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Are you afraid of buying and giving flowers in winter? Do you think that under the influence of frost, cold wind, they will quickly wither, and you will not be able to enjoy their genuine beauty and charming aroma fully?

Many people believe that buying a bouquet in winter means throwing money down the drain. This is not true at all. The main thing is to make the right choice.

There is always a large selection of fresh flowers of wide varieties and types in the assortment of Rosaholics online store. At your request, experienced florists will assemble a winter flower bouquet that perfectly preserves its beauty for a long time, despite adverse weather conditions. This is facilitated by impeccable conditions for winter flower bouquets maintenance, storage, and transportation.

What Flowers to Give in Winter?

First of all, think about the tastes and preferences of the addressee, but do not ignore the advice of florists. When it is a frosty day outside, but the snow has not yet fallen, you can give your dear people a festive New Year's mood with the help of blue and white winter roses. The more magnificent the bouquet, the more joy the recipient will feel.

Some tips from experienced florists:

  1. Buy flowers exclusively in special or online stores where they are kept in comfortable conditions.
  2. So that the bouquet does not lose its charm, give preference to winter roses, and ornamental plants with dense petals and leaves.
  3. Thick wrapping paper will help keep the freshness of the composition and protect it from frost.
  4. Due to temperature differences, it is better to transport the bouquet in a car rather than public transport.
  5. It is advisable to remove the packaging 15-20 minutes after it is delivered to a warm room.

Whatever the weather is outside the window, order the delivery flowers from the winter bouquet collection for a close person at Rosaholics!

Don't forget, flowers are amazing any time of the year. Give them to your dear, close, beloved people, regardless of the season and weather conditions. Because for them, it is not just a bouquet, but your attention, love, and care!


Are roses sold all year round?

Roses are one of the most popular flowers. They are sold all year round, appropriate for various special occasions, and have very good symbolism.

Can you buy roses in December?

Roses can be seen on the shelves of flower shops all year round. If you are buying roses in December, pay attention to the bouquet and ensure that it is not in the cold for a long time. You can also order delivery on Rosaholics and present the bouquet fresh and unharmed.

How far in advance can you buy a bouquet?

It is recommended to buy flowers no earlier than two days in advance. Keep them away from sunlight and in a cool place. Thus, the flowers will stay fresh longer.