Wanting to save the planet is nothing new. After all, environmental awareness has been a hot topic for the past few decades. What is new, however, is the global awareness that has transformed into a serious, tangible commitment to the cause. This positive trend—reducing environmental harm through concrete and immediate action—has been rising quickly in recent years, and its effects can be seen throughout our social fabric, from organizational initiatives, to increased media coverage, and to changing laws that call for better regulation. Communities are starting to take action in thoughtful, meaningful ways in order to make a difference on our global environmental wellbeing.

In January 2019, the "Global Alliance to End Plastic Waste" was created, and new laws banning single-use plastics are going into effect soon. How exactly does this impact Rosaholics? Well, several of our Wholesale and Supermarket clients from Australia, Spain, Holland, and the US have already joined this global trend by asking us not to use plastic sleeves on their products.

​​This eco-friendly option also reduces the individual waste and labor of each customer receiving a delivery, which allows each person to feel the sense of pride that their individual choices make towards saving the planet. Plus, going sleeveless has been proven to work just fine! We have modified our packing system so that you can go sleeveless, too, while still enjoying the topnotch quality that we are proud to serve in each and every delivery.

​We want to be part of this positive change, and as of August 15th, 2019, our farm is going sleeveless! That’s right, we are getting rid of plastic sleeves altogether. You may think that tossing out a single plastic sleeve on a bunch of roses isn’t much of an action towards helping preserve the planet’s health. However, all those sleeves add up, and when we commit to this small change together, we can make a huge difference. We have calculated that the decision to go sleeveless will contribute to our sustainability initiative by immediately reducing the 20+ tons of plastic that our Rosaholics farms use solely on sleeves every year. And for that, we are thrilled!


Order Fresh Roses Delivery by Rosaholics

When ordering fresh roses delivery, Rosaholics is your go-to destination for a remarkable floral experience. With a wide array of exquisite roses, Rosaholics ensures you receive only the highest quality blooms. 

At Rosaholics, attention to detail is paramount. Each rose is carefully handpicked and arranged precisely, ensuring every bouquet is a work of art. 

With Rosaholics, customization is key. You have the flexibility to create a personalized bouquet that perfectly suits your recipient's taste and the occasion. Add a heartfelt note or choose special packaging options to make your gift even more memorable.

When you choose Rosaholics for fresh rose delivery, you receive exquisite blooms and contribute to a greener future. We believe that every small step towards reducing plastic waste matters, and we are committed to positively impacting the planet. Experience the beauty of our roses while supporting sustainable farming practices by ordering fresh roses delivery.


So, do not hesitate and contact us. Our reliable and polite customer service worker will support you during purchasing. Professional florists can recommend you the most appropriate options for any occasion. 



Do you sell only fresh flowers?

Yes, at Rosaholics we specialize in selling only the freshest flowers to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality blooms.

When should I order flower delivery?

It is recommended to place your flower delivery order at least 24 to 48 hours in advance to ensure timely delivery, although we strive to accommodate same-day delivery requests whenever possible.

Do you have bicolor roses?

Yes, we offer a variety of bicolor roses in our selection, allowing you to choose from an assortment of unique and visually striking options.

How much does flower delivery cost?

The cost of flower delivery varies depending on the destination and the specific arrangements chosen. You can view the delivery costs at checkout before finalizing your order.


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