Roses are one of the most given flowers in the world. Any event or occasion takes on an atmosphere of romance when roses are around.

Roses are also some of the most famous flowers in the world. They are the main and important element of many festivals and celebrations. Many people associate red roses with love and passion.

Red roses symbolize love, passion, elegance, and perfection. The goddess of the flower kingdom represents:

  • feminine beauty and impregnability;
  • the purity of feelings;
  • the genuineness of emotions.

These flowers seem to say so much that there is nothing to add. But the florists at the Rosaholics flower store will try to surprise you. Here are some interesting facts and curious details about roses.

What Does the Red Color of Flowers Mean?

Red Color of Roses

Scarlets are among the most popular flowers given to loved ones. They represent romantic feelings and passion. Also, a bouquet is an eloquent declaration of love. But this only applies to flowers in a classic shade. Other compositions have a different meaning:

  • Burgundy buds with a purple hue. They will talk about the attractiveness and magnetism of the recipient. Searing love erupts instantly but just as quickly fades away.
  • Dark ruby flowers symbolize passion and irresistible attraction. This is one of the famous things about roses. Why do you give a girl red roses in the tone of the Burgundy wine? It means that for a man, she is an object of lust. You should put a composition in the bedroom. Especially if you want to return to the relationship of sensuality and passion.
  • Burgundy flowers symbolize respect and admiration. You can present them on formal occasions, at celebrations. The composition in a hat box will look elegant and austere.

When is the most relevant to give them? Such floral compositions are appropriate to give on various occasions:

  • Marriage Anniversary. Choose a luxurious bouquet of 75, 101, or 125 roses for the wife. A woman will remember such a gift for a lifetime.
  • Birthday of colleagues or friends. A yellow and red roses composition will be an eloquent wish for success and happiness.
  • Engagement. A bouquet of red and white buds symbolizes harmony and spiritual unity.
  • Valentine’s Day. The meaning goes deep into red roses' history. On this touching holiday, give each other scarlet flowers. It can also be an independent gift.

It is necessary to give flowers beautifully and with pleasure. You can't hide them in a bag or behind a back. You should dispose of extra packaging in advance, which is especially important for winter.


Send Feelings with Roses

How to Send the Right Feelings

Sending red roses is not just about the beauty of the blooms. It's also about conveying the right feelings and emotions. Knowing the symbolic meanings associated with red roses can help you send a message. It will align perfectly with your intentions.

Opt for deep crimson red roses. It symbolizes passionate and enduring love when expressing romantic love. For a gesture of admiration and respect, choose brighter shades of red. They convey admiration and appreciation for someone's accomplishments or qualities.

Consider the occasion and the relationship you share with the recipient. One of the most important rose facts is that a single red rose can speak volumes. It is a thoughtful choice for a new love interest or to express a heartfelt apology. Bouquets of red roses can be more extravagant for special occasions like:

Accompany your red roses with a personalized note. So, it conveys your feelings and adds a personal touch to the gift. Whether it's a heartfelt love letter or a simple message of appreciation, your chosen words can amplify the impact of the red roses you send.


History of Red Roses

History of Red Roses

In Greek mythology, the story of the rose's creation is connected to a tragedy. Chloris, the goddess of flowers, is sad when she finds the lifeless body of a nymph. She decides to reincarnate her into a new flower, the rose. She then enlists the help of the other gods:

  • Aphrodite gives the plant beauty;
  • Dionysus gives it enchanting perfume;
  • Charitas, the goddess of grace, gives it radiance and charm.

Another story from Greek mythology says that the blood helped to create a rose. This is one of the most interesting things about roses. It was the blood of Adonis, Aphrodite's human lover.  Ares, god of war and Aphrodite's official lover murdered Adonis. Mad with jealousy, the god sent a boar to get rid of his rival. The wounded Adonis began to bleed. Aphrodite's tear mixed with this blood gave rise to the rose. Many other legends surround this flower, all linking it with:

  • Aphrodite;
  • pure love;
  • passion. 

Among Hindus, the rose is also synonymous with romance. It also goes with the history of red roses. The goddess Laxmi created a rose using 1,008 little red rose petals and 108 big roses. It was the goddess of luck and prosperity and the wife of Vishnu.  

Time passes, but the symbols remain: poets and writers have made the red roses a symbol of love over the centuries. Sappho (6th century B.C.) called it "the queen of flowers." In the Middle Ages, the rose became a metaphor for the woman a gentleman sincerely loved. The white rose was also chosen to symbolize the Virgin Mary, a sign of pure love.


Interesting Facts About Red Roses

Interesting Facts About Red Roses

The queen of flowers, passionate, majestic, feminine, and so beloved by many - the rose. If you ask someone to name the first flower that comes to mind, no doubt, in 95% of cases, it will be a rose. This flower is famous and loved by everyone without exception. The world of roses is so great that everyone can find a favorite among them.

They dedicated poems and songs to roses, made movies, and wrote pictures about them. They were always admired. And perfumers made the best creations based on the fragrance of roses.

It seems that we all know everything about the rose. But its world is so big that probably everyone will find something new and exciting rose facts.


Fact #1. The power of rose fragrance

Roses have a divine fragrance: sweet-tart, fragrant, heady, honeyed, cool. 

The fragrance of flowers helps to:

  • clear the mind of vanity, analyze the situation;
  • make the necessary conclusions;
  • make important decisions. 

Doctors say the rose fragrance has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. It normalizes blood pressure, relieves depression, and restores strength after fatigue.


Fact #2. Rose oil is an important component of perfume products

When creating perfumes, specialists use aromatic oils. Almost every female bottle and half of the male perfumes contain extracts of rose. It is one of the most amazing facts about red roses.

The classic scent we hear when we inhale roses is the first note. Later on, it unfolds in a whole gamut of shades. One can detect:

  • fruity;
  • spicy;
  • woody;
  • herbal;
  • floral;
  • nutty overtones.

Sometimes a flavor of flax seed can be present. Interestingly, crossing two aromatic varieties produces a beautiful hybrid that smells almost nothing.


Fact #3. Rose oil is the most expensive product in the world

Just imagine that producing 1 kilogram of rose oil concentrate takes as much as:

  • 3 tons of fresh Damascena petals (pink);
  • about 5 tons of Alba white petals. 

When creating perfumes, experts use fragrance oils derived from the rose.


Fact #4. The rose is the symbol of many countries

One more thing about red roses has a connection to history. In 1986, the 40th President of America, Ronald Reagan, signed a resolution. It enshrined the rose as a national symbol. In Iranian culture, the rosebud and the nightingale images are inextricably linked. They symbolize the poet in love and developing love.

In England, the rose is the national flower. In 1455 - 1485 in England, there was a famous "War of the Roses". The house of Lancaster, whose symbol was a red rose, fought against the house of York, whose symbol was a white rose.


Fact #5. The tiniest bud and the biggest bush

A botanist from India named Sudhir Khetawat has grown a miniature rose whose bud size does not exceed 1 cm, and the entire bush fits in the palm of his hand.

The specialist obtained the miniature red roses through electromagnetic irradiation of the petite polie variety with flowers no larger than 3-4 cm.

A rose bush in Arizona (USA) is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest. It covers an area of 740 square meters, and the diameter of the trunks reaches 3.7 m. The plant is over 130 years old.


Red Roses Delivery by Rosaholics

Red Roses Delivery by Rosaholics

Now you know more rose facts. At Rosaholics, you have a wide selection of red rose options. Simply browse our collection, select the perfect arrangement, and specify your desired delivery date and location. If you still have questions, you can always contact our professional florists for help.



Why are red roses a symbol of love?

Red roses symbolize love due to their deep red color, which has long been associated with passion and romance, making them a classic choice for expressing love and affection.

Where are roses originally from?

Roses are believed to be originally from Asia, with the wild roses growing in various parts of the world before being cultivated and bred into the diverse range of roses we know today.

What do the red roses mean?

Red roses symbolize love, desire, and romance. They are often associated with deep emotions and are commonly given as a romantic gesture to express love and devotion.

Are dark red roses real?

Yes, dark red roses are real. They result from selective breeding and hybridization to create roses with deeper, richer shades of red, often symbolizing deep love and affection.


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