not just sequins or flashy decor that can add beauty and uniqueness to a bride's outfit! This unsurpassed style is the embodiment of modesty and romance. And it's also a great way to hide minor flaws of the arms and shoulders or to emphasize the aristocratic elegance of the young figure.


Wedding Dress in Victorian Style

Dress in Victorian Style

Eclecticism is especially clearly represented in the architecture and interior newest wedding trends design of the era. Gothic style, rococo, and oriental style whimsically intertwined on one building site, in the interior of one house.

Machine production and new technology made many things previously available only to the aristocracy cheaper and more attainable. The thirst for consumption seized a wealthy middle class that sought to distance itself from the working class.

Stylists and designers predict an increased interest among brides in dresses of unusual shades. Everyone wants new fresh solutions and bright colors. That's why colored dresses for weddings will be more successful than ever!


Ruffles Wedding Dress

Ruffles Wedding Dress

A summer wedding is an opportunity for brides to experiment with their looks. It's best to choose lightweight, flying materials and romantic styles. With a Pollardi collection of wedding dresses, you can find such stylish models that look elegant. And short wedding trends 2022 will perfectly complement the ceremony by the sea or in a picturesque meadow.

For brides who want to be at the center of attention, summer is the best opportunity to choose the most royal outfit. Such styles immediately become the center of the whole celebration!


Wedding Dress with High Slits

Wedding Dress with High Slits

The long dress with a slit looks good! Such an unusual bride's gown will fully convey emotions, such as hot sensuality and girlish tenderness. A dress with slits is not always sexy. It all depends on the silhouette and the model of the dress. A dress with a slit will suit any girl.



Trending Wedding Colors

trending wedding color

The color of 2022 was Very Peri. The trendy color Very Peri is non-trivial, like a mix of blue and purple. It is the color of police uniforms, stewardesses, and flight attendants.

Purple is one of the most mysterious and mystical wedding decoration ideas 2022 colors. All colors are good in their way. And the color "Coca Mocha" perfectly combines with almost any other color.


Wedding Bouquet in Winter 2022-2023

Wedding bouquets can be very different and vary depending on the style of the wedding reception and the image of the bride. Everything is important.

Complete your hairstyle with a 2023 wedding trends bouquet! But this does not mean that it should necessarily be hung with ribbons and decorated with rhinestones. The most beautiful bouquet for the bride is the one that will bring something new to her unique image. But for a bride's wedding bouquet to be beautiful, the flowers must be fresh.



bouquet of roses


A timeless classic. The many kinds and shades of roses will look harmonious with any combination. In winter, roses with a saturated color stand the cold. You can choose an exquisite pink bouquet. It will symbolize your feelings. Also, a great option would be Extra Long Roses, Purple Love and Sunny Fresh.



bouquet of peonies


The wedding bouquet should be in harmony with the bride's image. Light pastel peony combinations are best suited for sophisticated brides seeking naturalness and tenderness in their image. Such a bouquet is a reflection of the soft character of its owner.



bouquet of anemones


Decorate the bride's bouquet with anemones originally and uniquely! Delicate white anemones with contrasting dark middles are perfect for winter's top wedding trends in 2022. Don't be afraid to experiment to experience the holiday in a new way and enjoy it all to the full.



bouquet of dahlias


When choosing flowers for your wedding space, look to dahlias and chrysanthemums, considered one of the most popular "winter" options. And what about floral planters? Take an ordinary fruit bowl and decorate it with inflorescences or dahlia balls on an oasis!



bouquet of ranunculus


It's the punchline of any winter wedding ideas 2022 bouquet. The ranunculus is a rare flower used in floristry. It gained popularity thanks to the creative and original brides. In European countries, this plant is one of the most popular.



Bottom Line

The bridal bouquet is one of the key components of the bride's graceful image. We will deliver your flowers quickly! Or order them right now.

The most important thing in family life is feelings. Choosing the holiday's format is the basis for getting the desired emotions. You should not put off this pleasant event again and again.



What color should you not wear to a winter wedding?

White is the bride's exclusive right to choose an outfit of any lush color with a white collar or basque. Complement the colored dress with a white bolero or jacket!

Is it necessary to bring seasonal flowers to a wedding?

Everything is individual. Buy flowers that you like. A wedding is a sizable event in the life of young people, and flowers at the event must be gorgeous.

What are the most popular wedding flowers?

Hydrangea is a popular decorative plant in white, green, and pink/blue hues with applications in boutonnieres and other floral decorations. Lily of the valley wedding bouquets are quite rare and unusual. Roses are some of the most popular wedding flowers. The color of roses is also of great importance. The most popular red roses symbolize true love.

Is it possible to give white roses for a wedding in winter?

White roses are practically universal. Of course, you can give them for a winter wedding. Choosing a bouquet, be guided by both the advice of florists and personal preferences. A gift is a way to convey your feelings. You can also select a composition of several types of flowers!


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