The brightest, most fun and most magical holiday is coming. Christmas is a traditional holiday filled with home coziness and warmth. It is one of the brightest and most joyful events in the Christian world. Even those who do not think of religion prefer celebrating Christmas Eve in a close family circle. Christmas celebrations have their special coloring. As well as they have their customs for each denomination. 

One of these traditions is the pre-holiday preparation of decorating interiors and streets. Flowers for the New Year will bring joy and harmony. You can surprise your loved ones and emphasize solemnity. Below you will see the six best flower Christmas arrangements.


Amaryllis with Greenery


Amaryllis is a perfect exotic flower. It can become a decoration of a bouquet and window sill in the interior. They are at the top of the most popular Christmas flower ideas. Red and white buds symbolize inner strength and the birth of a new life. Amaryllis symbolizes:

  • impregnability; 
  • pride;
  • judgment;
  • courage;
  • determination.

You can add greens to the bouquet to make it exquisite, presentable and luxurious. 

This flower arrangement will not leave anyone indifferent. And also it will be to everyone's liking.


Roses with Hydrangea

Roses with Hydrangea

Roses are a timeless classic! Roses seem to go beautifully with any flowers. But best of all, it is with hydrangeas. A hydrangea flower arranging is an excellent  for Christmas. It will be a delicate composition, especially if you combine it with:

  • lush roses;
  • or small roses.

This bouquet will not go unnoticed on Christmas Eve. The colorful composition looks spectacular and much more interesting than classic flower arrangements.


Red Alstroemeria

Red Alstroemeria

It is an original New Year and Christmas bouquet idea. The multifaceted nature of this flower deserves particular attention. On the shelves of flower shops, you can find:

  • scarlet;
  • lemon;
  • raspberry-pink;
  • rich purple;
  • blue;
  • mustard;
  • many other shades. 

Alstromeria is an excellent gift for the holidays during the winter months.


Roses with Eucalyptus

Roses with Eucalyptus

A unique combination of roses and a eucalyptus bouquet embodies care and tenderness.

The greenery gives extraordinary lightness to the bouquet, significantly increasing its volume. 

And the pleasant aroma that the plant exudes gives a unique charm to the floral arrangement. Give a Christmas Eve floral arrangement of tender roses with eucalyptus sprigs to someone whose smile is dear to you!


Roses and Alstroemeria

Roses and Alstroemeria


Bright roses with alstroemerias and hypericum berries surrounded by Christmas tree decorations will become the center of attention on Christmas Eve.  

A lovely bouquet of roses and alstroemerias will win your mother's or girlfriend's heart. An unusual combination of its colors, is suitable for original emotional and talented natures.



Red hippeastrum and sprigs of ilex with fruits are in harmony with the green leaves of any plant. The composition in red-green tones makes the flower arrangements for Christmas more romantic

What you will need:

  • red hippeastrum flowers on long stems;
  • ilex branches with red fruits;
  • aspidistra leaves;
  • branches of an indoor palm (e.g. hovea);
  • decorative white mesh ribbon;
  • wire;
  • a tall clear vase.

Your task is to bind together the greenery and flowers. Next, you need to fasten the bow with wire. Then tie the whole composition with a ribbon. This elegant and luxurious bouquet will create a cozy atmoaphere in the room. At the same time, it can become a wonderful gift for Christmas.

White Roses

White Roses

Giving floral arrangements in light colors is good at Christmas. Tender and airy arrangements will perfectly emphasize the mystery of the day. White roses are the favorites of the holiday. Therefore, we suggest using these flowers for the bouquet. 

You can diversify the bouquet with sprigs of greenery or small red flowers. The composition will be magnificent if you add glitter and a big bow. 


White Mistletoe and Orchid


The combination of white mistletoe and red orchids is always delightful. Since time immemorial, the mistletoe wreath has been a symbol of:

  • wealth;
  • fertility;
  • eternal love.

And also, this Christmas bouquet idea serves as protection of the house from the evil eye and evil forces. So you should pay attention to it when choosing decorations. After all, these two colors are indeed Christmas colors. 

There is even a Christmas tradition with mistletoe. At Christmas, it is customary to hang mistletoe in the apartment, and any couple that passes under it should merge into a kiss. It will symbolize their love and desire to be together until the end of the day.  


Ideas to Style Your Home with Christmas Flowers

Ideas for traditional New Year's and Christmas home decorations can be gleaned from our favourite holiday songs, movies and stories. For example, you can choose lush decorations from branches of evergreens, festive ribbons and garlands, etc. Here are some key ways to create a classic Christmas design this season.


Hang a Bouquet on a Bannister

Bouquet on a Bannister

Decoration for the house's stairs always looks incredibly ornate. It is its moderate massiveness that adds an unforgettable Christmas atmosphere and charm.


To decorate the railing with flower arrangements for Christmas, you will need:

  • ribbons of different colors. We recommend taking white, red and green;
  • bows;
  • your favorite flowers;
  • artificial snow;
  • sprigs of spruce and ilex;
  • bells;
  • small Christmas decorations. 

Next, you fasten all the decorations in the desired order. You can also add garland. 


Put the Bouquet in the Center of the Table

winter bouquet with a candle

Another fairly classic but no less laconic variant of decoration is a bouquet on the table. After all, to see a beautiful floral arrangement at a brilliant festive table is a pleasure, isn't it?


For a beautiful Christmas bouquet idea, you can use:

  • red roses;
  • sprigs of spruce;
  • greenery;
  • winter berries (rowan or foxberry);
  • ribbons;
  • decorative toys.

Remember that decorating your home is a flight of your imagination. The main thing is to imagine a picture of the desired result


Decorate Chairs with Flowers

decorating chair

To decorate chairs with Christmas floral arrangements, use accessories with the appropriate theme:

  • flowers of ilex;
  • figurines with the symbol of the year;
  • porcelain angels.

Traditional holiday color combinations are red and green. You can decorate spruce sprigs with:

  • bright ribbons of serpentine;
  • artificial snow;
  • garland lights;
  • tassels of artificial rowan trees;
  • candy in shiny wrappers. 

In short, there is space for creativity. Creating a floral arrangement in the form of decorations can be a joint activity. It's sure to bring the whole family together at one table.


Put a Vase of Flowers on the Window

Vase of Flowers on the Window

Do you want to surprise your neighbors with a decorated house, right? Why not put flower arranging for Christmas on the windows so all passers-by can see and admire your home? 

This arrangement is not complicated in its execution. It all depends on your imagination. We offer you a win-win version with spruce twigs and cones. As a basis, you can take any flowers you like. Orchids or white hydrangeas look very beautiful. You can supplement this composition with candles or glitter. 


Christmas Flower Arrangements from Rosaholics Florists 

Flowers are a universal gift, a spectacular way to express your feelings. When there is snow and frost outside, getting a bouquet of living plants in the cold season is unusual but nice. Your loved ones will be impressed and surprised. Remember that professional florists from Rosaholics will be able to please everyone. They will make the best flower arrangement for Christmas for you and your loved ones.



What flowers represent Christmas?

Mistletoe is a flower that will bring happiness to the house at Christmas. Poinsettia is an indoor plant with red leaves often used to decorate a room for Christmas. Another ornamental flower that blooms on Christmas is the Christmas cactus. It is not fiction. It happens that the period of flowering of the plant falls on this bright Christian holiday.

What is the most popular flower arrangement for Christmas?

The red berries commonly thought of as a symbol of Christmas are ilexes. Its leaves always remain green. And its fruits are bright, even in severe frosts. The ilex leaf symbolizes reconciliation and joy. It can protect the house from lightning and witchcraft.

Is Christmas on the 25th or 24th?

On the night of December 24-25, Catholics worldwide celebrate one of the most important Christian holidays, Christmas. The Catholic Church and the Orthodox Churches of Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt celebrate this holiday.

What color is associated with Christmas?

Two colors green and red, are the colors of Christmas. It all started centuries ago but continues for now. They are symbols of life. They are the colors of the evergreen spruce and the flame in the hearth. There is also another theory. Green is associated with the birth of Christ, while red symbolizes his blood and death. For this reason, people began to decorate green wreaths with red berries.


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