What do you want when you are looking for special bouquet? Of course, you desire to express some particular feelings to the person you are going to give it. You are looking for something, that can say about your mood and attitude without any words. Hard choice, isn't it? In that case, we can help you to choose the best we can. If you want to convey some really deep feelings or emotions, you just need to pick up red roses as a gift to some special person. That would be a brave gesture, which would express everything you want to, even those things you are afraid to tell your beloved person. The person, who is going to get it, would really feel that you were going to say to him or her. The bright color of such kings flowers won't stay apart from his or her heart. Just be brave to express what you really want to and let us help you to choose the right option.

What does red color of flowers mean

If you want to express love, you just should take it, but It is not just loving red roses meaning. Such bouquet means respect, admiration, desire, devotion, passion. But very deep color can also mean regret or sorrow. So be careful with the tint. You are able to pick it up with pictures, which is really convenient. But if your aim is to express some romantic feelings you are better to select a simple color. Believe us — it is much more than just a color and red roses are much more than just simple flowers.

red roses meaning

How to send the right feelings

To find out exactly when you should gift roses, just listen to your heart and follow a piece of advice:

  • 1 flower looks fiery and really luxurious. You will send the right message with presenting it which is definitely romance, love, strong desire. And also a deep passion, pleasant atmosphere and inspiration. But to be more clear — love and “love at first sight” is the main message that may stand behind the only single flower.
  • 3 flowers of roses show love, devotion. It's the best way to declare your passion, love, and desire, by giving 3 bright flowers. They can tell the person about the shared love. You can give it as a present for the anniversary of your marriage.
  • 5 flowers — it is an ideal option to show how deeply you are in love, how much you care about the person. They are presented only to the special ones.
  • 7 red flowers intensify the real message of love. If you are not ashamed of your feelings and you want to express the person openly how deep your affection is, you should choose such a number of flowers. It would mean that you are madly in love and infatuated with the person, you are presenting them. It would be a nice idea to give exactly seven roses for some special occasion. For example, It may be the person’s birthday. That is the best way to show how special and important this person is to you. It is also a suitable gift for anniversary and when you just want someone to know how much you love him.
  • 9 flowers mean eternal love and share a message that you want to be with this person forever. It is a really nice present for any occasion or without any special date.
  • 11 red flowers of roses mean true love and deep feelings, so go ahead!
  • 12 flowers have a secret note — “I love you” and “Be mine”. So, go ahead if you need to share your love and devotion!

Anyway, such flowers can not be given to family or friends, because they are very private. They indicate that the person you present these flowers have a very special place in your heart and you have some romantic feelings towards him or her.

How can you get it?

You can go to the shop and buy. But do you really want to spend a lot of time on a road and in a queue? Waiting, expecting, worrying, picking too long... Especially, if you are a busy person, or you need your flowers as soon as possible? Of course no. So that you can use a much more convenient way, which would save your time and money, and the main thing — nervous! The better way to send you a colorful gift to the person you need is just to order Red roses delivery. It would save your time and you will be completely sure that the person would get your present on time. You would only enjoy the result, and, of course, the emotions considering your beautiful gift. Just take a try to and you would make a real gift from all your heart.

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September 11, 2019 — Gabriela Perez