You need to know how to give roses correctly. Of course, your loved one will appreciate any bouquet from you. But if this bouquet is perfectly composed, and the flowers are appropriate for the occasion, you will be able to notice the even greater joy in the bouquet. 

In addition to the fact that you can get acquainted with the rules and traditions of giving white roses, it will be interesting to know about the first appearances of roses in floriography.

Perhaps you were interested in the history of roses, what meaning they carry in themselves, how to give them correctly, and to whom. There are answers to all these questions, which we will give you. After all, roses are known for their pure symbolism, but this is far from their only meaning.

In this article, we will talk about the history of white roses, what white flowers represent, and how to correctly give them to your loved one.


History of White Roses

white roses

The history of the appearance of white roses can be viewed in different ways. So, for example, in ancient Greece, a white rose was a symbol of the goddess Aphrodite. The rose, like the goddess, was the personification of beauty, love, and sexuality. According to one of the myths, all the roses on earth used to be red until Aphrodite pricked her leg with them. A drop of her blood fell on the white roses, turning them red. This legend can be seen as a symbol that not all things can be pure.

It can be assumed that Aphrodite glorified roses, making them special. It is also indicated by the fact that these flowers were often given to her in ancient Greece. By the way, this can just be called an explanation or even a reason why it is worth giving flowers to your beloved woman. This way, you can tell the girl that she is a goddess. In addition to white roses, you can add red roses to the bouquet, thereby showing the purity of the passion that you experience.


What Do White Roses Mean?

beautiful white roses

White roses are known for being a sign of purity and good intentions. However, there are other meanings of white roses that you may not have known about. We have highlighted a few essential rose meanings for you that you should be aware of. Let's look at them all in order.



White roses symbolize purity. It is one of the most important meanings of this flower. The white color is also associated with the Virgin Mary: they mean purity of thoughts and intentions. In Victorian times, it was customary to decorate the house with white flowers or give them to your loved ones to express pure love.



White flowers symbolize the absence of a spotless appearance. Therefore, white flowers are closely associated with ​​innocence and purity. Often, bouquets of white roses are used to decorate weddings and as birthday gifts.



White flowers also signify inspiration, clarity, and divinity. Because this color is perfect for artistic ideas. Also, a bouquet of white roses can be given to a person for academic success or any other achievement.



White roses are associated with the Virgin Mary and the Pope. So, they also have a meaning in terms of faith. Therefore, white flowers are often used for religious occasions. A bouquet of white roses will be an excellent gift for a religious holiday.


Types of White Roses

In fact, white roses can be completely different, and that's a fact. White roses are divided into different types that you can find in nature. Some bushes of such white roses can completely amaze you with their unusualness.

We have prepared several types of roses you should know about. Let's find out a little more about them.



rose "iceberg"


This type of rose was bred in the 1960s. Such roses can be found in nature both in the form of a shrub and in the form of a liana. These flowers bloom for several months and have a pleasant aroma.



roses "bianco"


If you encounter this type of white rose in nature, you might be surprised that the bush only grows to 45 cm x 45 cm. Also, it is covered with small pure white double flowers. These roses bloom from early summer to autumn. However, bianco white roses are odorless.


Winchester Cathedral

rose "Winchester Cathedral"


These English roses bloom pretty early. Their ruffled white flowers have a strong fragrance. A bush of such growth grows approximately 1.2m by 1.2m and is suitable for mixed flower borders.


Adelaide D'orlean

rose "Adelaide D'orlean"


These are magnificent climbing roses, which are rare to find. The buds of these roses appear in the middle of summer. Such roses have a light and pleasant smell, and the flowers' splendor pleasantly pleases the eye of anyone who looks at them.



Why People Send White Roses

wrapping bouquet of white roses

There are several reasons for giving white roses. First is the desire to show your strong love, which has been between the couple for many years, or to show your pure intentions towards your partner. As a rule, white roses are given where they talk about love and support and express the brightest feelings and intentions.

Let's look at the most common examples of the use of white rose bouquets.


For Weddings

White roses signify the bride's pure love for her groom. These flowers also speak of fidelity and innocence. Therefore, wedding ceremonies are often decorated with them.

The white rose speaks of the relationship and fidelity between the couple and symbolizes their feelings. Also, a bouquet of white roses is the perfect anniversary gift. You can give your partner a bouquet of white roses on an important date related to your relationship. It will mean that you feel the same pure love toward your partner.


For a Funeral

White roses can be used not only for bright and joyful holidays. Sometimes they are used to show sympathy. White roses symbolize purity and holiness. With the help of such a bouquet, you can wish the dead goodness and peace.


You can read our simple guide about how to buy funeral flowers in our Rosaholics blog.


For graduation

Graduation is another good reason to use white roses. Often graduates are given these roses to show them that their achievements are appreciated and to inspire hope for a happy future. White roses carry a lot of hope. Therefore, they can be given to someone who starts something new. It may be graduating from school or university, or for the praise of success.


How to Send White Roses

a lot of white roses

As we have said, it is essential to give roses correctly. A correctly selected bouquet of roses, which corresponds to the event for which it was presented and delivered on time, will please the recipients. We have prepared some essential rules for you, knowing that if you can correctly present a bouquet of roses, you will surprise your loved one.


Choose the Perfect White Roses Bouquet

To give a bouquet of white roses, you first need to choose it. You can place an order online or come to a real rose shop.

If you choose the first option, we advise you to open the page of a professional rose shop. There you can find the category "white roses," and by clicking on it, you will be taken to a page with a whole list of bouquet options. Scroll through all the bouquets of white roses that you like and choose the one that suits you.


Think about the Number of Flowers

Now it's time to decide on the number of roses you can have in the bouquet. Of course, you can decide on your own and buy a bouquet of as many roses as you like. However, if you are still interested in the generally accepted standards regarding the number of roses, we will tell you how many white roses are in a bouquet and say what.

  • One rose. As a rule, one grove is given on a romantic date to express their feelings. You can also give one rose to someone you have known for a long time. It will mean you still love him and cherish him.
  • Two roses. A pair of roses symbolizes a close and strong bond between two people. A bouquet of two roses is great for special moments in a relationship between two people. The occasion could be an engagement or a wedding.
  • Six roses. A bouquet of so many roses makes it clear that you are crazy about who you give them to. It means that no matter how long you are with this person, you still want to be with him.
  • Ten roses. Ten roses tell someone that you think they are the perfect ten, whether it is a friend, family member, or romantic partner. This number works well as a gift after the show, but you don't need a special occasion to show someone you appreciate them.
  • 25 roses. While most rose numbers relate to romantic relationships and love, 25 roses are appropriate for all types of relationships. A bouquet of 25 roses says congratulations to someone. So if you know a rose lover who just graduated, got a new job, or gave an important presentation, send them 25 roses.
  • 50 roses. A big bouquet is of great importance. When you give someone 50 roses, you tell them that your love for them is endless. Whether you've just met someone or been with them for 20 years, a 50-stem bouquet will convey that you love them.


Find a Good White Roses Delivery

Do not forget to take care of the correct delivery of your bouquet. Check the recipient's address carefully. Also, you can track your bouquet's movement if you contact a good rose delivery. It will help you ensure that the bouquet was delivered to the correct address. You can attach a small gift as a plush toy or sweets, to the bouquet.


Bottom Line 

In our article, we talked about how to give roses correctly and for what events they are usually given. We also shared with you the history of roses and their symbolism. Buying and giving a bouquet to a loved one is never superfluous. If you need white roses, you can find them on the website of our Rosaholics online store. We specialize in selling roses, and here you can find any bouquet that suits you.



When should I give white roses?

You can give white roses when you want to express strong love toward your partner. It could be your marriage anniversary. White roses are also brought to funerals to express sympathy. Besides, you can give these flowers to a student who graduated from the university as a sign of support and appreciation for his success.

How many shades of white roses are there?

There are 13 different types of white roses. Some of them you may never even see in your life. Some of these white roses are odorless, but they look unusual and delight everyone's eyes.

What is the prettiest white rose?

The most beautiful type of white rose is the iceberg. These are beautiful snow-white roses with a slight unobtrusive smell.

How did the White Rose get its name?

"White Rose" was found and named in 1942 by several students at the University of Munich. It was the girl Sophie Scholl and her brother Hans. These people united against the Nazi policy and set the goal of writing and distributing the latest to force the people to take action to stop injustice and genocide.

What is the most common white rose?

The most common type of white rose is White Parfum de Provence Rose. These flowers have one white flower per stem. They have a strong but pleasant fragrance.


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