The rose is considered one of the most popular and beautiful flowers. It is really hard to find a person who would not appreciate the solemnity and charm of roses. Today there are a lot of colors and shades of these gorgeous flowers. We are suggesting the simplest and most beautiful — white. But there is rising a question — to whom and when you should give white roses? Many people do not particularly think about the semantic meaning that these flowers may carry. However, buying a spontaneously a bouquet of roses at a subconscious level is not the best choice. Often people just choose precisely white roses only because they don't know the preferences of the person they are about to present them. In any case, the young man can be sure that he will definitely not be mistaken with the choice when he is going to make a sweet present for his beloved.

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What is Hiding Behind White Roses Meaning

White color is very versatile, simple but, at the same time universal. It includes both all other primary colors and their shades. If we decompose white in the spectrum, then we will see all seven colors of the rainbow, and in a very bright expression. Sacred significance in many religions has always been attached to white. Everything divine, permanent, immaculate, pure, heavenly, detached from the earthly bustle had a white color.

This plant has always been the symbol of the wedding, meaning innocence and purity. And if the red rose represents love and passion, then the white — chastity, righteousness and pure feeling, without a hint of intimacy. This flower has long been considered regal. And not only because the rose is the “queen of flowers.” Only representatives of the upper classes could admire it. Today, any woman can feel like a queen, receiving such an exquisite flower as a gift. 



When It's Time to Gift White Roses

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Presenting a bouquet of such flowers will always be suitable for the wedding. When choosing, you definitely will not lose with the semantic load of such a gift. No wonder the bride’s wedding dress is traditional of white or cream color, and its combination with roses is always very effective. A wreath of white flowers on the girl’s head at all times has been a symbol of her purity and femininity.

But a wedding is not the only reason to give a bouquet of these delicate and beautiful flowers. Many people sure that it is a perfect gift to a girl. If a young man gives a composition of white roses or one flower to his beloved, then he thereby speaks of his admiration of her. The man indicates the purity and fragility of the chosen one and speaks of his own feelings sublimely, without a hint of passion. He sends a message that he wants to protect her from the rudeness of this world and always idolize her. For a young person, it is advisable to choose still unblown or half-opened buds. This will serve as a symbol of the beginning of feelings, which are going to have further development.

Such an option of a gift is so universal and neutral that it is difficult to imagine the case when these floral present would be inappropriate. Such a gorgeous bouquet will always be the best choice for such celebrations:

- Anniversary of a loved one and a coworker.

  • Wedding.
  • Birthday.
  • Housewarming.
  • The birth of a child.
  • Wedding anniversary.
  • Diploma defense and successful passing of exams
  • For the teacher or healthcare provider.
  • For Mothers Day.
  • Valentine's Day.
  • As a sign of reconciliation between spouses.
  • And... with no reason.

In case of disagreement which has occurred in the family, without fail, you can give such flowers as a sign of reconciliation. The bouquet will take care of the atmosphere in the house, “clean” it, creating an aura of calm, peace and benevolence. For a woman, you can choose blooming buds as a symbol of harmonious and emotionally filled relationships.

In case, if you want to be sure that the person would get your present, you should order white roses delivery. You can choose your bouquet, it's wrapping, size and everything you would like to get. But here is some hint — as a rule, white roses are self-sufficient and when decorating a bouquet of various bows, beads, accessories and an abundance of colored wrapping paper are not used. Sometimes you can simply bandage white roses, thereby emphasizing the beauty of these exquisite flowers. But it's only your choice and your taste.

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Giving flowers without a reason is simply necessary if you want to surprise a person and to show him or her your love and care. They improve mood, well-being and inspire confidence that everything is going to work out and going to be fine.


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What is the message of white roses?

White roses are usually associated with purity, innocence, and true love. They also symbolize new beginnings and can express feelings of respect and sympathy.

Can I get my girlfriend white roses?

Yes, giving your girlfriend white roses is a thoughtful gesture. It will be a testimony of your pure and sincere love for her. It is a romantic choice for various occasions like anniversaries or expressing your affection.

Is it OK to give someone white roses?

Yes, it is OK to give someone white roses. They can be given to express admiration, support, or sympathy. They are also appropriate for weddings, funerals, and graduation parties.

Do white roses mean peace?

Yes, white roses are often associated with peace, especially in the context of sympathy or remembrance. They can be given as a symbol of peace, harmony, and hope for a better future in difficult times.


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